Is it time for the invisible worlds to “come out of the closet?”

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It is high time for the invisible worlds to come out of hiding. Or is it we who need to come out of hiding? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if following one’s inner guidance became the norm? If we trusted our contact with the loving, creative intelligence permeating the universe? What if we stepped into the true power and grace and mastery that we admire in our saints and superheroes, to keep revealing even more of the delights of our bountiful universe?

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

We are supported by invisible forces. We exist multi-dimensionally. Let’s stop being embarrassed to say we know things that are beyond our life experience or that we are more than we seem. Let’s bring the invisible out into the open and learn how to make it visible and knowable. Let’s learn how to interact with it with confidence.

Limitation on our sight has caused havoc in our lives and in our world. I’d like to advocate for a new paradigm, in which exploring awareness, checking out what we get, leaning into it, becoming more accurate with it, and giving it respect, can lead us into a greater alignment with what is true and real and beneficial for all.

Maybe we can co-create paradise on Earth. Sure, people in contact with truth might topple empires built on hoodwinking an unconscious population. Sure, some relationships might have to change.

My aunt had a strong intuition to not go into the supermarket one day, yet she overrode it and had an accident that crippled her with excruciating pain until she died nine years later. I’m sure you know similar stories. How many of our leaders have had an uncomfortable feeling that their decisions were wrong, yet ignored it and brought destruction upon us? How many of us have done that in our own lives? I have. Who is the angel at the gate that warns us?

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3 Responses to Is it time for the invisible worlds to “come out of the closet?”

  1. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Elisa, I love your Blessing Tree photo. Would be great if you could say more about it here.

  2. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Yes, thank you for another wonderful piece, dear Elisa. This guidance you talk about has grown stronger and stronger in me over the years. Many years ago, when I was in the middle of a breakdown, I went to see this wonderful woman who did psychic readings of people. She told me that I had a very strong angelic energy around me but that it was also very subtle and light, and was overriden by my emotions and thoughts. Over the years, through meditation, I’ve got to know this very subtle energy and as i have done so it has taken more and more place in my life.
    In fact, P Sophia – if you don’t do it already, I really recommend some form of meditation – it helps one get out of ones head and thoughts, and into another space – puts one in touch with ‘other’, You can find loads of stuff on the internet, as well as books.
    Thank you again, dear Elisa, your magnificent blogs give me so much support and joy.

  3. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:


    Have read several of your wonderful spiritual blogs here, thank you. This one I wanted to comment on, as absolutely, increasingly touching the now. I have always been intuitive as all can be if open to and also visionary in picking up of the universal energy to foresight. Yet recently i have noticed a shift, as i am learning to work with my my awakening physic power, in opening up to recieving and in connection to offering healing. Although I have found some are not ready to explore or receive. But this is not of my relevance i believe as it is just in working through me, i understand is bigger than me or anyone and healing is recognized.

    Eliza would appreciate your thoughts to direct me to any of you favorite. specific books for working with this psycic spritual energy.

    Interestingly enough not knowing anything of what it was about but in the current right timing of this i found myself at the movie, Cloud Atlas last night. I had to leave after 2 hours in (3 hour movie) to pick up my son. Although is a bit hollywood (and could not quite get some of the made up language) regarding the articles today and universal past life in connected thought and healing i would recommend to others. I will go back to see the end even though suspect the turnout as never really ends…

    Thank you again for giving to us so generously. Hope to comment more later.

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