The Gemini Moon Passport

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Fast food chain introduces wearable feedbags (video). Current aspects.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Bob Washburn, one of those readers who cannot do enough for Planet Waves, wrote to me a little while ago and suggested that we open up the whole site to all readers for 24 hours. I checked with Cat Chelsea and she thought that was a great idea, though I am expanding Bob’s proposal to the duration of the Gemini Moon. This will take us through the New Moon tomorrow and well into Wednesday.

Eric Francis

Here is what to do. The Cat Anatoly has created temporary passwords that will grant you access to both Small World Stories and Planet Waves Astrology News. From there, you’ll have access to the current annual edition, and annual edition archives going back a decade; you’ll have access to Astrology News going back to 2002. By clicking this link you can read It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Self — my six-part missive on this thing called compersion. That doesn’t have a password, it just has a non-published URL.

For both Small World Stories and Planet Waves Astrology News, the login ID is gemini for the user and moon for the password, both lower case. Voila. I did it. I’ve told my readers in at least a dozen promo pitches that I would rather give my writing away than sell it. That however doesn’t make it easy to support a staff and run our project like professionals. If there are any internet marketing gurus out there who have a clue how to develop a business like ours on what I call a growth basis – it pays the salaries of the staff and can keep up a steady pace of development — I am all Dumbo’s ears.

Here is Small World Stories:

Here is Astrology News:

Check your ephemeris — this access ends when the Moon enters the sign Cancer. Until then I will not be blogging. But I will be writing. This week, weekend and early next week includes some of the most spectacular astrology in Gemini: the New Moon in that sign; plus Venus conjunct the Sun, Mercury conjunct the Sun, Mercury conjunct Venus and the midpoint of the Venus transits of the Sun that occurred/will occur in 2004 and 2012. Thanks Talula for doing all the maths that figured out the midpoint — something a reader suggested we look into. She was right. It’s a big one.

As it’s shaping up in my mind at the moment, assuming I stay in a reasonably good mood, Friday’s edition is the missive I’ve been burning to write for years on communication between the sexes and the real pole shift that is happening: the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

It’s one of those weeks I’m truly grateful to have Planet Waves at my disposal to tell this story. You’ll see.

Eric Francis

Monday 02 June 2008

Arachne (0+ Libra) square Pluto (0+ Capricorn Rx)
Eros (21+ Gemini) quincunx Jupiter (21+ Capricorn Rx)
Mercury (20+ Gemini Rx) semisquare Pallas (5+ Taurus)
Sun (12 Gemini) quintile Aries Point (0 Aries)
Eros (21+ Gemini) sextile Eris (21+ Aries)
Sun (12+ Gemini) trine Atlantis (12+ Libra Rx)
Amor (13+ Taurus) quincunx Ixion (13+ Sagittarius Rx)
Sun (12+ Gemini) septile Apollo (3+ Leo)
Apollo (3+ Leo) trine Hylonome (3+ Sagittarius Rx)
Venus (10+ Gemini) quincunx Pandora (10+ Scorpio Rx)
Vesta (19+ Aries) quincunx Logos (19+ Virgo)
Amor (13+ Taurus) septile Uranus (22+ Pisces)
Venus (11+ Gemini) septile Vesta (19+ Aries)
Juno (24+ Sagittarius Rx) sextile Neptune (24+ Aquarius Rx)
Pallas (5+ Taurus) septile Hades (26+ Gemini)

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2 Responses to The Gemini Moon Passport

  1. sara sara says:

    Thanks for your generosity. I am excited to check out Small World Stories for the first time and spread the word to others~

  2. I’m noticing an interesting phenomenon right now with the children here in my area. Haven’t got any idea where it’s coming from yet, celestial body-wise. I live in an area where the single parent family is the norm, but usually the relationship with the other parent is very good and the children go happily between the two parents. It’s a nice area, tribal in nature. Anyway, what I’m seeing at the moment is that the children are going a bit crazy, wanting to live with mum, no changed my mind, want to live with dad, no changed my mind again. Kids are moving schools, moving between towns, families are making shifts to accommodate them and then the kids want to shift again. It’s like they just can’t find the right place to be, but they are driven to keep on trying.

    I was vaguely pondering it in terms of weaving the masculine and feminine back together. Not sure of any specifics yet, but I’m sure it’ll pop in soon. Or maybe someone else has a clue!

    in love,

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