Have you seen Planet Waves’ environmental newsletter?

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New edition of Monsanto Eco from Planet Waves.

New edition of Monsanto Eco from Planet Waves.

We’ve promoted the Planet Waves Monsanto/ECO Newsletter several times in the weekly members’ issues, and now here it is for everyone to take a look at. Gathered and put together by a team of PW writers, this publication began as an outgrowth of the news briefs we used to include in the Friday issues (which are now Thursday evening issues, fyi).

It’s free to sign up here; issues usually mail Tuesday evenings EDT.

This week’s issue covers the impending launch of a NASA satellite to measure places on the planet that emit or absorb carbon; a study of methane leaks at old Pennsylvania gas wells; Texas’ request for an ’emergency’ use of herbicide to combat ‘super-weeds’; tail-feather abnormalities in reed buntings in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture; and a phallic flower that’s getting western France flustered.

You can read last week’s issue here, which featured a comeback story about great white sharks (and much more).

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2 Responses to Have you seen Planet Waves’ environmental newsletter?

  1. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    thank you, mackie — great to get that feedback!

  2. mackie mackie says:

    I find this to be a spectacular addition to PW’s already awesome expansion. I am very grateful for the consciousness embodied in this emergent gentle call to personal action as the information it is providing becomes concrete enough for each and all of us to respond.

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