Ready To Rumble: Of Duels And Duality

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By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

What a remarkable week this has been! Frankly, I hadn’t expected so much political movement. Our undiluted brew of Piscean energy has brought out the worst and best in us, giving us examples of inflexible density and inspiring altruism, of dug-in ideology and growing awareness. That fits the complexity of the fishes, in constant struggle within themselves as they explore the full spectrum of the human condition.

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Traditionally ruled by Jupiter, Pisces finds itself at home in the theatrical, each struggling fish wearing one of the ancient masks represented by comedy or tragedy. To survive tragedy, we must be able to laugh at ourselves; to embrace comedy, we must explore our inner trauma, discover our pain. Yep, Pisces, linked seamlessly, and holistically, in the gravitational pull of duality.

There’s quite a list of fishy political attention-grabbers this week. So many, in fact, that I can’t begin to address them in depth, but I can nibble, minnow-like, at their edges, and so I will. Let’s begin with the Oscars, last weekend’s feel good moment, micro-managed by the board of governors with a memo to the ladies to keep their gowns within tasteful boundaries. Going for old-style glamor and less skin, attendees complied, displaying an impressive selection of foof and ruffles and (foofy, ruffly) trains that would have made old Hollywood drool.

Yet, because we simply can’t help ourselves, headlines the next day fixated not on the glamor or the winners, but on Anne Hathaway’s erect nipples. But, wait, is that a voice I hear yelling about something more — how shall I say it? — important?

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11 Responses to Ready To Rumble: Of Duels And Duality

  1. miaferoleto says:

    Thanks Judith for your reply.

    I am familiar with Edgar Cayce and countless other spiritual explorers having begun my learning as a teenager. Feeling close to God is something that has been with me since my earliest memories. The first time my natal chart was read I was told I was a mystic. I use my gifts in working with others whenever I can. My choice is to find a beautiful spot surrounded by nature and animals and live my life in 5D as I have done for long stretches of time throughout my life, or participate actively in the process of sharing information. A crack in the facade is sometimes all it needs for the entire illusion to come down. The concepts of abundance and manifestion are real and how I live my life each day. Thomas Merton, an Aquarian like me, is a favorite. He stepped out of his monastic life to speak out against the war in Vietnam and interact with other cultures and religions. Jesus was the biggest revolutionary of all.

    We are all on our own individual path, developing at our own speed. We are all here to learn. However, I am beyond the point where I can support a government that is working against human rights at home and abroad. They do not represent me. We make our contributions individually and collectively and your readership is aware of that fact.

    Elizabeth Warren is great and in time she will undoubtedly join Bernie as one of the greats. I am grateful to have her.

    Written comments on a blog provide a small window into the person writing them. I have enjoyed reading about your life in Pea Patch and participating in these lively discussions.


  2. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    GARYB! Hiya, kiddo. Wondered where you’d gone to. Lyle, huh? I was thinking more Willy Nelson.

    be, you called Rand Paul? What a gal! I’m stuck with Roy Blunt. Come to think of it, that’s a pair to draw to, isn’t it. {{sigh}} I see Mitch is getting a hard time, lately — and boy, does he deserve it!

    Interesting about the Aries signature, the Mars energy — that’s a lot of wildfire and heat. Initial Fire is always the least controlled, the most intense, burns the brightest. In comparison, Leo’s the bonfire, Sag is the banked coals. Still heat, just different physics, different outcome. I suppose we’ll need that initial thrust to get us out the door. I read a really fascinating piece today about Germany after the war, a bit of an eye-opener in terms of our similarities [sleep-walking these last years.] Take a look:

    CIM is a very intense study, Mia, and it does require dedication — simply reading the book isn’t something I’ve known people to do, which is why its done in groups. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Edgar Cayce material/groups, but CIM has that same “language” thing going on; difficult to read and understand, you have to chew on it awhile, develop an ear for it. As well, there’s a daily affirmation and workbook that lasts a year.

    But ACIM is just one way to get to the same information so many other spiritual practices take us to — a loosening of identification with the false self [CIM calls this ego,] the practice of non-judgment and forgiveness, the growing awareness of the connection of all life, [the end of separation.] The more we can close the duality/polarity chasm, the more we discover our commonality and close in on the a’HA moment that shows us we are all linked, part of one another.

    Another thing that CIM has been criticized for [by both religious and non-religious] is its religious language: it is channeled by Jesus. This was a particularly difficult concept for the channeler, a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University, and her hesitations about what to do with the material she received is the larger part of the legal problems ACIM has suffered. The language is often Biblical — and as a group leader for thirty+ years, that was one of the hardest things I had to deal with: getting people past their bias, pro or con, on the Jesus message and or formal religious training.

    Course is a button pusher and a lot of people didn’t have the patience to … you’ll pardon me … discover the pony in the horseshit [Lyle, humming here -- Willy blowing smoke rings!]

    But lately, I see this as ‘on purpose!’ At some point, and soon, I think we’re going to break open the Old Files and get a good look at how religion was born, how Christianity was used to control the masses, how the Lies were told. That will shake the world like an earthquake. A lot of people built their entire philosophy of life around Biblical truth, and should that vanish, so does their emotional structure. Perhaps some of us that can speak BOTH languages will have an edge in talking some folks down off the ledge. You know it’s coming. Happily, the language of Love spoken by the spiritual is the exact same energy attributed to the Christ.

    As to Hundredth Monkey, I count on it. And if we simplify the description of the energy that needs to build, broadcast itself into the hearts and minds of the world — a sense of decency, love of life, peace, plenty, mercy, kindness — then we’re there. There are enough of us across the globe that want to help, not hurt — to live and let live without rancor. And that, as they say, will do, pig … just fine.

    I’ve written about Bernie here, Mia, posted his videos — after the loss of Bobby Byrd and Teddy Kennedy, he carried on by himself for awhile. But we’ve got a new crop of activists, those promoted by ActBlue, like Elizabeth Warren, Sheldon Whitehouse, Alan Grayson and Ellison, the gent I wrote about that spit in Hannity’s soup. They’re plain shooters, from the hip, and deserve our support and encouragement. Alan lost his slot to a Bagger in 2010 and got it back this time around – Elizabeth was a populist hero, shanghaied by the public to run when she wasn’t sure she wanted to. What the progressives lose by the numbers, they make up for in candor and enthusiasm. And don’t count out Al Franken, either. He’s keeping the memory of Paul Wellstone alive.

    Thanks for playing this weekend, dearhearts — always my joy to be with you.

  3. miaferoleto says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the member of the US Senate who stands up on behalf of the American people is a Progressive, not a Democrate or a Republican. Bernie Sanders stands alone. Vermont is the closest thing we have in this country to a healthy community, a philosophically sound state.

  4. bkoehler says:

    Good point Jude, giving ourselves permission to feel will bring on change quicker. The last time Mars left Pisces for Aries in 2011, we in the U.S who were not, and are still not political junkies, turned our feelings off because of the deluge of (1) the Fukishima fears and (2) the parade of Republican wannabe’s which were flooding the airwaves. Astrologically, Saturn and Jupiter were opposed to each other, and the sign of Aries was already crowded when Mars arrived. The climate wasn’t as much about the “Individual” as Mars would have liked and there was way too much fear in the populace. By and large the Individual felt overwhelmed and was entirely too close to being in survival mode to focus on teamwork. My guess is that Neptune having just arrived in Pisces, who was to then return to Aquarius and re-group before coming back in 2012, would account for those feelings.

    It seems to me that Mars has strengthened the backbone of the U.S. people (and those of the rest of the world) these last two years, and is now working on the will of those people. The 1st degree of Aries happens to be at the IC, the bottom of the U.S. natal (Sibly) chart. It is the cusp of the 4th house of home, roots, and family.

    Americans have been adapting for two years to the effects of volatile Uranus (in Aries). Courage is returning as they see progress in home values and increasing jobs. As mia notes, action is needed to manifest change. It is beginning to gel, this action, thanks to the words of sensitive and intelligent people like you Jude. People can feel again and they are sensing what they value (thanks to the Venus transit of the Sun last year) and figure out what it is they want. Look at the backlash of feeling regarding access to guns since the likes of George Zimmerman and the bloodletting at Sandy Hook. We are allowing ourselves to feel our emotions. Lots of astrological water in the next two years; Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury retrogrades; all churning up the waves of sensitivity and caring even as we write. People are signing petitions and calling their senators (would you believe I called Rand Paul?) and their congresspeople. Mars will motivate us as Individuals because this time he is followed by the planets who represent the Individual into Aries. Stay tuned as there is more news ahead.

  5. GaryB says:

    Thanks Judith,

    “I always see that pony in the horseshit” a perfect song for Lyle Lovett!

  6. miaferoleto says:

    Dear Judith,

    Thank you for checking into the statistics on ACIM. Based on your findings it might be safe for us to guess that five million people may have read the material.

    The conflict in Gaza is playing out in one form or another all over the world. We are all cousins and there is enough to go around for every person on this planet to have food, shelter, clothing, medical care and the opportunity for an education. 21st century spirituality, in my opinion, is about action. Thought and word in deed. The age old struggle from thousands of years ago persists and by focusing on the duality we remain stuck in the mud, or worse. We can envision a better world but until we follow through with action our words, and energy, float in the ethers waiting for manifestation at some future date.

    Our political system is stuck in the mud. We are the only ones who can change it. Our politicians, for the most part, have no motivation to change it.

    Len makes a good point with his analogy of the blemish on the backside of every person on the planet. They are having the experience alone but when they realize that every person on the planet is experiencing it too, the experience is transformed by compassion and understanding.

    I ascribe to the 100 monkeys theory. At this point it will take a whole lot more people reading ACIM for us to arrive at a point of sanity let alone enlightenment.

  7. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Yes, lovely children, Mia — and in the last dust-up between I and P, two or three Israeli’s died and some 150 Palestinian’s, mostly women and children. Hard to reconcile that Hamas and Mossad fight one another over the hard edge of their ancient conflict while all around them, beautiful children die. They are, as was mentioned in the movie, cousins. They are family.

    Interesting question about ACIM, kiddo. I looked it up in Wiki, where they mentioned over 2 million books sold. But there were early issues with copyright and litigation, who got to publish and what (from the original channeling) got published. Now the original is on-line, and I think the edited, copyrighted version is, as well, so it’s just impossible to tell how many people have read it.

  8. miaferoleto says:

    Building something new as an alternative is certainly the way to go. What exists today is broken.

    I did watch 5 Broken Cameras this afternoon. Powerful film. Beautiful children.

    Interested to know how many people on the planet have read ACIM.

  9. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    AMEN, be — and AMEN again, if it’ll bring the fully-born Age in faster! Change happens when we give ourselves permission to FEEL what’s happening around us. If all this Pisces and Chiron to boot doesn’t amplify what’s left to be dealt with, I’d be surprised.

    And thanks, Mia, glad you find something interesting here. What saves me from a dour outlook is a thorough appreciation of what I see around me, even when it seems “bad” to 3D consciousness. Maybe it’s partly my Sagittarius, but I always see that pony in the horseshit.

    I expect you saw that yesterday the State Department released a draft of their environmental impact statement for the pipeline, finding it “environmentally acceptable” (when pigs fly) and so, it’s now up to us to “turn up the heat” [pun intended] on its demise. Environmental issues are more straight-forward, with less gray area than other political challenges, and especially now as we endure storm after storm (the inevitable punctuation to global warming.) The right-wingers will never give on this, they “have dominion” according to The Book, but the rest of us — some 70+ percent — think differently, and we need to find a way to gather more of those folks into the fold.

    Obama is amenable to public pressure, we’ve seen that again and again. There will be a 45-day public comment period after the final draft is published, and I’m sure we’ll all be hearing from our greenie contacts, pronto, circling the wagons. Obama is not projected to make a decision until mid-summer, so we have time to make an impact … and it better be a good one. Collectively, we can make it impossible for him to give in to those who pressure from the right; essentially, he’s asked us to do that for years now. I’d like to see that happen.

    The one thing I’m confident of, in this fledgling era, is that the absolute authority of yesteryear is not the bulwark it used to be. It ‘gives’ when you push it, and as we each accept authority over our own consciousness and future, we need to take those first steps in confronting what no longer works while simultaneously standing firmly for what DOES!

    Actually, that’s backwards, metaphysically — deciding what we WANT is always more powerful and less problematic than rejecting what we don’t. ACIM sez the most important question you can ask yourself is, “What do I want?” Desire creates and, thankfully, a growing majority of us want to create what serves the Commons and heals the beloved community.

    Oh, and me, I don’t think Michelle O knew the winner (for best movie) would be political, although three of the contenders were and the odds-on fave this year was Argo. I won’t hold her responsible for making Iran look bad any more than I would have for a pro-assassination or CIA torture message should Zero Dark Thirty have won. Making her the mouthpiece for the dark, collective consciousness of the nation is too much back-story for me.

    Makes me laugh, though, that what she catches hell for, most often, is being a vivacious, engaged and remarkably NORMAL person — the right would rather have a story-book Mommy for First Lady, [preferably white,] baking cookies and wearing dirndl skirts. Think Laura Bush: perfect “little woman.”

  10. miaferoleto says:

    Dear Judith,

    Thank you for your article. I enjoy reading your weekly observations and appreciate your efforts to move us in a positive direction. 5 Broken Cameras is available on Hulu+ and Netflix for streaming and I plan to do just that sometime this weekend. It was interesting to me that Michelle Obama showed her bare arms once again on Oscar night for a film that showed Iran in a negative light. Synchronicity or planned propaganda? One gets a bit tired of reading the signals.

    A few weeks ago I participated in a conference call with Rocky Anderson, Justice Party candidate and former Mayor of Salt Lake City who ran for president in 2012. His campaign manager, Sally Soriano, was campaign manager for Ralph Nader in 2008. I asked Rocky about the 1.2 billion bullets purchased by Homeland Security. His response was that they were meant to keep us in line. US.

    There is no doubt that our government is perpetrating crimes at home and abroad. The land grab in Palestine can happen just as easily here in America and Obama has signed bills over the past year that can allow that to happen.

    The XL Pipeline outcome will say a great deal about the direction our country is taking.


  11. bkoehler says:

    Grateful as ever Jude; your piece today, amazingly, both epic and yet succinct, is inspiring. It is probable that a house full of Pisces energy inspired you to inspire us. I’m feeling a little Joan of Arc’ish myself, what with yesterday’s message from the Oracle, seeing a triumphant Mars entering Aries the day after the New Moon in Pisces which is only 9 days from now.

    What’s more, on the day of the Pisces New Moon, Mars will sextile Juno (partnership) as she prepares to enter Aquarius (the people’s sign), one day after the Moon enters Aries which is only hours after Mars has done so. It’s a new day, and a new cycle and a new sense of overcoming injustices, many which, as you have recalled here, were on display this past week.

    Astrologer Boots Hart tells us we’d have to go back to 1919 to find the last time Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars were all in Pisces at the same time. And that didn’t include Neptune, Chiron and a New Moon! That’s just shy of a century folks. We are righteously indignant and due a hero’s triumphant return home from battle.

    So prepare yourself for the glorious arrival of Mars to his sign of rulership after 2 years of battle with the infidels, accompanied by the People (Moon) who have partnered (Juno) with him in his quest for truth, equality and fairness for all. Juno proclaims the Aquarian Age is about to begin. Can I have an amen!

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