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This past spring Nightlight Astrology was very pleased to have Eric Francis come to our studio and teach us some astrology and talk to us about Planet Waves. Recently Eric asked me to send a little shout out to the Planet Waves community to let everyone know who we are and what we’re up to, which is a real honor because we’re very excited to continue networking with great Astrology projects like Planet Waves.

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The Nightlight Astrology Studio is a donation-based astrology school and community center located in downtown Manhattan. In our first year we’ve graduated fifteen full-time astrology students from our one-year astrologer-training course. We’ve seen over 600 donation-based clients, launched our own public space in Manhattan (which is no small feat and has been funded entirely on donations from our community) and we’ve hosted a dozen amazing guest astrologers, including Eric Francis.

We don’t believe in gurus at Nightlight Astrology; we believe in the group. Our classes and workshops have been incredibly friendly and conversational. We firmly believe in avoiding the kind of hot-headed competition that can often be seen among ‘old school’ holistic health professionals. We’re a group of young people in New York City who want to give astrological wisdom back to the people at prices that are affordable, and in a style that is approachable and communal. We like to think of ourselves as a kind of astrological clubhouse, where anyone can come and learn really smart astrology but do so from some really down-to-earth, humble people.

I would like to extend a warm invite to the Planet Waves community to come check us out sometime! I’ve included information on our Fall 2011 Training Courses below.

Adam Elenbaas
Nightlight Astrology

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