Grand air trine; Venus and Mars square the conjunction

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Today the Moon in Libra and Mercury in Gemini are creating a grand air trine with the triple Aquarius conjunction. The Moon is also exactly opposite Eris at the moment, which turns the grand air trine into what’s called a kite pattern; there is a fire planet at the midpoint at two of the air positions, opposing the third. It’s easier to illustrate visually, but the pattern does indeed look like a kite — a triangle that is stretched at one end. At the same time, Venus and Mars are making a square to the conjunction from Taurus. So for today and the next few days we will experience this Aquarius pattern two ways: by trine from Mercury (flow of data) and by square from Venus and Mars, (which is less of a flow and more of a plunge). It should be vurry interesting. (I will be busy writing your midyear horoscope edition.)

Valencia, Spain. Photo by Eric.

Grand trines catch us in cycles or patterns that are easy to get into and difficult to get out of; the way out tends to be the point of the kite, and in this chart that would be Eris. She is suggesting we deal with the sense of high energy, high flow of mental power or simply lots and lots of thought by embracing a bit of te chaos; this includes the uncertainty of who we are (one of the key concepts of Eris in Aries; this being a placement that in all lasts about 110 years, which ends in 25 years or so).

In one sense, the grand trine — a highly organized pattern — has formed focusing around Eris in Aries, so it looks like we’ve piled a lot of air-sign-themed patterning (the Internet and all those portable devices, for example) around a sense of uncertainty. Why exactly does everything take five phone calls to arrange?

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars are still within three degrees of an exact conjunction, and they are moving into a square with Jupiter, Chirion and Neptune, a subject that was at the core of Friday’s edition of Planet Waves Astrology News.

Here is an excerpt, complete with the illustration:

During the next week or so, the celestial drama unfolds, if you can imagine such a thing. In astrology, imagination counts for a lot. The whole thing is a kind of legal fiction. It’s like a cartoon based on reality that creates reality as it goes; the more you notice, the more fun you have.

Celestial drama, artist’s rendition of SN 1993J. The bigger star sends seven suns’ worth of mass to its little partner, then explodes in a fiery death. Credit: ESA

Celestial drama, artist’s rendition of SN 1993J. The bigger star sends seven suns’ worth of mass to its little partner, then explodes in a fiery death. Credit: ESA

Venus and Mars are in Taurus. Both are gradually sailing into a square aspect (90-degrees, fixed sign to fixed sign) with the triple conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. Can you visualize that? First Venus (the faster moving of the Venus/Mars pair) will square the triple conjunction, starting on July 1 when Venus squares Chiron (followed soon after by Jupiter and Neptune) then four days later, Mars squares Chiron. Of course, Venus and Mars will each square Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune; so this is a very complex dynamic, and it involves every sex, gender and gender role. Even a cross-dressing bisexual can’t worm out of this one.

A square also has a way of triggering events, but it has another way of being deeply introspective. It’s as if something that’s inside ripples out, as an event. Or as may be the case, a lot of events. My intention for explaining this astrology to you is so that you can use the aspects consciously and not get dragged into something negative — but rather, apply it to deepening your relationships, to raising consciousness and for some interesting sexual experiences.

To sum up in advance: the key to taking this astrology on a positive, constructive and interesting level rather than a negative and entangled one (abundant possibility here) is tossing hypocrisy out the door of your life. This astrology is a beacon for honest transactions.

Eric Francis

Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. Going far beyond what most Sun-sign astrologers even dream is possible, Eric brings in-depth interpretations to his work. He is a pioneer in the newly-discovered planets, including Chiron and the centaurs, and is able to translate their movements into accessible human terms, offering ideas for life, love and work. Discover a whole new world of literary journalism in Planet Waves. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
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9 Responses to Grand air trine; Venus and Mars square the conjunction

  1. mystes says:

    BK writes::As for the feeling that Eric possibly doesn’t get it, well we both know how detached an Aquarian Moon can be.

    Righty-o… and that’s my moon as well, though they are positioned across the street from one another. Space is the place, and all that.

    BK continues:: But all that Pisces and Cancer rising can’t possibly escape the sensory stuff. No way. An artful dodge for the sake of self protection more likely. Completely automatic response of course.

    I don’t hear dodging so much as impatience – not toward me, toward the material we are sharing. But I had completely forgotten about the Cancer Rising. I already have this propensity to go Emo with my Piscean friends. The Cancer ascendant is a whole other Juicy Fruit, one that the common Aq moon *should* offset.

    But then again, we are in a Scorp moon today, my skinless phase. So I’m off to go toughen up.

    Caffeine, ho!


  2. bkoehler says:

    ps.. .when I said NOW the Venus Mars conjunction, I was referring to the recent New Moon chart location.

  3. bkoehler says:

    jlo, GULP! I hadn’t even looked at the full moon (11/2), just the new moon (11/16) sent shock waves up my spine. But now . .uh, what was my question? Oh yes, the new flu; the Aries point hammering. Good grief. And how what is happening NOW affects what will happen THEN (as in NOW Venus conj. Mars is sesquiquadrate Pluto and trine Saturn, but THEN Venus square Mars will either sesqui. or semisquare Pluto AND Saturn). Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Still, the Pandemic Level being announced and an estimated million Americans having caught it obliges me to scrutinize the skies in November.

    And you tell me that the FM is square Mars AND nessus. Please, do bake on this and get back. I must take a nap.

  4. bkoehler says:

    Well mystes, that makes sense. A son at home could very well be a brief tip-toe of Uranus into the 4th house, and could easily break your concentration. Are the time constraints of your own making or is it something/someone beyond your control?

    The whole “Performance Piece as you describe sounds almost too good to be. . .and remarkably liberating (Uranus)! Still a balance is required at this time and a containment of some kind (Saturn) to be mastered would make it most useful in the real world. You can do it!

    As for the feeling that Eric possibly doesn’t get it, well we both know how detached an Aquarian Moon can be. But all that Pisces and Cancer rising can’t possibly escape the sensory stuff. No way. An artful dodge for the sake of self protection more likely. Completely automatic response of course.

  5. jlo says:

    B, I just checked out the Nov. 2 full moon chart… It’s Really, Really busy. I’ll have to bake on it but here’s a few observations…

    It’s mid fixed sign, grand square with mars and nessus, (this is huge).

    We have our saturn/uranus opp. still playing while saturn switches teams, and the both of them are torquin’ pluto.

    Right before our full moon, we get the gang of sun, mercury, venus trining our aquarian friends in succession picking up that flow, square the north node (who’s sharin’ capricorn with pluto), and then pluto gets sextiled with all this energy.

    A few days after the moon moves into cancer creating another grand square right on the aries point.

    All I have to say is Wow!! (there’s lots more too!)

    I definitely have to bake on all this. With the transits going down now, it’s all relative and unraveling…

    Myst, I’ll try to organize my thoughts on the 9th/3rd, saturn/uranus… I’ve thought there quite a bit…



  6. mystes says:

    BK, you make me want to be 70. Thank you so much for the View. In response to earlier insight you shared, I have used June’s astrology to launch TfBb, while understanding that the Eclipse season would send waves over the bow. The Saturn/Uranus opposition bisecting my chart at the third/fourth and ninth/tenth houses has been noisy, though, calling out for attention over the last week or so.

    I think it’s due in part to my son being here most of last week, and how the creative process spiraled down during his presence. I hit a technical wall as well, and just spun on the spot for about 5 days. I am a Cancerian, but that Sagg rising/Aquarius moon mean business; and the specific business is dealing with this libidinal/relational chaos we’re all slogging through.

    There’s really no time to waste, and more rewrites are beside the point. Bobos is a combination essay/discussion. My inner guidance woke me up this morning saying: Start calling it a performance piece. People take too long to absorb ‘new’ coordinates, and time -as you know it – is out. Not up. Out.

    The sense of urgency around this project is off the charts. I have a direct line into the liberated senses, not just intuition. but paleosense. This sensory array at the level of the Pleasure Body is accessible through a *kind* of desire – not all desire, but desire that is rooted in the earliest Want-to-Be, not the want-to-have, want-to-keep, want-to-be seen, etc. I can walk people a certain distance toward that sensibility through the writing, but then I “presence” them, hear them whole until their own voice finds the other register and gets plugged in.

    It’s what I do with Eric every time we talk, though I get the feeling he doesn’t recognize it. He just gets it as “information” takes the download and off he goes.

    My son knows this as well as any of my consorts; even at 13 he realizes that he was birthed through a rather unusual portal.

    Well, anyway, enough from me. Back to it.

    Thank you again!


  7. bkoehler says:

    mystes, I’ll take a shot at it, but am punchy-tired and might not understand your question or not make sense myself. Anyway, like you, I used to think that astrology transits had to be precise, number for number, to be in effect. Not so, it’s like a temperature rising or falling. . .the closer it gets (to your 4th house cusp for example) the more it affects 4th house stuff. So, assuming your birth chart is precise, Uranus is probably already affecting the 4th house even though, technically it hasn’t reached the “line” between 3rd and 4th.

    But as my mom would have said “if you can’t tell it (is affecting the 4th house), what the hell difference does it make?” As far as the opposition between Saturn and Uranus (transit), Uranus will take the “hiatus” time to rethink, revise and revolutionize your work. There are 9th house situations that are resisting the changes that your work would disrupt. . people? personal-or-otherwise beliefs? Anyway, that challenge will come in September and then for the last time (I’m pretty sure) in April. Nope another opposition in July . .in Aries and Libra this time. By then it will be political is personal time.

    If I understand correctly, you want the Saturn energy to manifest a tangible piece of work (Tantra for Bobos) and if you can strike a balance or agreement between the two planets it will surely happen. I suspect, because you’ve been toiling for so long you are anxious to get on with it. During this retro time, maybe some re-writes will make headway with the Saturn forces (in the 9th) and production will move forward when Saturn moves to your 10 house. There will be another opposition but it doesn’t have to be contentious by then. Just shocking!

    As far as the solar 9th house Uranus vs. the birthtime chart’s 3rd house, I can see how that would divide one. But then, I suppose all transits are that way, so I’m inclined to stick with the 3rd house view, that it (your book?)is a means of communicating specific information, rather than a philosophical belief. But if you want both, then you will need Saturn’s help, won’t you?

  8. mystes says:

    Ummm, Be, I am not ignoring you, but it’s odd that I should find your post as I am getting ready to ask another November question.

    This is sort of out-of-the-blue, but I just want to see if anyone has any feedback or feedforward on this:

    I am sitting with Saturn on my MC and Uranus juuussst before the perfection of my IC. Uranus will go to what? 26.39 Pisces before stationing retrograde tomorrow. It just so happens that my IC is at 26.45 Pisces, so Uranus will aaaallmost touch it before starting to slip backwards.

    That line, betwen 26.45 and 26.46 demarcates my 3rd and 4th houses. So Uranus is in my 3rd house right now, and will turn around and head deeper into this 3rd house, not crossing into my 4th until who knows when? next year maybe.

    That’s the good news, I think. I have been toiling over Tantra for Bobos for months, see it as an expression of 3rd/9th house energy. Maybe the Uranus/Saturn opposition is a kind of dynamo: if Uranian energy is pulled in, perhaps Saturnian can take better hold.

    The odd bit is that Uranus is in Cancer’s (solar) 9th house, so while from one view it looks like a 3rd house hiatus, from another a 9th. I’m not too sure how to ride this out if this influence passes through both of those houses. I’m in no mood to pull in and wait.

    So. That’s it. Any resonance?



  9. bkoehler says:

    I have a nagging feeling about when Venus and Mars square each other in November, and the New Moon in Scorpio squares the 3 Aquarian travelers, more spread out now but all direct in motion. Frankly, I’m concerned that the swine flu will come back with a vengence at this time. Saturn will be on the Aries point of 0 Libra and square Pluto. Uranus will trine the new moon but it is still retrograde until December 1. Enough tamiflu, or whatever new meds they come up with yet? Any thoughts or intuitions?

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