Sun opposite Great Attractor: An experiment in observation

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Few critters are as polarizing as spiders, although the babies in this two-day "spider nursery" on my car's front bumper were adorable with the little black racing stripe on their abdomens -- as long as they stayed on the outside of my car. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Few critters are as polarizing as spiders, although the babies in this two-day “spider nursery” on my car’s front bumper were adorable to observe — as long as they stayed on the outside of my car… Photo by Amanda Painter.

On our way to Mercury stationing retrograde Saturday, the Gemini Sun today exactly opposes the Great Attractor, a deep-space point located in the direction of mid-Sagittarius. Of the Great Attractor’s qualities, one of the most salient is its ability to polarize — whether it’s a discussion that gets polarized, or the emotions of others toward a person with this point prominent in their natal chart.

Yet at the same time, the Great Attractor can also “bless one with the ability not to be touched despite that polarization,” as Eric has put it, adding that “when the Great Attractor is present in the equation, events in one place can ripple out in ways that someone at the point of origin cannot see.”

So when the Sun lines up with the Great Attractor from the other side of planet Earth, we get an experiment in observing these phenomena.

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8 Responses to Sun opposite Great Attractor: An experiment in observation

  1. Aqueryass says:

    “Frustrated by your own reactions or feelings of voicelessness” “so involved in the inner dialogue between your own inner twins of light and shadow”.

    Thank you for giving voice to what I was unable to express. I have been feeling conflicted, struggling to understand something that was eluding my consciousness, so much so that it made me physically dizzy.

  2. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Sweet Amanda – love your photo and piece. Thank you. “Maybe you’re so involved in the dialogue between your own inner twins of light and shadow, the thought of externalizing that dialogue is less compelling to you than the thought of simply healing whatever the inner rift is about.” Yes, plus frantic period at work plus heatwave, and above all my dear friend with leukemia is having a marrow transplant this morning. he’s been knocked out with powerful chemotherapy and drugs – and think some of the exhaustion I’m feeling is this.

  3. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    sounds like my little friend Amanda, sadly he passed a couple of days ago. caught him right inside the back door, think there’s leftover pesticide from before i moved in, not much makes it in here. pictures i took of him were from my beltane fire he helped me tend. i set him peacefully on a leaf back in the garden as he slowly left. his eyes are now a lovely shade of indigo. blessed little beings. thanks for sharing!

  4. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Amanda, I’ve watched garden spiders make a edt of wool to lay their eggs in, and weave an impenetrable silk sac around. They winter outdoors and emerge in spring. Whatever kind these are, I’ll bet they were safe all winter on your car. Wonder if you’ll see them big on your porch in a month or so.

  5. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    carla — i can’t imagine they wintered over behind my plate, given all the snow and salt and the 2-3 times i went through the car wash! plus, the tent of silk was not on my car just a day or two before i saw them and took the photo. i’m no expert on spider babies, but i’d be surprised if they really had been there all that time. i suspect those eggs were not laid till this spring sometime, but again, it’s not my area of expertise. and yes, spider silk is incredibly strong in proportion to its diameter.

    in any case, i looked yesterday, and they were all gone, as was the webbing. i’m hoping that means they all ventured forth — *outside* of my car. i didn’t detect any signs of cannibalism over the couple days i saw them, but who knows!

    and stormi — sounds like the kind of little jumping spider i had for a “buddy” a few years back just after christmas. i believe he’d hopped a ride in on my christmas tree. alas, there was not much for him to eat in here that time of year, and he didn’t last long. but his green eyes were amazing (even if he *hated* having his photo taken — i’m convinced the lens looked like a giant eye — though i posted one of him on the blog perched on my snake plant). i see that variety outdoors all the time — there’s something fun about them.

  6. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Heavens, Amanda, those babies must have wintered over behind your license plate. A testament to the insulating power of spider silk, the winter we just came through. I love spiders.
    Thanks for the picture.

    PS. They will get inside if you don’t wash them off. But first they’ll eat each other.

  7. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    what cute little backsides they have. took some photos of a little black & gray furry one in my garden, had bright green eyes and markings on his backside of a cheeky little white smile. ;)

  8. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    That is a cool photo.

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