Updates from the prison files: Manning and Mumia

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Earlier this week, attorneys for the alleged Army whistleblower Private Bradley Manning issued a new request for the military to dismiss all charges in the case, Democracy Now! reported. On Tuesday, Manning attorney David Coombs said military prosecutors had committed “widespread discovery violations” that should allow Manning to walk free without prejudice. Yesterday, Colonel Denise Lind rejected Manning’s attorney claims of “prosecutorial misconduct” and set a trial date for September 21. Manning faces up to life imprisonment for allegedly leaking classified documents that ended up on the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Also, yesterday Amy Goodman interrupted the broadcast to receive a call from Mumia Abu-Jamal, calling from the Pennsylvania prison in which he was moved into the general population — after 30 years on death row — in late 2011. Tuesday was Abu-Jamal’s 58th birthday, and protests were held at the Department of Justice calling for the Attorney General to open a probe into his case.

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