About that Big Brother speech today

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The big lie in Obama’s NSA speech today is that anyone is concerned that their private life is being spied on. The problem is not that they might know who you ‘re dating. The target of this surveillance is POLITICAL ACTIVISTS. That is the point of abuse — to root out or intimidate dissidents. We all have a stake in privacy, but they’re making it seem like the incursions are trivial or for no special purpose. The purpose imo is to after anti-GMO, anti-fracking, Occupy, Anonymous, anti-Israel, etc. people — or to scare them into not participating. This is not about spying on Aunt Mable and taking her apple pie recipe.

Eric Francis

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4 Responses to About that Big Brother speech today

  1. bkoehler says:

    Right on Jere; welcome back.

  2. jere jere says:

    ..Russia,.. gay protests… really?.. all this shit is fucking stupid.

    ..I almost thought we existed in a world that was beyond bigotry.. (not really)..

    My dad used to say, while they were installing the cable lines, “The gov’t can watch you through that shit…”. “We won’t have it in our house.”

    I thought he was crazy.

    Now I know, he was correct, and I still have to wonder how the fuck cats can get away with trying to ‘beyond marginalize’ a great swath of society?…

    I really hope someone, maybe a bunch of cats, stands up for freedom and liberty, in all matters, public and private.

    Good luck, 2014, May the rainbow flag unfurl.

  3. Alexander De Witte says:


    The speech is on Youtube, but here is an article which penetrates the rhetoric..

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Straight to the heart of the matter. Thank you, Eric. We should all remember that activists are active for a greater good rather than for personal profit. Please give your local activist a hug today.

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