Saturn is still opposite Uranus

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I read Jude’s post below and thought I would add: Saturn is still opposite Uranus. That is the planet of structure opposite the planet of revolution and invention. In past editions, I’ve described this as the conservatives vs. the progressives; it’s the hot (or stupid) polarization we are seeing in so many aspects of life. Remember: the first episode of Saturn opposite Uranus happened on Election Day 2008, the day Obama was elected.

Every time Saturn opposes an outer planet, we have a “something happens” moment. Saturn opposite Pluto was the Sept. 11 incident and the momentary rise of Dubya to deity status. Saturn opposite Neptune was the New Orleans flood. Saturn opposite Uranus (which is combined with Saturn square Pluto, doubling the effect) is about seeing the fractures in our political and banking systems. Trust me: this is not just going on in the US of A. I no longer live in Europe; I don’t follow European news regularly. But this astrology is affecting the EU and the UK and every other country on the planet.

The thing is, the sides are not neatly drawn. Usually progressive causes are represented by Uranus. But they can just as often be “forward thinking regressive” causes: those who envision the future as a new version of the past. You know, a future where nobody is gay or black or weird; where everyone is normal like them. Actual progressives, for their part, have a long way to go to define a clear agenda.

There are two more oppositions to this cycle. April 26, 28+ mutable (across Virgo-Pisces) and July 26 along the Aries Point (with Uranus exactly in the first degree of Aries and Saturn exactly in the first degree of Libra). The next one will be in 2056, when I will be 92 and cranking out bestselling fantasy novels.

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6 Responses to Saturn is still opposite Uranus

  1. Sarah Taylor sarah taylor says:

    Mandy H – Yes, it’s going to be interesting!

    From my own pov, the Labour and Conservative parties are much of a muchness. If we open our eyes, perhaps those who are feeling the same way will see that they aren’t necessarily faced with Hobson’s choice. So, yes – there is a *true* other way that currently isn’t being seriously considered here in the UK.

  2. judebaker says:

    tee hee – the *other* Jude is who you were referring to. lol. In any event, thanks for that post!

  3. judebaker says:

    Thank you, Eric.

  4. jlo says:

    July is happenin’ no?! Mark the flow, measure, and manifold. (Shit should go direct in my motion at that point in time.) The big expansion!

    So, this summer, July, what’s up with you? Got some time to spare, workin’ out the manifestations of humanities complexes?

    I’m sure I’ll catch you on the come around. We’ll nail this shit shut, and then it’s easy trippin’ from here!

    (It’s crazy, but we’re so much bigger than the b.s., it’s ridiculous!)

    Funnies, Jere

  5. lorin says:

    all i have to say is “come ON July!”

    as a capricorn with a ton of aquarius, this whole series of oppositions has had me going through a lot.

    and i appreciate every single bit of it, as i am coming into my own.

    but as my mom says, “even positive change is stressful.” – i am looking forward to the “rest” that will come after this series has completed itself.


  6. Mandy H. says:


    You’ve got that right.

    Here in the UK, there will be a General Election at some point at or before May 6 and although there is the usual discussion between blue & red (right and left in *very* broad brush strokes* ) there is an undercurrent of individuals who want a *true* another way to traditional politics…

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