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By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

I appreciate Joe Biden. I appreciate that what you see is what you get, that he doesn’t hide his grief over the death of his first wife and child while obviously adoring his current wife and family, and that he tears up when mentioning his recently passed 92-year old mother. I appreciate his understanding of the larger picture, his humanity and his enthusiasm. In short, he’s the kind of guy you really would want to have a beer with, and preferably, at a Boston pub where you could join him in singing Irish songs.

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Oh, I know the downside: he’s a bit of a hawk, a career politician well connected to the money boys that run the Hill, and you never know what he’s going to blurt out. On the other hand, given the lack of candor these days, seems to me that Joe’s spontaneity is more like a refreshing peek into the reality behind the smoke and mirrors, surely a premium in this sterile landscape of carefully tended opinion. His latest episode made me laugh and laugh — the clumsy puppy snagging the nylons of the parson’s wife, metaphor for all things Sagittarian — which prompted me to look up his chart. Turns out Joe’s Sagittarius ascendant is conjunct my Sun, not much of a surprise. I know a fellow blurter when I hear one!

On a campaign swing through Virginia this week, Joe told a crowd about Romney’s desire to “unshackle” Wall Street, adding, with a snort, that given the chance, Romney’d have “y’all back in chains.” Watching that clip, I didn’t see the camera pan to expose upturned black faces. I didn’t hear offended outcry. I assumed — rightly, it turns out — that the faces would be white and brown, yellow and black and all shades in between. Biden was talking about financial inequity, the likes of which we have not experienced in more than a century. What the right insists was clueless Joe playing the ‘race card,’ I saw as clued-in Joe telling the truth about the plutocrats. My response was not a politically-correct gasp at yet another stumble, it was a decisive nod of agreement, and if you don’t think Wall Street wants you — no matter your color or demographic — in chains of financial servitude, laboring for the sweatshop-capitalism that feeds it, you’re brain dead.

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3 Responses to Horse Sense

  1. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Yes, ChiefNS, agreed; Eric summed up our malady nicely. And the next step after realizing our woeful state is to face it, which is why telling the truth — and hearing it — is both powerful and necessary to break through to our conditioned consciousness. This nation is especially skilled at avoidance.

    CNN’s Howard Kurtz, interviewing Bob Schieffer regarding his selection as debate moderator today, mentioned that one of his duties would be to act as whistleblower over outrageous claims; one can only hope. A national format is EXACTLY where such a discussion belongs. But, as pointed out by one of the pundits on Sunday political talk, as polarized as we are, there’s little likelihood of any kind of commonality dialogue at this point in the game: we’re going to be hearing a lot more low-brow conversation over the next couple of months than high-brow discussion, and the big money given by the cadre of billionaires hoping to defeat Obama will be kicking in with what some are saying are truly vicious ads.

    And much of it racist by innuendo, I’d think — racism is projected at the Dems by the Pubs constantly, and yet if we examine the psychology of their tactics and verbiage, we can almost always find the lingering traces of white paranoia and privilege. Interesting read here:

    You’re on target as well, P.Sophia, as regards therapy. That closed-mindedness you mention makes getting straight with our self nearly impossible, hiding behind our best line of defense. I’ve met very few folks on the right that have anything but disdain for that kind of intimate self-scrutiny but, if we look at the psychological makeup of conservatives — as discussed in many recent studies on human personality and brain function — the conservatives are the most inherently fearful, across the board. I’d suppose they find delusion preferable to what is perceived as a threatening, hostile world … but we can’t progress while that psychic wound represents our common-thought.

    And that’s what this time frame is all about: common thought — which thought will win, which will represent our future — which is why hearing truth, as unflinchingly as possible, and opening our minds not only to reality but to how we’ve self-sabotaged is so critical Right Now! The Hundredth Monkey is waiting to turn an era. Delusion, self-sabotage and stubborn resistance to the change that’s pushing us forward only stalls the inevitable.

  2. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Good pick up Chief Niwots Son.   It would be an interesting Poll to see just how many Romney supporters (or, sum Republicans for that matter) actually opened themselves to exploring therapy “….the ultimate admission of weakness – they are somehow not self-sufficient enough, or intelligent enough to live their own lifves.”. “they’re going to tell me I am crazy”  Eric thank you, translation… i don’t want to deal with the problem. 

    Enter, only solution to healing…Jude, thank you.  “We have to WANT the facts!”   The ‘truth’ is we do need each another, we are all connected.   We do need to deal with the problems — for better, for worse (now it seems).  The ‘truthiness’, as Jude brilliantly illuminates, does not work. I’ve seen too many Republican candidates and their Presidents who all walk the same talk.   It’s close-mindedness.  And yes I have noticed just when the light is shining brightest on the truth it’s always the same look, of dumfounded.   That deer ‘blinded’ by the headlights.

  3. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    So much of what you are articulating about how people and corporations enact politics in America, was captured yesterday by Eric when he said “American society, so obsessed with denial and immaturity.”

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