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By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

I suppose that most every presidential campaign has an element of political panic in it, the kind that convinces us that this isn’t just ANY election, but one crucial to the future. In 2008, the Dems were desperate to wrestle control away from the neocons, and although I suppose they’d deny it, the Pubs were seemingly ambivalent about turning it over (after all, they DID choose an absurd ticket — an ill-favored John McPoopy-Pants and his gal-pal from Wasilla — to go up against uber-popular Hillary Clinton and that young upstart from Chicago).

Political Blog, News, Information, Astrological Perspective.If we step back a bit, we can acknowledge that to be the pattern for Pubs. After all, who would want to clean up the mess of a nation in financial free fall, even if they themselves made it?

Who would gladly inherit two hot wars, an expensive and top-heavy security machine and a panicked working class gutted by downsizing and outsourcing? Traditionally, it’s the Democrats’ job, anyhow, to put their own agenda aside to slow the fallout and remedy the radicalism of prior “conservative” administrations, has been since the 1930s. Still, this year there’s weight behind the notion of national importance in our political choices. This ISN’T just any election, and there are some important questions to ask ourselves as we proceed into the next few weeks.

This year we’ve finally peeled enough of the layers away to expose the core issue of our nation’s challenge in this new century. It took long enough! My frustrations with this process are legion. The constant repetition of themes, the hunt and peck to restate the problem, the dots dropped by media and politicos that should have been connected but weren’t. And let’s not forget the Dug the Dog “squirrel” issues that turn the nation’s head away from what’s important with a resounding snap, leaving newscasts to loop in salacious details while stories important to our future skid by unnoticed. How many times do we have to hear the basic message, how many ways does it have to slap us around before we “get it?”
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4 Responses to At The Core

  1. bkoehler says:

    Thanks for another great Saturday read Jude, I will treasure the “McPoopy-Pants” phrase and recall it whenever I feel mighty low.

    Here’s a thought regarding the overwhelming astrology for Election Day. Mercury will station retrograde on the same degree which the north node in the U.S. solar return chart (based on the Sibly birth chart) is in this year. The Sabian Symbol is “an old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree”, and it has the keynote “A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscius factors and their operations.” Dane Rudhyar says of the owl that “His eyes see what men normally fail to perceive. He represents that consciousness which is active where the processes of life normally escape the attention of the personal ego and its intellect.”

    That degree (the solar return north node and election day Mercury) forms a quintile aspect with the U.S. natal Neptune. A quintile aspect is part of a family of aspects that relate to the use of the spiritual will and these aspects transcend physical limitations. They are good things to have in your chart. Pres. Obama’s natal Mars is conjunct the U.S. natal Neptune, therefore, on Election Day, when Mercury stations retrograde it will kick up the President’s Mars a notch and that will make it transcend physical limitation.

    Speaking of limitation, be sure to watch and listen for any remarks made by Romney this coming Wednesday, as transiting Borasisi will conjunct – exactly – his natal Mercury. This will happen as the transiting Moon squares her nodes and also conjuncts the U.S. Moon (represents the people) and Pallas-Athene (symbol for strategy and plans). It just might affect who and how “the people” will plan to vote in November.

  2. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    Only tangentially related to the article, but definitely to the topic overall…

  3. carecare7 says:


    Excellent article. I also wanted to combine this with the following for everyone’s consideration:

    After reading Eric’s piece today, “Astrology is no Excuse,” (via subscriber issue) I have to share two very important thoughts that came to mind that I think are relevant:

    a) can someone research international elections for any election for a leader that may have had Mercury retro on that election day and what happened as a result? In other words, why confine that research to just the USA elections? I know that if a different country’s election was on a Merc Rx it will pan out somewhat differently because they think and act differently than we do but some things will be similar and that may be a bit of a guide as to what to watch out for.

    b) instead of having people take someone to the polls, I have been encouraging people to request early ballots, fill them out, MAKE COPIES, hand them in personally at the place they are to be turned in BEFORE election day and TELL THE PEOPLE you have made copies. If we vote early and put elections officials on notice that their ballots are copied (hardcopy record of the votes) that avoids the Merc Rx issue altogether.

    One more piece of info for your consideration: Len did David’s solar return chart which, as it happens is on Nov 6th (David’s 60th birthday) and what he said was interesting and even encouraging because it will not only affect David (that being his birthday) but the nation as well. Len said things will seem to be turnng out negatively at first but there will be a turn around in January (hmmm, the inauguration happens in January) and by June of next year everything will have cleared up in a favorable way. That is food for thought indeed because that is also the chart for the election day and it affects everyone as well. While I am not well versed in horary astrology, I would bet the chart of that day says similar things to the public that it does to David personally (the personal is political).

    Just tought everyone would like to know these thoughts.

  4. miaferoleto says:

    The creative power we possess is needed now during these days and weeks before this election.

    My prayer for today is that as the Libra Sun dawns across America we awaken to an inner peace and strength that will enable us to stand tall and demand the gifts that are divinely given to each of us at birth. The birds of the air are provided for and so are we in the Divine Plan. There is no reason for us to allow a small group of greedy individuals to define what is best for us and what we should or should not have.

    Democrats and Republicans sit side by side at meetings of the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, Committee on Foreign Relations, where they decide our future. They party together at Bohemian Grove every July. They pledge their loyalty to Skull and Bones across party lines. There are many secrets on both sides of that blur as we attempt to bring them into focus.

    It is time for transparency. It is time for equity and equality.

    If not now, when?

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