Still Waters: The Image Comes Clear

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By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

I love listening to my daughter ‘mother’ on our long-distance marathon chats each weekend. The grands are big kids now — 10 and 13 — but she still uses the basic commands from their earlier years: “Be kind. Inside voice, please. Use your words.” Lately, I’ve been hearing her advice in my head — an improved version of my own imperfect ‘momming’ — urging for the higher vibration of conflict resolution. Why?

Political Blog, News, Information, Astrological Perspective.I’m five planets in fire signs; if you add as number six my recently discovered Eris in Aries, I have a grand trine in enthusiastic, inspirational and occasionally scorching fire. I do not, as they say, suffer fools gladly and lately, I’d like to “slap the stupid” out of just about everybody I meet. Still, I learned early that solar flares followed by woeful contemplation of the cooling ashes left behind was not productive. In order to change that pattern, I’ve had to acquire patience with myself and everyone else: hard duty for fire people. My continuing challenge is to continually refill that hard-earned well of gentle allowance so I can dip out of it generously.

In the still waters of Eric’s “boring astrological week,” we’ve been given a clear picture of our current condition and possible future. The oxygen was sucked away in great gasps by the antediluvian commentary of the Tea Bagger candidate from Missouri, Todd Aiken. Talk about politics being personal! Thanks to the 2010 sweep that stripped MO of seasoned legislative Blue Dogs and replaced them with wild-eyed wing-nuts, Claire McCaskill is our one remaining Dem Senator facing off against Rep. Aiken, a man who has said a great many ill-informed and stupid things, only one of which has to do with our bodies’ ability to “kill off” unwanted sperm.

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19 Responses to Still Waters: The Image Comes Clear

  1. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thank you, Jude.
    My offering is offered/ing.
    LightSwitches on ahead.

  2. bkoehler says:

    Done! Taping a copy of this (your reqest) to my bathroom mirror to remind me. . often./be

  3. liminali liminali says:

    Let Love Rule!

    (sorry about the ad) watch full screen for max enjoyment

    The yellow flower in this video is named “solidago”. Golden love solidarity, peeps!

  4. gumbybug10 says:


    Sending light, love, peace, and the kitchen sink for good measure!

    Fantastic post!

    Loved the Alternet link as well.

  5. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Attention, lovers! A challenge for this week! The Pub convention has begun — albeit slowly — but the Fundy’s have begun their stilted work: this has already turned into an Obama Hatefest, and as they’re not going to be able to run on their collection of bogus facts and fictions, I look for it to get worse by the hour. I’m surely not surprised, but I am sincerely appalled … not because of the political inevitability, which we expected, but because of the pathological toxicity of it, spreading out across the nation like a dark cloud! This cannot go unaddressed.

    Will you lovers out there — and those of you who appreciate the transformative power of love — help bombard Tampa with feelings of peace, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness? Let’s send out a Light beam too bright to ignore … and, without even looking into cyberspace for resonant echoes, I’d bet we’d be joining a larger wave of lovers doing the same!

    Find some way to remind yourself every hour or so, that Love leads the way in 2012 — that we can’t heal unless we all heal together — and nothing less is acceptable! When we think we’re helpless, like there’s nothing we can do, we discount how powerful we are. Every time we think of Tampa and the Pub hijinks, let’s just turn the beam on high!

    Shouldn’t be too difficult to break a case THIS weak:

    Jesus answered, “It is written: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

    Caution: Heartwork Ahead!

  6. bkoehler says:


    Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?/be

  7. Brendan Brendan says:

    Evening, Jude,

    Prescient, thoughtful, and downright true! All of it.

    A thought on the Space Brothers: what if they come on November 5th, and it’s Mitt and Ann’s turn to go off to Kolob? Wouldn’t that be a doozy? Moroni and his clan come to take him away… He’d probably wonder why he can’t access his Caymans account before someone tells him he doesn’t need money any more, and there is no ‘power’ on Kolob.

    Heh, heh.

  8. bkoehler says:

    Wow – a twofer! Didn’t expect giggles and snorts again today Jude, but grateful I am for them. As for Be Here Now, it is exciting to know that polls, experienced news gatherers, statistics, the latest, newer polls, George Will, historians and even astrologers don’t know beans about how this election is going down. Channelers tell us Obama will get a second term, but can we trust them? Things get lost in translation all the time. So no rest for the weary, meaning you will have to come back next weekend to motivate us to keep the dream and the charge of the “Light” Brigade alive.

    If Romney makes it to Election Day though, a fun fact about him to save til then. The transiting south node will be conjunct his natal Apophis, the Egyptian All-Things-Evil Serpent spirit, and the south node always shows us what needs to be dumped. The north node however, does conjunct his Moon-Jupiter conjunction, but it also conjuncts Obama’s midheaven. Among us earthlings then, who-the-hell-knows is the bottom line regarding the November 6 elections. Perfect day for the Space Brothers to come a’calling.

  9. Given the Astrological landscape we glimpse up ahead (thanks Cerecare7 for the additional details on the Void moon and nominations) as well as the collective projections around 12-21-2012, I would not be surprised at all if we see an Electoral College locked in a deadllock that could contradict the popular vote. This would trigger a stalemate of epic proportions. From what I understand if the Electoral college is tied, what happens next is that the House casts votes and tries to elect the President. If that result contradicts a popular vote ( assuming a popular win by Obama ) who here thinks they (the Dems) will sit back and resign themselves AGAIN to legalese shenanigans…show of hands? Fool me once….

    Yup, this is going to be interesting, no doubt! Perhaps we will finally rid ourselves of the archaic fossil that is the Electoral College and move a step closer to a one-citizen = one-vote democracy..of course, given Citizens United, we’ll have to soon amend that to one-person-one-corporation = one vote. Sigh…

  10. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Spitting pea soup this morning, listening to Mary Matalin declare Paul Ryan the “intellectual epicenter of the House,” what those in the Midwest call “an old soul.” God/dess keep us all! Then she told ex-Gov. Jennifer Granholm that “individual accomplishment” is the difference between Pubs and Dems.

    Slap! Slap! Slap!

    Just makes me grit my teeth … BUT … at least we’re having a national conversation about the differences in how we see the world, choice clearly defined. Gonna have to trust the gathering energies and the advocates — like [very sharp] Granholm and others who challenge Pubs, mid-sentence as happened today, telling them THEY CAN’T MAKE UP THEIR OWN FACTS!

    Pub resident-geezer, George Will, is both articulate for his party line and farts dust, in my estimation … WHEN will he retire? When Hell freezes over … or when the Pubs finally go down in flames, whichever comes first.

    FOX Newsie, Greta van Susteren, once again earned her place at the table by mentioning that the Pub’s current message of Obama head-patting (he did his best, but it just didn’t work) is patronizing — when Bill Maher mentioned that he thought that message subtly racist on Friday night, he got blank looks from his Republican panel and bewildered audience buzz. OF COURSE it’s racist! i.e. the black guy was NEVER up to his position in the Oval Office, and he’s shown his policies naive and unworkable as he’s been unable to accomplish anything in all these months … PFFFFFT!


    Traveled in the (blessed) rain yesterday to hear a Dem candidate for the House that defies Southern MO “conservative correctness.” She talks about the mean-spirited ethics of the Pub budget, the tragic state of the middle class. She’s got the AFL-CIO on her team, and she’s on top of women’s issues as a county prosecutor, specializing in domestic abuse and child protection. She’s a keeper. Got my fingers crossed that she eliminates the current Tea Party implant — voting across the board with the rest of the obstructionist Pod People — who replaced Ike Skelton in the 2010 sweep. There are “signs” … Republican’s not swept away by the current erratic extremism are finding themselves no longer able to vote their party ticket; whether they switch sides or just stay home, time will tell.

    Glad you found something here to ease you, xtica. I like the little terrier simile; snappish critters, thin skinned with “little dog” complexes. But if we can convince them that there are enough Milk Bones and belly tickles for everyone down the line — especially the elderly terriers, no longer able to hunt for themselves — we should be able to make friends. No matter how difficult, we must at least try — so, from your mouth to Dog’s ear [she said, dyslexic’ly.)

    You got my attention with “pus,” be — but that’s really it, isn’t it! … an infectious kind of ooze, seeping from the depths of the old paradigm, clogging the works and sickening the will of the people. Those of us still dependent on “stuff” for security will continue to cough and choke on the specifics — until we can finally open this wound and drain it, which may, in fact, BE what happens during this election, which brings me to the topic of … Who The Hell Knows?

    Thanks, carecare7, for the update on voids and the Romney announcement — the retro on election day was already enough to make us all hold our breath. Still, the talking heads have been pounding on us for months that a prez with this kind of unemployment statistic will never get re-elected, so nobody in their right mind is going to try to “call” this outcome, just speculate at the tracks left in the sand thus far. But hey! The 2012 energies have created a zeitgeist so far from any of our expectations this year that we simply can’t count on what’s gone before to make sense of it, anyway.

    In this amazing moment, the Dems appear to be the true conservatives, seeking to rescue normalcy and save what’s best about the nation while the Pubs have gone neo-liberal in their extreme push to further American empirism while supporting a fascist plutocracy at home [Mitt sez he'll send troops to Syria, and kick more ass in Afghanistan ... and who knows if the Iraq war is over in his mind. If it is, no worries -- there's always IRAN!]

    There’s simply no way to apply lessons of the past to this ‘Be Here Now’ moment. Everything is immediate. We can only read the tea leaves of the day, the week — the rest is subject to whirlwind. At least once a week, I find myself thinking: THIS would be a good time for the Space Brothers to uncloak over WA DC, offering a way to cool the planet and an energy alternative that won’t continue to kill us. (Star Seeds and Lightworkers, Indigo’s and Golden I’s … got yer back!)

    As always, it isn’t our brains that must make sense of all this — it’s our hearts!

    YES! Liminali — THANKs and Kazoo to you too!

  11. liminali liminali says:

    Renegade Raging Grannies sing out!


  12. carecare7 says:

    As this is the political blog part, I just wanted to mention three things:

    Obama’s nomination is slated for Sept 6th.during a Void moon. Debbi Kempton-Smith reported at her website that no person nominated during a void moon ever wins the presidency (even a sitting president).

    The RNC is moving their roll count for the nomination back to Tuesday, Aug 28th because of the hurricane. If they do it before 1:40 PM Romney will also be nominated during a void moon.

    The November elections fall on the day Merc goes Rx.

    Lots of food for thought. JUst thought I would throw that out there.

  13. bkoehler says:

    It’s working! The pus is rising to the surface bringing all the vile poisons deep within the patient up to the light and air. It is the promise of Uranus in Aries. On May 27, 2010, when Uranus made it’s first of two entries into the sign Aries, Saturn was opposite Jupiter (and Uranus), the Sun was opposite the Moon, Neptune was opposite Mars, Pluto was opposite Venus and Mercury was opposite Pallas-Athene. Talk about polarization. Uranus was (and is) to catalyze and catabolize existing beliefs, systems, structures and relationships with the same fire – in – the – belly energy you have demonstrated clearly once again Miss Jude. Rage is to meet rage in a duel to the death. No antacids for this patient.

    Catabolism = Destructive metabolism involving the release of energy and resulting in the breakdown of complex materials within the organism.
    Catalysis = A speeding up (or sometimes slowing down) of a chemical reaction by adding a substance which itself is not changed thereby.

    It is a process of change we are going through. The kettle is boiling. When Uranus entered Aries the 2nd time on March 11, 2011, all but the Moon and Saturn of the major planets were outside a tightly bunched group of planets between Pluto at 7 Capricorn 17, where it is again now, and Jupiter at 10 Aries 19. Of those previous oppositions only Saturn remained opposite Jupiter. All the other earlier ingress chart’s oppositions had blended into a quarter of this chart’s space except for Saturn and the Moon who sextiled Jupiter, squared Mars and trined Venus. She was at 9+ Gemini and conjunct the U.S. Sibly Uranus at 8+ Gemini. At least in this country, the alchemy looks to be working just as the Universe has ordered. Very soon the final 2-part step of the process will begin with Neptune’s 1st ingress chart into Pisces where all the major planets but Saturn (still opposite Jupiter) are bunched into 1/4 of the chart. It is a critical time as you have so beautifully explained to us today.

    Your references to the Still Waters makes me think of Salacia who represents the still waters of the sea. She hid from Neptune because he scared her with his threatening power, much like Hurricane Isaac’s, but in the end she married him. Might that be an omen of hope? Those who wait in fear of threatening power (men fearful of woman’s freedom or women fearful of overbearing men, or whites afraid of blacks and blacks afraid of whites, the 1% afraid of the 99% and vice versa, the young afraid that the old will leave nothing for them, the old afraid the young will abandon them) might find the courage, thanks to the many light bulbs glowing over heads. Like yours. Like miners in the dark, we are all in this together.

  14. xtica xtica says:

    fire and inspiration, fire and inspiration! this is awesome Jude, so so awesome-it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. after reading this piece i can see why i might have chose to incarnate at a time when i can barely function being ‘out there’ among the mainstreamers without being physically ill later from all the psychic gunk that gets thrown off them, yes, better to be alone with my animals and pop in and out of people…but life has plopped me here and led me to planet waves…thankfully!
    you’re right, the republicans, for all their hate filled language, are like unsocialized little terriers, used to killing for generations and now have to get used to being domestic inside little canines and use their ‘inside’ voices and play nice with others. why the hate? why the rabid bark? fear, primal fear of what might happen if those other dogs out there don’t believe i could rip them to shreds.
    if they only knew that most dogs just want to smell their butts a bit and then be on their own way!
    thanks again love! you’ve made my day!

  15. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Oh alright, GaryB, just this once — I’ll wear my rain slicker and you bring the vino! But YOU, Sam, you’re going to have to go inside the convention hall and join Mr. Ryan, who also fears for his bodily fluids; reminding us last week that, “rape is just another method of conception and not an excuse to allow abortions.” [He's an emotional midget!!] So if you want to share the vino, Sam, you’d better show us yer tongue in yer cheek and sign the contract swearing off “stupid.” In blood [a.k.a, bitch-slap.]

    Hugs, Fe and Patty.

  16. GaryB says:

    OK OK –but just for today–a glass of wine and out to B*tch slap what is off kilter. Meet me in Tampa. OK!

  17. Sam says:

    We’ve got to stop those women!! They’re killing off our country’s precious bodily fluids!!

  18. Patty says:

    Thank you Jude.

  19. Fe Bongolan Fe Bongolan says:


    Both my arms are raised straight up overhead. You kicked this one through the goalposts. I am sharing this across the ‘net world.

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