Friday: Jupiter trine Saturn, Sun enters Sagittarius

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Dear Friend and Reader,

We are in the midst of experiencing an ingress of the Sun which promises to be very energetic. The Sun is entering Sagittarius today, and Jupiter is in a trine with Saturn. Think of it like a little child tottering full speed into a wall and stopping just in time to consider it.

Photo by Danielle Voirin.

Photo by Danielle Voirin.

Jupiter trine Saturn is a wonderful combination of spirit and practicality. Isabel Hickey writes that this aspect brings an ability to project long term goals and to bring honesty to situations. The inner and outer spirits mix well and harmoniously with this aspect. I would say that Jupiter trine Saturn brings a level of measured exuberance into the daily routines of staying alive that can make any situation into something philosophical. Boredom gets staved off. Think about the metaphoric quality of Pink Floyd’s imagery in “Hey You” to get what I mean. With this aspect, even the itchy feet and fading smiles take on a shade of reality that endures because of its depth.

Another thing to consider is Jupiter’s place in Aquarius as the Sun crosses into the sign which Jupiter rules. I would suggest that the individual spirit is given a chance to shine in the crowd. I say this because the Sun is the will and the desire to be seen, whereas Aquarius, as Eric puts it is the sign of “all of us here”. It is the greater community in which we live. So if Sagittarius’s ruling planet is in Aquarius as the Sun crosses into the place where Jupiter feels most at home, this brings about a relationship between the accepting, arms opening self (Sagittarius), and the world (Aquarius). Throw Saturn in the mix and you get a nice, grounded dose of practicality that tempers far-reaching Jupiter, providing the chance to recognize where over-reaching may occur.

The Sun coming into Sagittarius marks the final stage of autumn before winter comes to call in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks the final stage of springtime. For those of you down there, please keep an eye on the migrating birds that have come to their warmer roosts down there, and tell them we said ‘Ho!’.

Sagittarius is the only other sign of the zodiac to be a combination of two creatures, the other being Capricorn. Because of the quality of being half-human, and half-horse, Sagittarius energy can be at once powerful and eloquent, attention-grabbing, and yet clumsy. Sagittarius energy has a heavy dose of wanderlust in both the physical and spiritual sense. I think this is because ancient astrologers gave Sagittarius the Earth as its ruling planet. Its more traditional planet, Jupiter, lends its optimism and hunger for the distant horizons as well.

Hickey writes of Sagittarius: “The symbol of the sign if represented by the centaur (Half human and half animal) carrying a bow and arrow aimed heavenward. This represents his attempt to liberate himself from his lower nature and become that which he already is on the higher plane.” So, Sagittarius energy is about aspirations and dreams, as well as the subsequent overcoming that one must come to on the journey of individuation.

Jupiter trine Saturn fits well with the new Sagittarius Sun today. Both of them correlate with a hunger for higher realization based on engaging earthbound issues.

Merry Met,


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5 Responses to Friday: Jupiter trine Saturn, Sun enters Sagittarius

  1. victoria says:

    Apology accepted. I’m excited to move forward, too. I made an error too today. You encourage me now to correct it. Must be the fog.

  2. genevieve says:

    Hey guys,
    Please accept my apologies for the incorrect info. Many of you have already pointed out that Jupiter is not yet in Aquarius, but rather in Capricorn. You’re right, and I thank you for pointing that out to me.

    As far as Jupiter’s relationship to the Sun as it crosses into its ruling sign, I would apply that to the upcoming Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. I’ve been pretty excited about that upcoming conjunction and I jumped the gun a bit in writing about it. Please forgive me. And thanks for your sharp intellects.


  3. victoria says:

    Hey christinef and Genevieve, always learn something from the Genevieve. With my limited knowlege of astrology, have learned much of Neptunian energy in these writings. Always did love the balmy summer nights and feel most comfortable in the fog, except for moving at high speeds while driving. The punch of Pluto became more understandable to me with a better understanding of the fog of Neptune. It has transformed the blows into not blows (the best I can come up with). And I do so now welcome and enjoy what emerges in the fog.

    Might I add, this edition of PW is overall really awesome for me. I have to hook up to the printer.

  4. christinef says:


    I just love your poetic prose and the imagination with which you enter into the aspects on a daily basis. Your connection with that which is not-so-visible and yet more real (to me) than most everything else and your ability to communicate this keeps me checking PW frequently. As someone with a ton of Pisces energy, Jupiter conj Asc & exactly opposite Saturn, and with Neptune in Sag, your post today offers me insights that will keep me busy for many months to come. I hope to soon see you offering natal chart readings/consultations… Thanks much.

  5. Gauri says:

    Why are you talking about “Jupiter in Aquarius” when Jupiter is in Capricorn right now?

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