Idiot Box by Matt Bors

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By Matt Bors.

Today on Democracy Now!, guest Terry O’Neill remarked, “And these ultrasound laws really are part of a coordinated campaign at the state level to produce what we are calling … ritual humiliation laws.” I think the term “ritual humiliation laws” is completely accurate. And if the far-Right is able to close the gap separating church and state much further, I’m not sure the idea of ritualized, state-sanctioned hymen-checking is really that far-fetched. I just don’t expect Moon & stars to be the insignia worn by those doing the checking and humiliation.

You can see more of Matt Bors’ astute political/cultural cartoons here. — amanda

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  1. zerosity zerosity says:

    Geoff, You are welcome and thank you, both. There is a long and idealistic definition of “zerocity” that I won’t post here, but if you want it, send me an email at The word was devised to describe the musical experience of “Zero Gravity Band,” an original smooth jazz band I once “managed” and booked. Some of their material is still available online. Me, too, on syzygy.

    Ferocity is so much better than “Felicity” which certainly doesn’t suit me.

    JannKinz, a/k/a Ferocity.

  2. Geoff says:

    I had a feeling that you might find it appropriate somehow! Congratulations on zerosity, it’s a damn fine word, and thank you for mentioning syzygy – one of my all time favourites.

  3. zerosity zerosity says:

    “Ferocity”? Hmm. I kinda like it. Although it is the stellar opposite of “zerosity / zerocity” (a sniglet/neologism/portmanteu word of original composition that has to do with zero gravity, syzygy, synergy, spirituality and synchronicity), “ferocity” could easily apply to my “lawyer” persona. Thanks. JannKinz

  4. Geoff says:

    Apologies, zerosity, it’s this bloody automated spelling corrector.

  5. Geoff says:

    The German people weren’t expecting it in 1933 either, ferocity, but it happened. Learn from history.
    Apart from the Moon’s monthly cycle, Aquarius will now be untenanted until Mars arrives after Christmas. As a result, perhaps, we’re all righteously emotional with the novelty of Neptune in Pisces. This doesn’t stop technology advancing, however, and Uranus is one-half of the upcoming squares to Pluto over the next three years. In relation to ensuring our species’ progress that may mean just one thing – human genetic selection. According to a friend of mine – a professor of medical research – this is already happening. If you have the money, you can choose many of your future offsprings’ characteristics.
    Only trouble is, big, healthy babies weigh more and brainier babies have larger skulls which equate to more painful deliveries. No problem for the controlling class – implant the handmaids and prepare for Caesarian section. No need for the mistress-race to suffer the indignities of such labour, the important task of passing on the genes has already been achieved in the lab.
    The opposite of socialism isn’t capitalism, it’s nepotism. Brave New World Order anyone?
    (Apologies, but Venus opposes Saturn as I write.)

  6. zerosity zerosity says:

    “…who would be delighted to have a pregnant class of citizens who breed for the State, and whose ‘products’ are trained by the State and controlled by the State. “

    Sounds like Hitler, Nazi eugenics and the Nazi experiments with twins and others, and the mandatory sterilization of the “mentally incompetent.” I’m not sure I’m ready to contemplate the parallels of what is happening now with the debacle that started World War II.


  7. LindaGM LindaGM says:

    An old friend sent me this NWO diatribe today. This plot would work well as a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale……


    “It’s all part of the bigger NWO control objectives. Make all things that come natural to humans illegal to be pursue without a license. (Sex, Gambling, Driving, Smoking, Arguing, Farming, …..) Make them against the ‘greater good’. Train children in school to believe such things and to dob in their relatives.

    In terms of sexuality, the logical progression of this is mass controlled sterilisation (through water). Having children will require a license, like marriage or driving, where someone will determine if the applicant can have a child and if so with whom, and under what terms (State ‘owned’ perhaps). With the license will come a temporary antidote for sterilisation. All the technology is in place now.

    Good people might just give up on having children, convinced that they are a burden, socially undesirable or just not worth the bother. That would be just fine to NWOers who would be delighted to have a pregnant class of citizens who breed for the State, and whose ‘products’ are trained by the State and controlled by the State. “

  8. zerosity zerosity says:

    Stupefication or horror? Guess it depends on what is being said. Or, the wide-eyed look could be manic – you know, the old cartoon eye pupils with spirals spinning in opposite directions. And the mania could be either uncontrolled giddiness with “power” or outrage. Nah, maybe the outrage would be seeing stars.

    As to the wizard, no moon and stars for his robe. I’m thinking a hangman’s hood.


  9. Brendan Brendan says:

    I’ve been seeing Matt’s stuff on DKos for a while now (okay, since I started reading Kos about three months ago), and he’s pretty much on the money. I like the wide-eyed look his characters have, either in stupefaction or horror, I’m not sure which sometimes.

    Thanks, Amanda.

  10. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Excellent. This one’s getting sent around. Thx, A.

  11. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you for posting this, Amanda.

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