New Moon in Pisces: Belief, Cause, Effect

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Friday, March 4 is the New Moon in Pisces. Through the week we experience waning Moon energy, which for some feels low key as if a wave pattern is reaching a trough or low point; to some New Moon energy is nervous. Waning Moon pushes us toward a sense of closure or completion, things that a good few people struggle with; it sometimes feels like a deadline is approaching. So as you move through the week, do so with a sense of wrapping up and getting ready to move onto new projects and situations.

Daily Astrology & Adventure by Eric Francis

This particular New Moon is conjunct one of those odd, slow-moving minor planets that’s out a little past Pluto. It’s one we don’t mention often here, called Borasisi, which is making a long, slow trek through Pisces. Like Pisces itself, Borasisi addresses themes of belief, and how what we believe has a tendency to become true. The New Moon is also square a galactic point called the Great Attractor, which tends to polarize the energy of situations, and can stir up a good bit of controversy.

You may find yourself repelling certain people, drawing others toward you and in general wondering why people are having such strong reactions to you. Such is the vibration of the Great Attractor. One thing I suggest is that while people are reacting to you and while you’re reacting to them, notice the stories you’re making up and see what they tell you — about yourself.

In astrology, a New Moon symbolizes a new beginning, and while we’re not there yet, we are approaching that point. But completion is a good thing to do before beginning, so I suggest you work in that order.

In western astrology, Pisces is the 12th solar house, the last of the cycle. Pisces is like the ocean into which the experience of the previous eleven solar houses dissolves. Like the deep sea, it is an abyss into which the vast and mysterious waters have collected, both concentrating and diluting their essence. It relates to things too large to comprehend, but which we’re looking at all the time, taking for granted. There is paradox, bliss, mystery and awe combining into a spiritual component that is also present as something palpable. The New Moon in Pisces is thus like a very old soul born into a new body.

This is a personal and emotional New Moon, a beginning informed by all that has gone before, and that makes it both timely and appropriate that the luminaries should be sharing their conjunction with Borasisi and its binary companion, Pabu. When an event involving the Sun or Moon is conjunct a planet, that planet tends to reveal itself. So while we may have ideas about a new planet, it’s a good idea to observe both events and yourself to see what happens.

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13 Responses to New Moon in Pisces: Belief, Cause, Effect

  1. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Fascinating differences in perspective. Myself, having survived Detroit of the 60s (and 70s), I think perhaps I’ve been locked into a lifetime of Survival Mode. Perhaps this ’round of change will bring that habit down.

  2. Patty says:

    But Kelly….the big ocean just became so small and maybe that’s why! The dialogue in the world is amazing and I never thought we would live to see the day. Reminds me of when the Berlin wall fell and the cold war ended. No-one knew what to make of it.

  3. Kelly says:

    Patty: you love everything about right now!?!
    I feel like a fish in a fishbowl that’s suddenly developed an awareness about how tiny a space it has to swim around in. And, dreaming of a big ocean..

  4. Jere says:

    ..Travelling Bigfoot, we’re gonna have to speak sometime.. you are a stellar system with uncharted life on the planets that orbit you. I’d like to make contact with ‘those’ out there.

    ..just trip land. Don’t make too much of me.

    ..and (I don’t usually say this,.. “More Power Too You”.)

    ..I won’t be able to get up to Oregon for a bit but. if you’re ever in California, around Sac., I’ve got spaces and food. You can find me, it’s easy.

    Hands clasped, and bowing.


  5. Patty says:

    I’ve been on cloud 9 lately. I must be a real Pisces. I love every minute of everything that is happening right now and feel like I’m floating through the air on clouds.

  6. Jere says:

    Susyc, that is freakin’ brilliant!

    Len, (..sometimes I’m on, sometimes I’m off..) (That’s the nature of reality)

    ..It’s been really cool to hear folks speak up lately. I hope it gets more intense!

    ..just no violence (mantra, mantra, mantra, mantra…)

    Love you All.


  7. susyc says:

    Worth repeating:

    Dearest and most patient HP, it seems to me that being known by You involves my own willingness to know myself and that we go into those dark places together, or, not at all because of your gift of free will! What a brave God you are laying Yourself down in a creation that can say “No,” to you. And the “No’s” we ascribe as coming from You, are they really “No’s” or just the cause and effect of existence in physical reality or even just our own imagination? What if You, Your Godself really never says “No,” despite all appearances and interpretations to the contrary made by Your hopeless, grieving and suffering children? What if all we had to do to hear Your endless “Yes!” was to ask You for the willingness to change our own minds?

    Won’t it be wonderful when we all change our minds and tend to what really needs tending? What would happen if we divorced surface reality, crisis and spin and lived from the heart, the heartfelt knowledge that in any given moment of this life we’ve always had what we really needed and always will, with plenty left over for sharing? If you want it give it. Give it like you have it already. Because you do.

  8. elleshaylor says:

    Oddly enough, I just picked up Vonnegut’s A Man Without a Country at the local library.

    And as it has been sitting on my coffee table for the last week, I wondered what the hell inspired me to pick it up. I guess I was a little grabby, letting the subconscious rule my reading.

    Throughout the text are these little scribbles from Vonnegut. This is one of them:

    “Oh, a lion hunter
    in the jungle dark,
    and a sleeping drunkard
    up in Central Park,
    And a chinese dentist
    and a british queen
    all fit together
    in the same machine.
    Nice, nice,
    such very different
    people in the same


  9. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Huffy and Kathy C: thank you for your healing insights.

    be: once again your erudition informs and inspires. The point about Neptune and the Sibly moon is especially cogent.

    Jere: Jere, are you there? In response to your comment on yesterday’s blog – man, you are good!

  10. bkoehler says:

    Eric, Len,

    Thanks for pointing out that the Great Attractor will square the New Moon in Pisces this Friday. That the atmosphere is now so charged with unbending opinions, this will bring things even more to a head at some point in the near future I’m sure. Makes me think that the doctor is bringing all the toxins to the surface in order to cure the patient.

    And that point you made that Pisces is “like the deep sea, it is an abyss into which the vast and mysterious waters have collected, both concentrating and diluting their essence”, at first seems contradictory, but when you recall the earlier Chiron into Pisces event, the Gulf oil disaster as the “concentrated essence”, it all makes sense.

    So if I can still feel the anger from that despicable act, then the people who voted for fiscal reform, a reaction to their personal beliefs fuelled by anger, are examples of those toxins coming to the surface. It’s part of the cure. Perhaps we are as Jere said a few days ago in his analogy, “I feel like I’m at the end of my line. I’m either going to pull this fish in, or the line’s gonna snap”.

    This bringing to the surface, or to the point of snapping our line, is what it takes to make us act. It is the Mars in Pisces, pushing, pushing toward the birth of Uranus into Aries. It is the Jupiter in Aries awaiting and preparing for that birth. First comes the belief, then the cause, and finally the effect. I get it! Eric despaired for years over the slumbering American masses, wondering if we would ever express our fury over the many deceptions and trickery our government had pulled and continues to pull. Well, maybe, just maybe the slumbering masses are finally ready to act. Neptune will move to Pisces and off of the American Sibly Moon. We finally get it.

  11. KathyC KathyC says:

    mars and pluto were one degree apart in virgo when I was born. I don’t know what that means- but other’s belief systems don’t as a rule, sway my belief system. They are, though, fully allowed to believe whatever they believe.
    Add being a leo with an aries moon, and you have someone who doesn’t take pushy people very well lol
    I know what I believe, and why *wink


  12. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Amazing, Len. In fact you recently headed your blog with a quote from Buddha ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think’ (think it was that one). For the first timed ever I’m able to see how the way I’ve lived my entire adult life – battling over money and with mean bosses, filled with silent resentment, is in fact a reflection of my belief system, coming from a long way back, probably as far back as when I was two. I’ve been resentful all my life (hence my user name, which wasn’t a conscious choice!) Incredibly liberating to see this. But there’s still much work to be done.
    Thank you as ever, dear Len.
    Liz xx

  13. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Eric, Fe, Amanda: thank you

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