Gemini Birthday Audio: The Sky is Hot and So Are You

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Dear Friend and Gemini, Gem Moon or Ascendant:

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I’ve just finished the Gemini birthday audio for you, and man the sky is hot. We know that, but your chart and your life are positioned to make the most of the amazing astrology that we are experiencing now. This is a moment when it seems like everything is happening at once, though the main thing that’s happening is that you are cultivating a new level of autonomy. That is to say, your charts suggest strongly that the highest priority in your life is to be an independent person, free of your entanglements with others so that you can release your true potential.

This manifests three ways. First, I see you embarking on an overhaul of your financial plans and how you both structure and think about money. For too long you have been under the influence and indeed the power of others, and Pluto in Capricorn is helping you work out how this has been, and offering you many suggestions for how to open up to your own strength. While this plan has been in the works for a while, you’re likely to feel a lot of change all at once — and this will come with other changes in a relationship that is in a sense bound together by sex and money.

What you are really doing is dismantling the old values given to you by your parents, principally your mother, and tearing these ideas apart and opening up to a new set of ideals. You are determined to run on your own steam, and it’s about time you did.

Next, you are finally finding some focus in your career. This is not easy for a Gemini, because you have Pisces in your career house: that’s difficult to focus into a concrete plan of action, though Chiron in Pisces is pushing you to do just that. You’ll either be feeling this as a sense of crisis or a sense of empowerment — maybe, at times, as a mix of both. I describe in some detail how to work with Chiron energy to make the most of this rare event.

Finally, the time has arrived: your focus on your professional goals is translating into a passion about expressing yourself bravely, in original ways and without fear. This is about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your 11th solar house, Aries. This is about liberating your self expression, having a greater influence on your friends than they have on you, and being able to visualize your desires, hopes and dreams for who you want to be. Visualize, yes — and manifest, because you finally have the discipline and focus.

You will find the details are all in this extended audio — 60 minutes of astrology and 20 minutes of tarot using the Voyager deck — all for just $14.99. Here is the link for instant access.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis
PS, here is a free audio sample of this presentation, five minutes.

Eric Francis

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2 Responses to Gemini Birthday Audio: The Sky is Hot and So Are You

  1. Eric Francis Lynelle says:

    Hi Eric,  I forgot to mention that your birthday audio readings are AMAZING!!!  I listen to mine often and always pick up something else from it each time I listen and the Tarot reading at the end is really wonderful!  So much information and so helpful..really worth it!!  Keep up the great work!

    Lynelle (from Toronto)

  2. geminicheryl says:

    Eric, I’ve just listened to this fantastic audio. I’ve been making notes, but had to give that up just to listen with intention, intuition and total presence. I will be listening to this audio several times, but wanted you to know how much your astrology and tarot reading resonates with me, and my sense of what I am birthing with this happy return. I do feel that my relationships over the past several years have been mirroring my relationship with myself, and that I am progressing to the point of my true self coming into the world. Thank you as always for being such a positive conduit for my psyche and for vibrational level you elevate all of us to. It is my hope that we nourish and replentish you as well to complete the circle.

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