Your Mission — Changes of Venus and Mars

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Mars and Venus will synchronize their respective sign changes very closely as the weekend begins. Tomorrow at 8:54 pm EST, Mars enters Pisces direct from an eventful tour of Aquarius. Less then an hour later, at 9:46 pm, Venus fills the the Aquarius vacancy, moving over from Capricorn. Both planets are on course for a conjunction and in the middle of a long disjunction that corresponds to your life now.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Looking down the road, Venus will catch up with Mars for an Aries conjunction during the first weekend of this coming April. Like all conjunctions it represents, among other things, the beginning of a new cycle.

The most familiar cycle that begins and ends with a conjunction involves the luminaries, Sun and Moon. Every 29.5 days or so, the luminaries begin a new cycle (or lunation) with a conjunction called a New Moon. Venus and Mars also have cycles that begin with conjunctions. Because of how we move relative to Venus and Mars, their mutual cycles have been observed to be more complex, but no less regular, than those of the Sun and Moon. That is, until 1960.

About two and a half years ago, Robert Blaschke published a Mountain Astrologer blog demonstrating that the Venus-Mars cycles, which “repeated like clockwork since 1761,” began a century-long period of aberrations in 1960. Based on the intuitive association Venus and Mars have with gender, Mr. Blaschke offered a hypothesis. His theory was that the interval of irregularity, ending in 2060, corresponds to an era of when the relationship between women and men will be undergoing transmutation.

Robert Blaschke’s observations of Venus and Mars and their correspondence to human relationships ring true. Now that we have entered the second half of his theoretical century of relationship metamorphosis, any striking synchrony of Venus and Mars is worthy of a close examination.

What is most symbolically striking about the nearly concurrent sign change this weekend is how it expresses a state of estrangement. For Venus to apparently wait for Mars to vacate Aquarius before moving into the sign that Eric recently characterized as “some of us here,” implies that the “some of us” is rather sharply divided along gender lines.

Despite a recent decision by the United States to make combat roles equally available to women, the fact remains that “female” still means “excluded” in the established order of things worldwide. What has changed since 1960 is the nearly universal awareness of how pronounced and substantial gender inequity really is, even among those who perpetuate an outmoded paradigm. Nobody can claim ignorance at this juncture.

What we have yet to do is heal beyond what estrangement can accomplish in providing everybody some space to gather separately and do a gut check. Mars in Pisces will give us a clue of where we’re at as far as getting back together on terms that differ from those in past centuries.

One of the afflictions of many in the male tribe is the reflex of compensating, often overly so, for any perceived threat to masculinity. If there is any sign where a Mars tenure is likely to correspond with a reaction towards compensating, Pisces is a leading candidate. Pisces is deep territory emotionally, unlike many men, and deep water can provoke panic even if there is no chance of drowning.

So, keep your eyes open (or on yourself, as the case may be) and watch what happens from tomorrow until Mars enters its home sign of Aries just hours after the Pisces New Moon on March 11. Any sign of overreaction from male-supremacist institutions and card-carrying members will be an indicator of progress that needs to be made, and what needs to be addressed. Any demonstration of self-examined emotional intelligence should be encouraged, cultivated, and nurtured as though life itself depended on it, because it will.

Finally, the Aries conjunction of Venus and Mars come April will be a clear signal that we are not out of the woods yet. Aries is ruled by Mars. That means the new Venus-Mars cycle will begin under less than equal circumstances. That’s where you come in.

If Robert Blaschke was correct, we now have less than 50 years before the relationship between women and men resets to a pattern that will continue for another two centuries to follow. There is a lot at stake, and we are behind schedule. Whatever you contribute to the mix, please keep two things in mind.

The immediate order of business is to heal gender estrangement. That means cultivating the spectrum to fill in the divide, making room for all orientations, especially transgendered orientations, to be part of the future. Even before that, however, is the issue of doing what you can to make sure humanity survives until 2060. Those are not separate issues. Attending to the one will address the other. Please proceed with that awareness as your mission.

If Venus and Mars are any indication, we will soon have fresh information about where we are at, and what we have to do. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out what role the rest of us need you to fill. If you have any doubt, ask around outside of your group.

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15 Responses to Your Mission — Changes of Venus and Mars

  1. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Len, yes. So thankful for this, for you. You keep dropping seeds that send us off on a trails for days, or a lifetime in research…including finding one your PW articles that popped up from May 31 relating to the Venus, Mercury in Gemini opposition to Phulos and Ixion. It was titled ‘Sense out of Senselessness’ article speaking to our ‘mindfulness’. I found it interesting in reading down to my blog comment at the time which was, “…‘Mindfulness’ – Mind accepting the Holy Spirit’s invitation to what is real.”

    Thank you for finding and connecting the timing of Pholus tied to IXion transit to my natal conjunction. i had to check out on astro and saw it was exact opposition to my Venus / Mars conjunction at 20 Sagittarius on Friday as you say.

    Interesting, I found Pholus is suggested to have a mediumistic quality, a connection to ‘the other world’ and the ability to get in touch with it. It confers to a visionary and mediumistic capability.

    Pholus Ixion myths are so complex. And Eric’ s descriptions are best out there. But something new to my understanding is “they are companions to Chiron and are involved with the healing and transformation of some deep, dark aspects of our shared human experience. They seem to be connected to the ancestral realms and generational healing.”

    Also liked this description…

    It can be seen as describing a process that gets “uncorked” or released, and it cannot be put back. Mary Plumb and Reinhart says of Pholus: “The lid comes off.”

  2. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Linesoleil: Thank you for the schedule of Venus-Mars conjunctions, as well as your observations.

    Amanda, wandering-yeti, DivaCarla, and be: Further thanks to all of you.

    P.Sophia: Since one of the things Gemini (where your natal Venus-Mars conjunction is at) represents is “let’s talk about it”, your comment appears to be filling the role you are asking about. The opposition by transiting Pholus (in Sagittarius, which has the 9th house, Jupiter ruled vibe of expanding on the subject) seems to indicate that your words, if carefully chosen, could lead to big effects – both in reflection on yourself and in how you can open the minds of others. Please, how does that work for you?

  3. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Hi Len, Thank you for another very interesting message. It feels so good to find affirmation on days of, “no one understands me” and I just want to crawl under my rock. But seems after these moments something amazing comes to me.

    “One of the afflictions of many in the male tribe is the reflex of compensating, often overly so, for any perceived threat to masculinity.”

    I’d like to ask for thoughts about the over compensating of the ‘perceived’ threat of the traditional role of femininity? The more submissive females of our tribe?? I have observed, and am very much sensing strong feelings of threat. Maybe they are in response to the reluctance to a new calling, in our moving towards the awareness of understanding the need for the changing role…

    I have been observing uneasiness, jealousy, anxiety, and have even been on the receiving end of some emotional angst, projection and transference going on with women and some even directed ‘at’ me recently.

    “Any sign of overreaction…will be an indicator of progress that needs to be made, and what needs to be addressed.”

    I am starting to seriously wonder over the last two weeks if this is personal and perhaps the person I am, and the lifestyle I have chosen may be why i am so intently picking up on this feeling around me. There seems there is a growing personal insecurity due to this internal change that many women are beginning to face. And i feel like i am representing the ‘uncomfortable’ they may recognize, but fear and so resist. ….Estrangement?

    Although I have had experience of, my life path has been the opposite of accepting traditional, inequality structures that many women in our society have chosen to accept and live under in relationships or, in traditional marriage patterns passed down, for better, or for worse. Inequality in relationship in this lifetime was never going to work for me.

    So consequently, personally, in my breaking generational family patterns, and also in society, I have struggled. So different than some, or most (but not where it really counts in the desire for truth, and in finding through experience the wisdom for growth). Still, I am a bit of a rebel…so be it.

    Len, you told us to ask. Can you please offer any insights- my natal placements of Venus and Mars are conjunct both at 20 Gemini in 9th. Does this type of conjunction play some part in the mission? I am trying to figure out what role you all need me to fill. Thank you-

  4. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Amanda: much more efficient than poking at sound sleepers, who can’t even hear their own snores….

    Let’s make a lot of NOISE!!!!

  5. wandering_yeti says:

    “wandering_yeti: Thank you. It is good to see your words here. You make a very good point, and i bow to your observation. In addition, your own humor made me grin and chuckle so as to actually feel the healing energy coming from you.”

    Welcome. I’m glad the humor came through. That’s another thing I’m recovering from freeing my voice. Snark is something I’m stuck with having Mercury in a T square with Chiron/Eris and Pluto/Vesta, but when it comes with a nod and a wink snark can elicit laughter instead of grimaces.

    That being said I feel like we’re a bit behind schedule too. Jupiter in Aquarius makes it all too easy for me to see how things could be and at times resent the way they are.

  6. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    “Filling in the gradations between the current gulf between men and women needs to pay attention to the edges. Bucky Fuller referred to it as speaking those who are waking up, not trying to wake the sleepers. Identifying those people in our world and creating an alliance with them, teaching and learning. It’s two ways, and win-win.”

    great idea and image, thanks divacarla! and it makes perfect sense — much more efficient than poking at sound sleepers, who can’t even hear their own snores. but when they start to wake, we can be there with a mug of coffee.

  7. bkoehler says:

    It really is astonishing Len; that 2000 Stellium in Taurus. Even more so in hindsight. But I guess that’s true of almost all of astrology isn’t it? We can always see “it” after the fact; plain as the nose on your face even. However, at the time it ain’t so easy because some things are just inconceivable until our consciousness has been raised to a level to accept “it’s” realness, like 9-11 for example. I assume that some day we will see much more in the charts for the Sandy Hook Massacre or the Gulf Oil Spill that we didn’t catch at the time. In this chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the transiting south node (for the Moon) at 27 Capricorn was exactly conjunct the US Sibly chart Pluto. Exactly. I don’t recall any astrologer noting that, but of course I was completely caught up in a life-changing “career” move that May, literally moving away from the area where I had worked for the past 16 years. What could have possibly been more important than that, huh?

  8. Lunesoleil says:

    read balance = libra 😉

  9. Lunesoleil says:

    This is the evolution of Venus March 20-year cycles, you will notice these frequent stops in the sign of the Scorpion and the Balance from 2004 to 2010

    10-05-2002-18 ° Gemini
    05-12-2004-16 ° 33 Scorpion
    25-10-2006 – 0 ° 55 Scorpion
    12-09-2008-15 ° 12 Balance
    21-04-2009-29 ° 32 Fish
    21-06-2009-15 ° 18 Bull
    20-08-2010-13 ° Balance
    03-10-2010-12 ° 53 Scorpion
    23 05-2011-9 ° 02 Taurus
    07 04-2013-19 ° 45 Aries
    22 02-2015 – 01 ° 43 Aries
    01-09-2015-15 ° 57 Lion
    03-11-2015-20 ° Virgo
    05-10-2017-18 ° 20 Virgin
    24-08-2019 – 4 ° 05 Virgin
    13 07-2021-19 ° 46 Lion

    We are currently experiencing the phase cycle fish Venus and Mars also started at 9 ° Taurus in 2011 with the DSK case which is located of the sign of the bull with a frame of the Sun from Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus in the CTM
    Me even with Mars in Scorpio and Venus in scale that encloses my prenatal cycle of the new moon
    Thank you Len for this article, I love the cycles of Venus and Mars

    Good Weekend of last quarter of the Moon :) :)

  10. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    To All: Please let us not forget that it the late, great Robert Blaschke who detected, elucidated, and interpreted the aberration in the Venus-Mars cycles. My service today simply stands upon his shoulders. Please click on the blue “Mountain Astrologer” link in my blog to read his monumental treatise from August 2010. Please think about the fact that he was deathly ill at the time he wrote it, and you will get an idea of what a giant he was.

    aword: Thank you for the additional perspective on the Venus-Mars conjunction coming in April. You are correct that we are setting the stage now.

    be: Wow. Thank you so very much. You continue to inspire awe and astonishment in your erudite and pertinent elaboration of the Taurus stellium of 2000, and its connections with history and events that followed. An absolutely wonderful contribution. Love the humor too.

    DivaCarla: Speaking of connections, your comments do a beautiful job. The reference to permaculture is spot on, and well worth contemplating when one considers how the quality (as well as the quantity) of our food is vital to our chances of survival until 2060. You really nailed a vital issue in the larger picture, thank you so very much.

    Mia: You are very welcome. Thanks to you in turn for seeing the groundhog’s shadow.

    wandering_yeti: Thank you. It is good to see your words here. You make a very good point, and i bow to your observation. In addition, your own humor made me grin and chuckle so as to actually feel the healing energy coming from you.

  11. wandering_yeti says:

    Wow, thanks for digging out that kind of hard to observe pattern. But are we really behind schedule? Is that a projection stemming from the ubiquity of the Protestant Work Ethic in USA? Get to work you lazy natives! Industry and productivity! 😉

    Looking at where we are it can be easy to miss how far we’ve come. Women couldn’t even vote until the 1920’s in this country. The Stonewall Riots and Bowie’s ballsy move of claiming he was gay in public are still in living memory and the ripples from that time are still rolling. Evolving out of Christian Europe’s morass of emotional plague might take at least half as long as it took to get in. That’s not science, but just a recognition that old patterns often take a long time to undo and unmake.

  12. miaferoleto says:

    Thank you Len,

    for this beautiful article and for taking the time to read my solar return chart today. Venus and Mars will be interesting to watch since they travel to new signs on Saturday, my birthday. Also Groundhog’s Day and six weeks till spring. Perhaps there is a metaphor there somewhere.


  13. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Thank you! Excellent information. Something in this report is reminding me of the importance of edge. In permaculture, the edge or boundary between woods and meadow, sea and shore, or pond and shore, is the most diverse for plants and animals. Filling in the gradations between the current gulf between men and women needs to pay attention to the edges. Bucky Fuller referred to it as speaking those who are waking up, not trying to wake the sleepers. Identifying those people in our world and creating an alliance with them, teaching and learning. It’s two ways, and win-win.

    I need to take this advice myself, but not sure how. I need to get out to the edges more and not just hang out with my tribe where I am safe.

    At first I was dismayed by 50 years if this out of sync cycle, but I see now, it is time we need. If it is time we can make. Things are speeding up. I am not likely to be here. We need to be taking very good care of our young, feeding them real food, and loving on them, meeting their needs so they grow up human.

  14. bkoehler says:

    So glad your offering didn’t self-distruct before I got to read it Len! This is terrific insight on your part regarding the abberation(s) in the cycles of Mars and Venus. I think we gain as much insight from new cycles (conjunctions) as we do from lunation charts , solar returns and ingress charts, and I’m hoping you will report back to us on this one. As for resetting patterns between men and women – patterns that have been in play since before our births, it is going to require a lot more patience and growth in consciousness on everybody’s part to make progress on that front.

    Yesterday when Jupiter stationed direct on the same day as the Sun squared Saturn, I decided to revisit the starting point of the cycle between Jupiter and Saturn; a conjunction that took place over 12 years ago, in May, 2000. Like Venus and Mars both changing signs tomorrow, any coincidental aspects to these two slower moving planets suggests some alteration in the pattern between them is taking place. For example, when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in 2000, Neptune was at 6 Aquarius. Yesterday Jupiter trined that degree by stationing at 6 Gemini. It just so happens that 6 Aquarius is the degree of the USA’s south node in the Sibly chart, and it must be that Jupiter is saying (to the U.S.) there is a strong philosophy (stationing Jupiter) regarding duality (Gemini) that is able to facilitate (trine) a dissolution (Neptune) of group-think (Aquarius) and let it go (south node) in favor of a path toward growth (north node). What came to mind was Gabby Giffords’ brief speech to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.

    As for the Sun square Saturn, I’m thinking it is tied to Pluto’s position in May 2000 at 11 Sagittarius because the Sun was sextile (ease) that degree yesterday, and Saturn was semi-sextile that degree. The importance of Pluto’s position can’t be over-estimated as it had just left an exact conjunction to the U.S. Sibly ascendant (how we see ourself) in it’s retrograde, would return to it again twice, the 2nd time stationing and remaining there for 2 1/2 months. During that time two planes would take out the Twin Towers in New York City.

    Again, a lot can be learned by ingress charts, including those of the personal and fast-moving planets like Venus and Mars. In fact the personal planets, all 5 of them, joined Jupiter and Saturn in early May 2000 for a New Moon send-off party. The two astrological symbols of societal change were embarking on an important 20 year stage (cycle) in human evolution, which is what we are now witnessing. The personal planets in May 2000, all in the sign of Taurus, were expressing a way to connect to our personal value systems. Even Mr. Blaschke’s intuitive hypothesis supports this same theme of evolution. It is the energy of the personal planets that we all can relate to directly. They don’t need a translator like Pluto or Neptune or Uranus. For those guys, we depend on you guys at PlanetWaves to decode the messages. This message may or may not self-destruct, depending on the mood of my computer.

  15. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Len, That is extraordinary information! Thank you for passing along this knowledge about Venus/Mars. If you have done so before, thank you for repeating such that is sinks in. Very timely to see how this is a significant pattern “of my lifetime”.

    Also interesting to note that on April 7 Venus and Mars will conj with the Sun close behind them and Merc leading the way. Venus will move on quickly from her meeting with Mars and conj Merc as she continues forward, now leading the group. Something there to consider as well. What is it both she and he will take forward from that meeting? No doubt we are setting the stage at this very moment.

    Thank you.

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