Regarding Conflict

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By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.”

— Carl Jung

It was easy to get lost in the cacophony of voices this week, crying their pain and grief about race, law, finance: all real problems of real people, things we can relate to now that politics is highly personal. Cable television, talk radio, and the internet all gave voice to outrage and sorrow. The voices were angry, fearful, strident, the political atmosphere supercharged with speculation, the talking heads exploding with impassioned opinion.

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It was difficult not to lose patience with some of these people, seemingly unaware of or unconcerned with their obvious hypocrisy and paranoia. I suspect some of them are like drunks at a dinner party, they won’t be embarrassed about wearing the lampshades on their heads until they sober up and realize someone took pictures. Others are just con men, manipulating public emotion for their own benefit and profit.

As if the worst of Mars-Neptune delusion was at play on my television screen, I thanked my lucky stars that Mars and Mercury were both retro, slowing things down just a bit. Believe it or not, we’re enjoying a brief lull in the 2012 energy right now. It’s a good time to gather our wits about us; we’ll need them this year if we’re to keep solid footing. This is a time of discovery, of rooting out our darkest fears, refreshing our highest aspirations; of deciding who we are and who we want to become. A strong heart and a clear head are required, or we’ll all end up like the JetBlue pilot whose cheese so publicly slipped off his cracker. If we don’t keep tabs on this stuff, it will sneak up behind us to bite us on the butt.

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10 Responses to Regarding Conflict

  1. Sue W says:

    Awesome. Thank you for articulating the craziness in the air, politics, and our lives. I will heed to the advice of staying grounded and loving -quite a challenge to not react to the mistruth and uncaring mentality all around us. On Friday I drew the card of The Hangman. That’s what I think of. A glow around the head while observing the world from an upside down perspective.

  2. bkoehler says:

    I’d like to clear up 2 things if I may. In an earlier comment on this article I said the degree of Mars in the U.S. birthday chart was about the hippie girl, when it should have been Mercury, which I’m sure you figured out already. So sorry for my error.

    The 2nd thing to clarify is regarding comments made on last week’s article by Jude. I’d recalled a remark by Fe in her article “America, what time is it?” about the fact that many people in this country obsess over returning to the days of 1960. From that, I was to learn that in July, 1960, the transiting planet Neptune stationed direct at 6 Scorpio 22, just opposite of where transiting planet Jupiter (the law) had been on 2/26/12, when Trayvon Martin had died; at 6 Taurus 22. These 2 positions are square the U.S. Sibly birthchart’s nodes of 6 Leo 36 (north) and 6 Aquarius 36 (south). Curious about what the July 1960 Neptune station direct could reveal about “now”, I found this bit from a long list of events. . . .

    July 4 1960: Following the admission of the State of Hawaii as the 50th state in August 1959, the new 50-star Flag of the U.S. is 1st officially flown over Philadelphia, PA.

    July 11 1960: Harper Lee publishes her novel To Kill A Mockingbird, which later wins the Pulitizer Prize for the best American novel of 1960.

    July 13 1960: the U.S. Sen. John F. Kennedy is nominated for President of the U.S. at the Democratic Nat’l Convention in LA.

    July 25 1960: The Woolworth Co.’s lunch counter in Greensboro NC, the location of a sit-in that had sparked demonstrations by Negroes across the Southern U.S., serves a meal to its 1st black customer.

    I feel these 4 selections from July 1960 events reflect the legal position of the U.S. as well as the emotional and political ambience of it’s people at that time. We are aware that the fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius can represent things that become entrenched and are hard to change or move, as well as providing the quality of solidity and determination to hold firm. Stand your ground if you will. Yet, Neptune will dissolve even the most entrenched standings whose time has come to go away. I believe these coincidental happenings that led me to the above info were to clarify a piece of the larger puzzle of this year and this Zeitgeist. Beliefs and laws that become fixed are very hard to change, but it appears that we are in a time of transmutation in our country, even on our planet, and I thought you would be encouraged by the mysterious ways astrology serves to guide us through the puzzle pieces that seem to make no sense at all. If we are to hearken back to 1960, let it be for the right reasons; to remember the achievements we have made because of what happened that year, and not what we were starting to leave behind because our consciousness was expanding.

    Thanks Fe for your noting of that specific year, and Jude for your compelling words that caused me to write what I wrote, and PlanetWaves for your wonderful writers and for allowing me to speak my piece, and forgiving my errors, and thanks to the readers that provide and encourage dialogue on important issues like this. Here is a link to that 1960 list of events.

  3. aprilius52 says:

    well, the interesting thing is this hippie girl (Leo Moon) is now an old lady. Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for the younger folks to take on some leadership. I plan to be dancing in the streets waving a paintbrush. thanks Judith!

  4. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    It’s Earth Hour coming right up, East Coast, so I’ll make this short and sweet. All my “hippie girl” Leo planets thank you, be; glad I amused and pleased, and that — as usual — you brought the Symbols to the dance. We are creatures looking for meaning and they are such a potent reminder of what we’re to glean from our challenges.

    Glad you found something good, Angie and Amanda. As there’s nothing new under the Sun, I expect I stole those quotes from somebody so feel free to pass them along. And always glad to share links, too, River — the more the better to tip the paradigm and upend the status quo! Which is obviously what you’re looking forward to GaryB, and I share your anticipation. I believe I can feel a “fresh vision” sprouting right now!

    Hugs all ’round!

  5. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    jude, this piece is so full of quotable paragraphs and phrases, i don’t know where to begin. but “the cheese slipped off his cracker” is priceless.


  6. GaryB says:

    Thanks Judith,

    I get the visual from all that is going on of a group of us protecting a well built outhouse. Solid brick foundation with board and batten siding, a good roof and well hinged door with comfortable seating being attacked from the outside by those who wish to tear it down by any means possible. They are throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails and shooting wildly while the majority remain inside patching the holes to keep this fine structure stable. Despite their attacks upon the outhouse it is of great community value and serves us all not to spoil our — let’s just say s**t our nest. I see how focused they become with their attacks to place attention on one side of the structure so that it will topple and along with it, all of us.

    I look forward to this Spring emergence of a coalition of focused attention from US within to use our MAJORITY (women, Independents and Moderates) to provide a fresh vision(Creativity). I fully expect to see an re-envisioned Occupy that supports an Awakening supported by Neptune in Pisces. This is the 60’s potential being unlocked to move powerfully forward in the first square of UR/PL. New ideas at the conjunction didn’t take hold then but they will now, with focused intention! Now where is that Ritz I seemed to have slipped!!!

  7. Lea Burning River says:
    Hi Judith, I am posting this link to to help broadcast the news of that sisterhood shit-storm on the horizon.

  8. Lea Burning River says:

    Cheese slipped off his cracker and sisterhood shit – storm. Thanks, Judith for the wry smiles and inward “hurrah”s.. And thanks be for the astrology you added and the Sabian symbols. It all makes such no/sense. doesn’t it?(((((PW community)))))

  9. bkoehler says:

    The welcome comedy of Judith Gayle. Once again she’s back strong as ever before and we love her for it. Consider that comedy is a talent of Saturn (timing is everything) and today Saturn, in retro mode so as to look inside, remains in a harmonious sextile to the Galactic Center, our pathway to the Source of all Wisdom, and the two of them form a mutual aspect to sweet feel-good-Taurus-ruler-and-dweller Venus. Call it the Finger of God, or even just a yod, Venus has arrived today to fulfill the powerful need of society’s stability and the Universe’s message of truth in the form of laughter and hopefulness and togetherness.

    Cheese slipped off his cracker? I have to find a way to use that Jude. Recall that the birthday chart for the USA featured Mercury in Leo ~ LEO! ~ as the pointy point of a yod energized by the Pluto and Chiron/Neptune sextile. Make us laugh until it hurts. Make us cry and giggle at the fools who parade as our leaders so we can bear to even look at the mess we are in. The Sabian Symbol for the birthday Mars is a picture of an old-fashioned “conservative” lady confronted by a “hippie” young girl. This is Leo folks, and it’s show-time. What would Jude and Colbert and all the others who make us double up with laughter do for material without the stooges in DC? Dane Rudhyar says of the image where birthday Mercury sits that it ” . .refers to a collective, cultural and social crisis which challenges us to realize THE RELATIVITY OF SOCIAL VALUES” What better way to acknowledge this than with humor? It is too disgusting to swallow it any other way. Thanks Jude, my day is much better because I’ve had a few good laughs which you have provided once again. Bless you.

  10. Angie says:

    Wonderful message, well said. Thanks, Judith.

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