Anais Nin: A Pisces’ life of re-creation

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By Amanda Painter

Today would be the 109th birthday of Anais Nin, diarist and author of novels, essays and erotica beloved by bohemians and others everywhere. Chances are, even if you have never read an entire volume of her work, you have encountered quotations taken from them, poetic musings on love, passion, writing, art or sex. Or perhaps you’re familiar with her friendship, creative partnership and intimate relationship to author Henry Miller and his wife June. You might guess she’s a Pisces, even if you didn’t know today was her birthday. In fact, her natal Sun is conjunct today’s rather stunning New Moon.

Anais Nin, photo taken in the 1970s. Image from Wikipedia.

Anais Nin, photo taken in the 1970s. Image from Wikipedia.

Nin was born Feb. 21, 1903 in Paris at 8:16 pm. Her data is rated AA by Astrodatabank, meaning that it’s based on a verified birth record.

Her natal chart describes perfectly what she herself seemed to describe in her diaries: that she was born to keep recreating her self, her sexuality, and her creative expression. Not only that, but this continual re-creation of her inner imaginative, creative, sexual life was going to play out on and influence the world stage.

While still a child she experienced the first of her many relocations: first to Barcelona and then to New York with her mother and two brothers after her father left them. It is in that time that she first began to chronicle her life in letters to her father, and to write in a journal. It’s a practice she kept throughout her life, and perhaps the writing she is best known for. Writing seems to have been the thing giving her life some structure as it flowed and careened and burst open, as she married and took lovers and married again, moving between and across continents.

We can see the symbol of her writing life in the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius in her 4th house (which, because it is on the cusp in the next house, can also be read as 5th house, and this blends the themes of the two houses perfectly in her work): the structured practice of writing is where Nin makes her truest home, where she can encounter her contradictory thoughts and emotions most fully. It’s how her voice comes to be known by the general public.

Another factor in Nin’s chart also speaks to her public impact: three prominent placements in the early cardinal degrees known as the Aries Point. (The theme of the personal being political, carried by the first degree of Aries, extends to Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.) In Nin’s case, this impact came both in the form of her friendships with many leading literary figures, including Gore Vidal, Antonin Artaud and Miller, as well as her influence on feminist writers of the 1960s, who embraced her sexual freedom.

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5 Responses to Anais Nin: A Pisces’ life of re-creation

  1. Kelly says:

    Henry & June (1990) -Starring: Maria de Medeiros . Fred Ward, Uma Thurman.

    I watched this movie many many times in the was made beautifully. I loved how Anais Nin was potryaed by Maria de Medeiros. She captured Nin’s liberty and ability to fully indulge in her sensuality.
    Beautiful Amanda.

  2. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:


    Forgive me for being misled by the legend that accompanied the chart, and please accept my thanks to you for putting the chart in the article.

    As regards to the common natal Moon placements for the three authors (once again allowing for the specifically lunar orb of influence) in conjunction with the IC – perhaps something about an inner life and its connection with personal needs reflected in the medium of creative expression?

  3. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    hi len —

    i have no idea how to answer your question at the moment! i’ll have to think about it, but feel free to offer your own thoughts, since you’re the one who spotted the pattern with the Moon placements.

    (btw — i put the chart into the article, but since the software is licensed to eric, his name shows up on any charts i create. eric did, however, offer some excellent editing notes and insights that got worked in — and i thank him very much for that.)

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda (and Monica): Thank you for a compassionate, insightful and proficient correspondence of Anis Nin’s natal chart to her life (which remains instructive to all empathetic people through her words as well as through her deeds). While you did an artful job of implying the consequences of Jupiter conjunct Sun in the fifth house, please entertain a question about Ms. Nin’s natal Moon.

    In recent weeks, three notable authors and their natal charts have have been featured on Planet Waves. John Steinbeck (who shares a Uranus-Pluto opposition with Anais Nin), Charles Dickens, and finally today’s subject. All three have a natal Moon within orb of a conjunction with the IC and all three have telling aspects from that position. Please, what would you say that common lunar context has to tell us about what these three very different writers have in common with each other?

    Also: Eric – thank you for the chart.

  5. PansWood PansWood says:

    A wonderful article– thanks so much! Surely a description of these moments in time as Pisces flows in, challenging and teasing me with all the possiblities. Exciting.


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