Acting On It: Mars In Pisces

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By Len Wallick

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of man as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
— Helen Keller

The mass migration from Aquarius to Pisces continues. Mars not only takes its turn, it brings something extra.

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First, some perspective. The Martian ingress into Pisces follows Chiron, the Sun and Mercury. There is one more to go. Not to be judged by its size, an auspicious asteroid named Karma will conclude matters for the time being when it enters Pisces on Thursday. Because Uranus has not yet ended its stay in Pisces, we have an inventory of one luminary, three major planets, Chiron — perhaps the most influential centaur planet — and asteroid Karma, whose time has come. That’s a lot.

All of this movement can be taken as a huge transfer of energy from Aquarius, a sign traditionally ruled by Saturn, to Pisces, one sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter (the other is Sagittarius). This implies a shift of influence from Saturn to Jupiter. The timing is auspicious because of how the astrology will peak on Friday. Jupiter is getting pumped up for the big one when it exactly squares Pluto at week’s end; in fact, we are feeling its energy now, and have been seeing its effects in the news. This is a relatively rare and tense aspect between Jupiter in early Aries, and Pluto, 90 degrees away in Capricorn. This cardinal square has been functional for several weeks now.

The expansive idealism of Jupiter finds definition in the fundamental force of Pluto. This has been expressing itself in a passionate zealotry that can only be released by direct and sustained action. Look at what is happening around the world. From the halls of the Wisconsin legislature to the shores of Tripoli in Libya, people are risking everything and holding nothing back.  Then, consider this. Jupiter is only acting as a proxy, warming the spot that Uranus will take starting next year. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

The cascade of planets into Pisces is ramping this up because Jupiter derives a good deal of its identity and influence from what is going on in that sign. It is already very nearly overwhelming. So what, besides bolstering Jupiter further,  does Mars bring to Pisces? It brings a third concurrent case of mutual reception — loosely defined as two planets in each other’s sign of rulership.

Mars rules Aries (and Scorpio). Pisces, as already mentioned, is originally ruled by Jupiter. Now that Mars is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Aries, Mars is in mutual reception with Jupiter. Such an arrangement serves to strengthen or reinforce both planets. There is also the idea that each planet takes on some of the characteristics of the other.

Whether or not you consider mutual reception to be relevant, it is notable that there are now three cases of it going on. Add to Mars’ mix the long-standing case of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Pisces and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in Aquarius. You also have Venus (ruler of Libra), which entered Capricorn earlier this month, in mutual reception with Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in Libra. Because both are in cardinal signs, they form a major aspect — a square.

Three occurrences of mutual reception at the same time is rare. In astrology, anything rare is auspicious and worth looking at. The question is what we should be looking for. If we consider the historical implications of the current astrology, we are in a time when old paradigms are being tested. Those that no longer serve are being discarded or transformed. Those that still serve the greater whole productively will be part of the scaffold upon which our personal and political futures will be constructed.

We may thus theorize that these three concurrent but different cases of mutual reception, taking place at this particular time, are giving us a chance to test the concept and determine whether it will be a valid astrological tool in the future. If Jupiter in Aries is the drive to expand ideals to realization then a mutual reception with Mars in Pisces would appear to lend it support and sophistication. Jupiter-Aries in turn would function to expand the purpose of the Martian-Pisces imagination, re-tasking the objective of its creative aspirations from self-gratification to service to others. If we watch the course of personal and political events over the next couple days, we should get a clue what we can build upon next month when the other two cases of mutual reception come to an end.

Finally, there is the matter of Chiron. Whether one considers the 1960’s or last April, the previous occurrences of Chiron in Pisces have synchronized with some rather earth-shaking events. This time is no exception. With its demonstrated propensity for both focus and holistic perspective, the last few weeks have witnessed the weak links of long-held authoritarian chains being tested and broken. Now this maverick of a planet has added to its job description by punching the respective tickets of the Sun, Mercury and Mars as they came in to join the party under the sign of the fish.

In addition to the influence of Pisces and its ruling influence of Jupiter, the members of this mutable stellium (a large cluster of planets in the same sign at roughly the same degree) have something else in common. They all have been or soon will be touched by the healing hand as their first aspect after transition. If history is any indicator, the days to come may prove that series of conjunctions to be the most important of all.

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11 Responses to Acting On It: Mars In Pisces

  1. indranibe says:

    Thanks Len, you made my day. :o)

  2. bkoehler says:


    I did not examine the September earthquake chart, but am thinking about doing just that because I read or heard somewhere that this 6.3 quake was an “aftershock” to the larger, but less devastating one in September. Perhaps it would relate to the Royal Charter 1856 ephemeris in an informative way. Had you heard that also?

  3. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    ah, be — i was not even thinking about mutual reception. thanks for pointing out how the faxing story can be interpreted as an example! fun.

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    indranibe: Thank you for the dissenting voice. You make a very, very good case. Glad i do not have to oppose you in court. The world could use a few million more like you.

    be: Thank for your the astrology of the earthquake. Do not recall the same from you on the immediately previous earthquake in Christchurch on September 4, 2010. Did you post something at that time as well? As regards to the variable-eliminating, condensing, simplifying function of the mutual receptions, i’m on the same page when i refer to it as a coherency, something i intend to carry forward to the Thursday blog.

    Amanda – well placed comment. Thank you. You have a knack, dude.

  5. indranibe says:

    And PS: The notion of security exists EVERYWHERE in nature, every animal species I can think of trains and teaches its young and gives them the essential skills required to survive, and furthermore, non-human animals THRIVE on the notion of community, and it’s from that community that they derive their sense of security and ability to take on life’s adventures. I’m sorry Helen Keller, but you are simply wrong on this.


  6. bkoehler says:


    You have just supplied a perfect example of the intensity of the mutual reception. This process of faxing to get around censorship seems to me to be the Neptune/Pisces deception ploy and “now you see it, now you don’t” part of the soup, while Uranus/Aquarius provides the quick and clever and un-rehearsed technical aspect, giving a zingy jolt to the soup.

    Perhaps there are more, but this is one that jumped right out. Thanks!

  7. indranibe says:

    Dear Len,

    I must say I disagree with Hellen Keller about the notion of security as mostly superstition, and having read quite a lot about her life, I think it’s remarkable that she says that – she had well-to-do, loving, in fact, indulgent parents, and she had Annie Sullivan, her remarkable teacher. Helen Keller, in spite of her physical disabilities, grew up in one of the most secure environments I can imagine. She was fortunate indeed that she had such strong foundations and such a solid support base from which to undertake her ‘daring adventure’.

    I submit that feeling secure is extremely important, and rather than dismissing the notion of security as “mostly superstition”, I would agree that security is a state of mind, rather than a physical reality, because, as demonstrated daily, we can’t control our environment – only how we react to it. If we feel secure, and strong within ourselves, we can take on the challenges life throws at us, and indeed, add new ones of our choosing. But without that state of mind what we have is people acting out of INsecurity which is the thing that prevents us from engaging with the world around, and that includes engaging with people.

    Clearly issues of security were not things that Hellen Keller put her mind to, and yes, she achieved incredible things, but she didn’t achieve them on her own – it took a loving community for those things to happen. Left to her own devices, as so many children in her situation were, she would have wasted away in a dark corner of a house somewhere. So, a little perspective Ms Keller, and a reality check – security is not something to be taken for granted, or to be dismissed casually. It is an essential building block for our personal growth, and something that needs to be worked on if we are to embrace life in all its glory.

    Thanks and regards,


  8. bkoehler says:

    Although Mars was still in Aquarius at the time of the 6.3 mag. earthquake on 2/22 in Christchurch, NZ, his intent was clear enough as part of the 5 planet group on the cusp of Pisces. Here’s some background.

    The name of Christchurch was agreed on at the first meeting of the (Canterbury) association on 27 March 1848, according to Wikipedia. It also says that Christchurch became a city by Royal Charter on 31 July 1856, however, the 1848 date produces a chart very much in sync with the time of the earthquake, which was Feb 22, 2011, 12:51 PM NZST.

    The 1848 chart has Neptune at 1 Pisces 23 (and Venus at 5 Pisces 52) and the transiting Quake chart has the 5 planets, Sun, Chiron, Mercury, Mars, Neptune all conjunct between 2 Pisces 59 and 28 Aquarius 33.

    Primarily, the 1848 chart has the Sun at 6 Aries 27 (00:00 UT) while the quake chart has Jupiter at 6 Aries 10 square Pluto at 6 Cap 57. The 1848 chart has it’s Moon somewhere between 24 Sag and 6 Cap, so she was either squaring transiting Uranus (29 Pisces 00) or conjunct transiting Pluto, but really both. Oddly enough, this Moon would be trine the 1848 Pluto, so it could have been worse I suppose.

    The transiting Moon in the quake chart was at 24 Libra 09 and opposed the 1849 chart’s Pluto at 25 Aries 56. Also, the Moon’s nodes in the quake chart (0 Capricorn, Cancer) square the Moon’s nodes in the 1848 chart (0 Libra, Aries).

    There is a telling interplay between Mars at 17 Gemini, Uranus at 17 Aries and Saturn at 18 Pisces in the 1848 chart that transiting Saturn at 16 Libra 36 rx, in the quake chart sets off, and which the transiting Moon had just crossed over. So the always-suspect- in-earthquakes Uranus was activated in both charts, the 1848 chart for Christchurch (by opposing trans. Saturn) and the quake chart itself (squared by 1848 Moon).

    Just for good measure, the asc. for the Feb 22 quake chart is 10 Taurus, which puts the 1848 chart’s Chiron (10 Scorpio 19) on the quake chart descendant.

    Now I’m getting the feeling of these multiple mutual receptions happening are a way of focusing and condensing. By reducing the variables found in any chart, which these combinations do, the tools, or symbols are cut in half. So if Uranus in Pisces is much like Neptune in Aquarius, and Mars in Pisces is much like Jupiter in Aries, and Venus in Cap is much like Saturn in Libra, then they are more potent for the reduction and we are less distracted, as astrologers. The double emphasis on the Neptune/Pisces, the Uranus/Aquarius, the Mars/Aries, the Jupiter/Pisces, the Venus/Libra and the Saturn/Cap need to be synthesized coherently, taking into account their increased potency.

    You go first Len.

  9. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    hackers for Libya:

    “After observing the growing unrest and correspondingly violent crackdown in Libya, a group of hackers conceived and launched Operation Libya White Fax: while the internet and data connections are being throttled, cut off and censored, phone lines are still open, and fax machines are still working. So, with a list of numbers that have fax machines on the other end, and one fax document packed with timely info, time-sensitive information on how to route around censorship can get to people inside Libya.

    “The information document is online [PDF mirror] and so is the list of numbers to send it to. The info is coming from We Re-Build’s main Libya page and will be updated as needed. This document helps people in Libya learn how to connect to dial-up internet, and route around the government-ordered communication blocks. In a time like this, that can make all the difference in the world.”

  10. pam says:

    Thanks so much Len.

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