Toro! New Moon in Taurus

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The Sun entered Taurus yesterday, and the Moon will be close on its heels — and that means that Saturday we’ll have the Taurus New Moon. This is a New Moon early in its sign, with many other planets early in their signs. That’s another way of saying that this lunation makes a lot of aspects fast, as if it comes charting through the solar system like a bull.

Remember -- you have your choices open. You don't need to stay on the path. Photo by Eric Francis.

Let’s take the planets in order. The New Moon is sextile Neptune in Pisces. That feels like it’s caught a good wave and is surfing with momentum. You could also describe that as a balance of earth and water.

The New Moon is also trine Mars, which is in early Virgo — just recently having been retrograde. That adds more earth energy to the equation; as does Ceres in Taurus, which the New Moon is conjunct as well. So far we’re looking at a lot of earth and water in this chart.

Fortunately, next comes some fire, and plenty of it. As mentioned yesterday, Mercury is in early Aries, approaching a conjunction to Uranus in early Aries — the New Moon makes a close semi-sextile (30-degree aspect) to those planets, which adds not just the feeling of fire but of rapidly accelerating fiery energy. At the same time, the Sun makes a quincunx (150-degree aspect similar to a semi-sextile) to two points in fiery Sagittarius: Juno and the North Node. These aspects happen very early next week.

Then the Sun makes aspects to both Chiron and Pluto; true, that’s a week from now, but the Sun is still going strong, and that definitely counts as powerful — making contact with two extraordinarily potent elements. As the Sun is working its way into the aspect, think of it as picking up a signal that gets stronger and stronger until it’s standing there in the room with you.

So, when this New Moon happens on Saturday, it’s really picking up all of these other planets all at once, and that’s another way of saying we’re standing amidst many choices, some interesting and beautiful potential, and being moved by a lot of water, earth and fire energy.

But what about air? Well, Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is currently in mid-Gemini. The New Moon and Venus are actually in a close aspect: a semi-square. Think of that as a ‘hidden square’, which in turn is a building block, or a keystone in integrity. Venus in Gemini has options and choices, and the Sun and Moon semi-square Venus may feel like pressure to choose. But it’s hidden pressure, something not obvious.

Bide your time and explore your options. You have them, and if you want the benefits of that you will need to choose consciously and carefully.

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41 Responses to Toro! New Moon in Taurus

  1. MandyM MandyM says:

    Huffy: My fav is The Skeleton Woman. in life, I get to the point where the man needs to shed the tear, and this is where the process usually disintegrates. No matter how patient, gentle and loving I am, they are too terrified to do it. I have had the blessing of witnessing some male friends fulfill this process though, and The Mighty Drum thrummed.
    Yes, also time for me to dust off that wonderful book again.

  2. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thanks MandyM – you crack me up! I agree about Women who run with the wolves – it’s a must read for every woman. And it’s time I got round to re-reading it again. The story you talk about is one of my favourites in the book
    Carrie – I often have difficulties with women in my opposite sign – Capricorn, they really rub my fur the wrong way, while i get on splendidly with Cap men.

  3. Kelly says:

    I created an intent several years ago to really get to know and embrace the gifts of the other 11 signs: the quicksilver mind of Gemini, the joy of Sadg, the loyalty of Leo, the get up and go of Aries, the loveliness of Taurus, the diplomacy of Libra, the integrity of Virgo, the romaticism of Pisces, the comfort of Cancer, the tactfulness of Aquaries, the steadfast values of Capricorn.
    …I see a beauty in all these signs that is majestic to me. I have stellium in Scorpio

  4. Hugging Scorpio says:

    MandyM, you are very welcome! And you can def use it how ever you wish. I have it printed together with “Bear Bull Shaman”, a painting by Otto Rap, Austrian mystic painter now living in Alberta:

  5. Lunesoleil says:

    A moon on Saturday giving force to Saturn being in opposition to this news cycle of moon in conjunction Vesta the sacred flame, opposite Neptune March so complex a mixture like of collect energy which should be tame for the better the master….

  6. MandyM MandyM says:

    Carrie: It’s jealousy. It took me years to figure that one out for myself. I used to be terrified to talk to people when I was young, very shy. One day I heard that the ‘chic’ girls at school told everyone that obviously I was a snob – thought I was better than everyone else. This stunned me as it was the farthest thing from the truth. My self-esteem was in the range of -1000.
    You are triggering their insecurities – I bet they wish they could be more compassionate, like you. This was confirmed for me when I started understanding astrology more and was able to interpret my own chart. I have Vesta conjunct Pluto in the 7th. Look at your Vesta and how it relates to anything else that is Scorpio.
    The best way I have found to deal with this is to help them with their self-esteem issues by complimenting them. I don’t mean patronizing. It’s a heart-felt acknowledgment of something about their character, talent, abilities, style – whatever. This seems to diffuse their fire. Don’t know if you have read Women Who Run With The Wolves (every woman should read this), but it’s something like the one story of the young woman who must climb the mountain to the cave of the Crescent Moon Bear and pluck one of the hairs from his throat. He’s one nasty bear, and through offering him love he willingly allows her to pluck the hair. I call this book my second Bible. It took me a year to read it (I am a speed reader), because each story was so incredibly relevant and amazing it took about a month to let each one seep in and integrate.
    And hey, THIS Scorpio woman LOVES you!!!!!!!

  7. MandyM MandyM says:

    HS: My goodness. That. Is. Beautiful. With your permission, I would like to take that and enhance it visually (I’m a graphic designer), and frame it for myself. You seem to be one of those extremely rare individuals who understands me. Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

    Huffy: Rock on! I feel much better about poor Buzz because I think he sacrificed his life just for you.

  8. Carrie says:

    Scorpio energy indeed. For some reason, Scorpio men like me but Scorpio women don’t. I am not kidding. They typcially resent me and I cannot figure out why. I am Pisces sun, Cappy moon, Virgo rising, and a host of other stuff and I approach everyone with compassion. Don’t know what it is that puts the women off but not the men.

  9. Hugging Scorpio says:

    btw, I just love all this Scorpio energy you guys are sharing. I’d love all of us to get together in prayer and mediation and tea. It would be like hot-yoga, without the yoga. Talking without speaking, just pure love.
    MandyM: this is for you, I wrote in 2008:


    To share solace with those who’ve received none,

    To be taught by those who cannot speak,

    To be popular among the unpopular,

    To have honesty in a field of deception,

    To be discreet in a valley of turmoil:
    It is through the company of things ancient,

    That I understand my present.
    It is through my service to others,

    That I connect with my ancestors.


  10. MandyM MandyM says:

    Mystes: I like the hot tub myself, but I think Buzz took it to the extremes. He must have been a Scorpio.

  11. mystes mystes says:

    Mandy! re: the pet wasp… Did you drink the tea? Buzz was probably so in love with you that he did a little self-sacrifice dance and leapt into the kettle like it was a cenote.

    *great* story!

  12. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Huffy, oh cool! You’re so welcome.
    Mandy: that is high-larious!

  13. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Your story made me roar with laughter dear MandyM! Think I’m really healing this stuff thanks to you guys – laughter heals most of all.

  14. MandyM MandyM says:

    I have a lot of people laugh at me when I tell this story. A few years ago I was living in the back of my shop. I had a little kitchenette. It was winter. A wasp nest was in the wall somewhere and one of them made it into my abode. He would hang out in the kitchen because I kept a small lamp there which kept him warm. I called him Buzz. He would try to climb up the lamp to get warmer but kept sliding down, so I wrapped hockey stick tape around the cord and strung it up so he could climb back and forth all he wanted. I would let a drop or two of water fall from my finger onto the counter, which he would drink from. I left him banana and orange slices to eat. After two weeks I noticed another wasp on the counter. I wasn’t too impressed because I couldn’t tell which one was Buzz. One day I looked and there was only one of them, and I just KNEW it wasn’t my Buzz. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find him. I gave up and turned on the kettle to make tea. I poured the water and out came Buzz. Yes, I boiled him. I was horrified.
    I usually start this story with “I used to have a pet wasp…..” and people think I’m weird. But they are the one’s who call me when they have a skunk stuck in their window well, or want me to release the one that they have left in the live trap for three days (that was one grateful skunk).

  15. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Oh dear, sweet Hugging, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful interpretation, which has really hit the nail on the head. It all makes so much sense to me, and is so very helpful. Bless you, dear.

  16. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Huffy, I too have had some convos with wasps or hornets that have wandered indoors. I have been fairly successful at carefully getting them to leave, usually with the help of some long device like a broom or pillows even. Gently escorting the way (they often feel like scared lost Scorpio’s – freak them out and they’ll sting you; gently guide them and they work with you!). For me, like the Strength card, its a call to approach something seemingly fearful with detached love or grace. The wasp, like everything we experience, are symbols for something else or deeper thats happening. The dream is simply the same thing really focused on you. Its a memory being released or revealed, and points to some pattern going on at the time you dreamt it, or some healing you’re doing. Guiding or taming this wild unpredictable being is asking you to consciously and calmly repattern some form of abuse. In the dream, you’re not being stung; it’s the feeling that it might happen. Because it’s a wild aspect of your deep unconscious, you’re calling yourself to protect yourself and to guide this potential hurt.

    I hope that’s not too wordy or patronizing. It’s a good dream!

  17. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    HugS: yep, found in my yard, which has often been a treasure trove of stone goodies. it’s perfectly shaped for my hand and pocket, so we’re like peas in a pod. i’m a vibe picker/upper as well, but mom taught me some tricks when i was younger so the stone is extra help in these days with all the stronger juju. stripes on stones are also lucky i’m told, i accept!

    Mystes & Huffy: thanks for that, my old house/porch attracts wasps every spring and tho we’ve talked, perhaps i haven’t used the right words to get them to move -away- from the door. they don’t bother me at all, we get along just fine, even when they come inside and want to hang out i can politely escort them back ‘home’. but they do worry guests, especially when their homes get really big. i usually just wait until the winter when they leave and knock it down.

  18. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Mystes, remembered, and found this again: “Hornet, Wasp, Yellowjacket- Use of Female Warrior Energy, Sisterhood, Understanding Female Societies, Communal Living” – fits in nicely with the way you handle them.
    Lovely haiku, liminali!

  19. liminali liminali says:

    Cancer Moon waxing

    grows from Leofull to white

    Taurus sweet pea bloom

  20. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Wow… Thanks for the warning dear Mystes. ‘See if you can trickle down behind your fear and have a little conversation’ – and thanks for that, beautifully put, will do that. In fact, I’ve never been freaked out by bees or wasps – I’ve always loved bees, and love their gentle, industrious company when I sit out on my terrace in the summer. But the ‘killer bee’ of my dreams and hornets are another matter.

  21. mystes mystes says:

    Silly girl… that was your Birthday Hornet. And congrats on gathering up the presence of mind to simply try to move instead of kill your visitor.

    I *love* those guys! Bees, hornets, wasps… they respond beautifully to admiration (they really are *very* vain) and gentle recommendation. For years I’ve been able to talk wasps into nesting over –>there, and not over or near my doors. They happily oblige. Likewise, I catch and move them from public places where people are freaking out. They are very very very sentient, very intelligent. See if you can trickle down behind your fear and have a little conversation.

    The most important thing you should know is that their venom contains a powerful anticarcinogen. I am not clear on their diagnostic skills, but stings are sometimes responding to an incipient condition. Achtung.

  22. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Must get some black tourmaline! Like you, HS – I’ve always absorbed vibes like a sponge. So enjoyed yours an MandyM’s exchange! (scorp moon and rising here).
    Wondered if any of you knew about the symbolism of wasps, hornets etc. At the end of my 50th birthday party last July, as I turned in for the night – a huge hornet hovered menacingly into the bedroom and settled on the wall, right above my bed (I was staying with friends in the country). I played the part of the pathetic female and ran for help (i was terrified). Since that time I’ve been having recurring dreams about hornets or killer bees – threatening to sting me. I had another one in the early hours this morning – this huge hornet was settled on top of the bed covers – on my stomach/solar plexus area. I was paralyzed with fear, but ended up being able to shake the covers out on the balcony (nothing flew out). I’ve read that stings are about wounds, being wounded….

  23. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Stormi, you found that stone?? That’s lucky! You’ve got someone watching over you.

    I often hold it my hand when I need grounding. I have this somewhat annoying quality of picking up vibes from people and places. When I was young, I would actually throw up. This stone is like a shield and armour.

    It also has a way of stabilizing and regulating energy back to your proper flow.

  24. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    interesting. i found a beautiful stone with spider like stripes outside the other day. turns out it’s a piece of (tumbled) black tourmaline. so far it’s been good grounding/releasing for this earthy desert girl as she heals the last of her canadian love wounds from 2008. new moon and venus Ki*stone indeed. 😉

  25. Hugging Scorpio says:

    mystes, wow! intense!

  26. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Mandy, thanks for sharing those experiences. That sounds like some serious father going on there. That must have been hard on you.
    I met a Scorpio girl in Arizona while there on a work trip. I should say, I worked with her and fell in love with her in the desert. I think I thought about her every day of 2008. I’m not gonna go into that, but let me say this: 2008 was the best athletic year of my life (I’m a cyclist). I became faster, fitter, healthier, and more powerful in the saddle. It was my only way to cope with my life that was crumbling all around me. I had so much anger to release because I thought I wasn’t being given a chance, because I was a monk and didn’t want to be anymore, because I had no life of my own, because I was on the threshold of collapse. I was completely feral. I officially kicked depression in the fucking face in April 2008. You know those little calendar quotes that say stuff like “Life is precious, don’t waste it.” Y’know all fluffy like?? I think I took a blow-torch to that life. Inner warrior? More like Kronos being unleashed from the underworld.

  27. mystes mystes says:

    Yeah, HS… about that black tourmaline: I got a piece a few months ago, ‘intentioned’ it, then set it where it would divert the energy of the malicious next-door neighbors. Totally forgot about it. Next thing I knew, they were moving.

    Then about 2 weeks later, same direction – about 50 feet farther – one man killed another right in front of me. The next day I was packing to move, and found the tourmaline — remembering its purpose. Oopsie, forgot to turn the damnblessed thing off once it had accomplished its mission.

    Lesson: Put *all* of your toys away at the end of the playdate.

  28. MandyM MandyM says:

    HS: Ooooooh, the fear of my own power. Touche. The very issue I am working on these days. I learned about the dark side of it when I was quite young, maybe 7. My sister and I shared a room – she was the neat freak, I was the slob (my Virgo has since matured and I enjoy order very much). One Saturday morning I wanted to chill and read, she was ordering me to clean my half. The more I ignored her, the angrier she got. It was my first taste of power. I smiled at her and she snapped, screaming the dreaded f word. Dad was above us with company. We heard his footsteps and my sister immediately changed from hating me to begging me to help her. She was halfway out the window when he got her, threw her across the room and she ended up with a big fat lip from smashing into the dresser. I have never intentionally pushed anyone’s buttons since.
    Many years ago my ex and I were driving in separate vehicles to the therapist’s office. As usual, he kept me waiting about 30 minutes. We drove the 45 minute trip with him behind me as I sent daggers through my rear view mirror. Imagine the look on my face when I woke the next day to find my rear window exploded all over the ground. Yup, it ain’t easy being a Scorpio.
    We recently had the Grand Earth Trine at 9 degrees. The day before, I discovered that I have the asteroid Lucifer at 9 degrees Scorpio (really, where else would the damn thing be? Let’s just make that Midheaven/Sun/Venus rx/Mercury/Neptune party in the 9th a little more adventurous why don’t we?) And of course it squares my Pluto just ever so nicely. Actually, on the day of the Grand Trine it created a really lovely Peace sign in my chart and will do so again when the Sun hits the mark very shortly. I haven’t heard anything from astrologers about this asteroid before and I found it quite useful for myself to start working with it.
    I’m in SW Ontario surrounded by all those big watery lakes. I’m not much of a water activity fan and I get seasick, but I do like rivers and waterfalls, and I loved snorkeling in the tropics. The sound of the fish tank water filter running puts me on edge. I would be quite happy in the desert.
    Careful with the heat, I’ve got Mars conjunct my Uranus right now – I might accidently electrocute you. My skipping rope is generating sparks. ♏ ♂ ♅

  29. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Mandy, your description of the desert ritual is making me hot. Ahem. 😉 But, yes, that’s probably they type of interaction I crave (not the stinging part of course…).
    Also, often times a Scorpio will do nothing because they fear their own power. The fear that they will absolutely destroy everything and everyone. That that power will become uncontrollable once freed. And that they will have to completely start over their life because of it!

  30. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Mandy: Hello fellow Canadian!
    I love talking with Scorps. But I’ve had a mixture of laser beam extraction and unconditional love. Haha! I have retro Mars in Aries in my 7th. Along with my retro Merc in Scorp, I’m very careful of not letting others take action over me just because I haven’t made up my mind. I tend to take a little more thought and time (can be mistaken for insecure ….okay, sometimes I’m just insecure!), but once I’m running, I’m pretty solid. I’ve got Chiron there in the 7th too, guiding me, and maybe bringing something to others in my life.

    I’m glad you’re a Shaman. Btw, my favourite stone is Black Tourmaline. I know you know about this stone, but it really is one of my closest friends. Creating a beautiful perimeter where negativity is cleared and transformed into creative potential. Keeps the environment free of other people shit being sent my way, and it keeps me from taking peoples garbage on to my shoulders.

  31. MandyM MandyM says:

    So much for being speechless…….
    It is said that when two Scorpions meet in the desert to mate, it is a beautiful thing to watch. They enter into what is known as The Dance of Trust, circling each other slowly, never taking their eyes off of the other, testing to ask “Are you enemy or lover?” When they have each determined that they are mutually there to love, they engage in the most wonderful display of gentle stroking. They take their time, reveling in the passion.
    It is also said that Scorpions sting only when absolutely necessary because, after delivering their poison, they are at their most vulnerable as it takes time for the poison sacs to refill. A wise Scorpion will retreat from a confrontation more times than not because of this. I rarely divulge this secret of Scorpio.
    A friend of mine who loves playing head games once told me “You make a very easy target because you don’t do anything.” I replied “Actually, I do. I say a prayer for the soul of the person who needs to make me a target. Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.” My Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio keeps my blade sheathed quite well. When I feel tempted to pull it out, I usually walk away.

  32. MandyM MandyM says:

    ….and I guess I did enter the temple in my own way. I became a Shaman.

  33. MandyM MandyM says:

    HS: Your first two paragraphs just make me think “I am you and you are me!” I’m almost speechless – NOT! I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever met a Scorpio man. I attract the women (Vesta, Juno and Ceres surround my Pluto in the 7th), my sister and sister-in-law (her first name is a volcano and her last name is the same as mine, which is the tallest mountain in North America, and you are taking your life in your hands if you mess with her) – when I was there for my brother’s funeral she tried to push every button in me. I knew she was just looking for someone to take all her grief and anger out on. It didn’t help that I’m the spitting image of my brother. One of the greatest tests of my life. I was pretty proud of myself until I got back to Canada and encountered the ego freak at customs who absolutely flipped because I touched his pen. I made the mistake of shaking my head in disbelief, so with a flourish of said pen he marked me to have my luggage searched, just because he could.
    I have Mars in Leo (7th), so the men I meet eventually always try to enact the ‘woman behind the man’ scenario, dominate, they are the king of the castle/star of the show crap.
    I want to come live at your house. I think my crystals would love your crystals. And did you say the word tea to this Irish gal?

  34. Hugging Scorpio says:

    MandyM: Thanks sister! You are sweet. Well, to answer your question, I’d say we’d get along just dandy Mandy. Maybe like a “peas and carrots” stir fry, but well, you know…….
    My experience with Scorpio women (even with Merc in Scorp) is that mutual trust is the first frontier. We sense right away that we can exactly what we are trying to hide. Either it’s me or her that is running for the door simply because we don’t want our stuff exposed carelessly. We also love doing our own work, behind the scenes. “Don’t tell me the answer, let me figure it out myself!!! is often what we feel, and resent having to go over detail by detail again and again, just so the other person “gets it”. Exhausting convo is like a blood sucking mind f**k. But knowing that there is a soft ear will engender the type of intimate conversation we love so dearly. We love getting to golden molten core and find it really bloody irritating when the other person doesn’t recognize that this is something they need to face! C’mon just do it and move on already! Life is bursting on the other side, just grab it! This is a type of contradiction depending on which side of the convo you’re on! When it’s directed at someone, it can be a lot of “YES!”; when it’s being heard, it can be threatening, so a lot of “NO!”. If a Scorp can temper his/her blade, as Eric said: that’s when our Pisces quality comes out beautifully.

    Also, that’s where our Taurus Moon comes in real nice like. I almost always feel safe around Taurus peeps. Their motto is “life is beautiful and enjoy it one taste at a time.” In that comfort, our shadows can come out for a conversation. My home has crystals and plants everywhere, angel cards, tarot cards, inspirational cards, music always playing, and tea always brewing. I am deeply touched when my friends come over and say how calm they feel. I am not bragging, because I was a pretty squared away dude with no friends at all not too long ago.
    Big hugs!
    (ps, there are many monks and nuns out there that should have stayed out of monasticism. If you really know it’s right for you, you’ll feel it in your bones. Focusing on deep spiritual practices within a supportive community is powerful but not a necessity. One really has to be prepared to sublimate a lot of energy though. That is the challenge: to keep your life force moving and flowing. To be completely authentic.)

  35. MandyM MandyM says:

    Hugging Scorpio: Ok, so we both have a Scorpio Sun and Mercury. We also share a Taurus Moon. I wonder how well we would get along if we ever met? It makes me wonder what else our charts have in common as I seriously, for many years, considered entering the ‘monk world’ (I guess that would be nunnery for me).
    Nice pic!! Lovely poem, I could feel my roots tingling in all that earth.

    Eric: I like the post pic too. I love the forest. “Fortunately, next comes some fire, and plenty of it.” Too funny, I can only reasonably attribute this to the last major solar flare, but I felt like I was burning from the inside out. Could totally relate to people instantaneously combusting. I couldn’t drink enough water and had to stick my feet in a tub of cold water to cool down.

  36. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Separate praise for the photo. You work with light so very well.

  37. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you, Planet Waves daily Astrology for a weekend astro-weather report with a bonus long term forecast. Your focus on the elements as a through line is both sublime and cogent.

  38. Hugging Scorpio says:

    I love Taurus energy. My Taurus Moon is picking up all this good stuff. Taureans and I is like peas and carrots! I’m also an Ox, and I think of myself as an honorary Taurus. :)

    Ancient Tree – to the Earth…

    With two feet planted in earth and deep,
    And head so high so far so steep,
    Into the upper reaches I do touch,
    And my arms widely do spread as much,
    My heart is open for you to glean,
    A breath a wind a breeze so clean,
    A warmth to comfort console unseen,
    A word in eloquence so slightly phrased,
    A voice that softly intones a praise:
    “For now you are ready are poised and amazed.
    And in your soft repose shall meet,
    A garden of dreams laying at your feet,
    A silken thread too will glow,
    Of your efforts your journey your pathway know,
    Of your seeds planted some years ago,
    The soil, it nourished it cared to show,
    The Tree that lives inside you will grow,
    And house the many wishes you’re soon to sow.”

    Hugging Scorpio

    Have a beeyouteefull weekend all!

  39. Carrie says:

    “Bide your time and explore your options. You have them, and if you want the benefits of that you will need to choose consciously and carefully.”

    That’s exactly what my gut feeling has been telling me despite the intense feelings I am experiencing right now. Slow and cautious are my watchwords and I am listening and implementing those. Especially with transiting Neptune and Chiron near my sun. The feelings ARE intense (and I am already an intense person to begin with) so I am wary and hesitant to act on them. Thanks for the wonderful advice.

  40. tatonnement says:

    Gwind, that is exactly my experience!

  41. gwind gwind says:

    During a group gathering this week I had a profound moment seeing that we, human individuals, have no place to hide this year. In each person there was a vision of how raw, vulnerable, craving, wanting, wondering, hoping, desiring, each of us can be. Some of us are quiet about it, others it is more obvious.

    It seems that life is handing us this spectacular moment where we can actually get a glimpse of our deepest potential, yet we need to see our biggest fears and wounding in order to navigate to proceed and grow. Sure, opportunity is there in any given moment, but I saw it on a broader scale, a massive push. A birthing moment maybe? If we, if I, let the days slip by without some recognition or action, I am missing out on an enormous opportunity.

    The heavens and universe are reaching down, calling all its children with an offering so sublime, we quake thinking the energy is not part of us, when it actually is everything we have prayed for. Exhilarating! Yet, I listen to the part of me that says, watch, listen, learn, and take your time for every moment is changing. Grateful to be feeling that way. Thanks PW for the words that make sense of it all; my GPS for my galaxy quest.

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