Fukushima Radiation News Update – Food in North America

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I’ve been slowing down on my coverage of the Fukushima situation, waiting for Mercury to station direct so that I would have something more substantial to write about. Today my friend Jim Schaeffer sent along this list of articles, compiled by the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, which update the food safety situation for North America. The information in these links is too extensive to personally verify, but it is a starting point in the long process of becoming informed.

The cover of Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother" LP, released in 1970. I always considered this a anti-nuclear statement, given the connection between radiation and cows -- but the band and the photographer address the point in interviews, and said no such theme or message was intended.

Straight away, I would note that we are hearing absolutely none of this in the mainstream media, whether you’re talking about Fox, MSNBC or The New York Times. It’s as if the issue does not exist. Think about this for a second. Think about it as you read over these links. If all you read is the newspaper or all you watch is cable news or network news, then everything is fine.

We have been aware that the whole situation is being consciously downplayed so as not to panic the public. Very low levels of radiation are dangerous to some people and all fetuses. Were the real risks explained or even alluded to, a lot of people would start asking questions.

If you are pregnant, you simply must take care about this, and learn what to eat and not eat and how to minimize your exposure. Fetuses are vulnerable because certain elements of the genetic code, endocrine system and key organs are developing, and the rapid development stage is where the mutations tend to get in. The rest of us would do well to consider adjusting what and how we eat. There are reasons that anyone is anti-nuclear as a political or environmental position. It’s not because it’s so groovy. It’s because of the way that the fallout created by a meltdown ends up in the food chain, and and then continually recycles itself over and over again.

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8 Responses to Fukushima Radiation News Update – Food in North America

  1. Angie says:

    Thanks for this, Eric. It is so helpful to have all of this in one link to forward on to others.

  2. Carrie says:

    Several things come up for me with this.

    One: I understand the feeling of overwhelm; I have four kids, one of whom is more at risk because he is only 9 years old and still growing. The other three are teen girls (16, 18, and 18) but even they are at risk. We haven’t the means (money) to purchase our foods selectively or for long-term supplement purchase (even if it were available, which some of it isn’t). I purchased powdered milk but my city’s water supply to make it may be radiated. I don’t know which bottled water to buy or even if we can afford it. We are planning on gardening but watering it means using that possibly radiated city water. I called and forwarded links to the sites about higher radiation levels in water that were included here and I await their response.

    Two: My own health means I LIVE on the very plants that are now bad for us: leafy greens, strawberries, mushrooms. My carb-free diet means I have to eat a LOT of meats and low-carb (no legumes or starchy root) vegetables. I still have 80 lbs to lose; that will now be balanced against radiation intake concerns.

    Three: Though we are taking potassium Iodide, two of the teens are experiencing increased acne from it and I only have enough doses for a limited time because that’s all that was available from the vendors. I cannot afford some of the supplements and others make me so constipated because of the high iron content that I cannot take them safely without then also living n laxatives; not a healthy combinartion.

    Four: I have no idea how long we need to continue supplementing (if we could afford to or get the supplements)

    Five: this is affecting my children’s mental health; already the kids are complaining about having to drink the whole powdered milk (or give it up altogether) and the nasty tasting supplements they have to take and the acne some of them are getting from them. They are also unhappy about the people who have “ruined” their lives in this way (their word). They feel like their generation has not only not been invested in, it has been damaged by current policies and actions.

    Six: my own sense of helplessness is there but I cannot allow it to overwhelm me or I will be rendered completely inneffectual and unresponsive to those who need me. So I am squelching my fears for my children’s health and safety and praying and hoping that this time we will get by with no real harm to them like all the other things that have hit us in the past 12 years. Our track record; in the face of awful calamities, has been pretty good so far; no real health problems or mental or emotional problems so overall we have been through a lot but come out relatively unharmed. I hope that trend continues.

    Despite all these, I am very glad that you keep putting these articles out here because I would rather be informed (and take whatever action I can) than be ignorant and take no action at all.

  3. gwind gwind says:

    Like Eric said, once mercury goes direct it will be interesting to see how the news will flow again. I have had to unplug from the news this past week or so and that includes the comedic relief found in places like the Daily Show. I cannot constantly be reminded of the storm we have placed ourselves in. Like Michele questioned, how does one juggle it all?

    All I can speak to is from within my own experience and this [life] time around my guidance leads me to observe. Not necessarily passively, but examining tidbits, threads, motions, emotions, segments, behaviors, you name it, and the energy that it involves. The second part of that is to do so without judgment, to learn to find unconditional love in any given moment. It is hard and I screw up a lot. A lot.

    I think we came to watch this unfold and we all have a role. Maybe if we could see that more clearly the pieces would fall into place. Maybe through having even one revelation or breakthrough in understanding, it will be the point that pushes us all through and change will occur. From what I am reading, we are interacting in a reality at such a high rate of acceleration we cannot grasp the magnitude or potential it entails. We are being catapulted; the journey is no longer a lengthy leisurely path. We have chosen to be here and participate.

    Physically, it is hard to stay grounded and I wonder if trying is what I am supposed to be doing. I smell things more intensely. I see spirals in the ground and in my work. I occasionally see structures changing into a fluid, liquid-like mass. I am spending less time in my body and nighttime dreams are keeping me very busy finishing up old business. I hear new sounds. New information is coming, my brain is acting differently and I haven’t a clue as to what it means.

    All I am saying is that this may be bigger than us making another self-indulgent dim-witted decision [building nuclear power plants in vulnerable areas] and its consequences to our personal lives and the planet’s well being.

    Sometimes we have to get the volume turned up so loud before we can even begin to hear the song.

  4. Patty says:

    There are better recipes with photos for the soy milk out there. Google for homemade soy milk.

  5. michele michele says:

    “I also know how few people are likely to be concerned. I’ve spent a lot of time around people for whom exposure to deadly toxins is imminent, and their lack of care is one of the mysteries of my life. It is one of the most revealing things about the human race that I have seen in my time here, and I don’t understand it.”

    The above is an apt obsevaration. However, I can say for at least one type of person… acute, and at the same time chronic, overhwelm… is an issue. And has been for some time. By some time I mean already years and years.

    I think my son was 16 or 17 when he said to me: Some people are going to make it, some aren’t. I think (yeah, i know) he was insinuating I might be on the not-make-it side even as raising him I gave him the tools to be on the make-it side. My answer: That’s always been the case. If not for medical innovation, both the children I birthed would be dead. One of scarlet fever and the other of leukemia. We do what we can I think, each in our own ways. Each with our own tools. That matters.

    Likely, I’m one of those people you mention. I can’t start ordering massive amounts of seaweed or spend on whatever product. I know the arctic has always attracted the detritus of the rest of the world. All the fall-out of the world hits the arctic eventually, and concentrates. I could read through every link you posted… But how do you balance it all? I’m still trying to figure out the best way to vote on May 2. And a whole whack of other shit. And still maintain my sense of humour, which I think is of the greatest importance, and juggle it all? This is not a pity party. I just don’t have the personal capacity to take it all in.

    But thank you for putting this together. I will likely work on the vibrational part… See what happens there, food wise. Meanwhile, both kids have picked east coast universities, despite many others offering them placements. Maybe that means something. Especially that they are both going into healing fields.

    Best to everyone. xm

    Who the fuck knows. I do my best.

  6. Patty says:

    I found a recipe for homemade soy milk. You can make about 12 gallons with 1 lb of beans. go to www hillbillyhousewife dot com. The beans available right now are last year’s crop (if North American) and should be safe to use.

  7. Patty says:


  8. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thank you Eric. Thank you All. This information is un-measurable in it’s value.

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