Watch, Don’t Blame — To the Vernal Equinox and Beyond!

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Don’t blame Mercury. The Sun is not leaving Pisces on Thursday at 12:57 pm EDT because Mercury entered Pisces yesterday. Rather, Old Sol will simply be doing its Vernal Equinox thing precisely on time, creating a day for you to mark. Mark and record what transpires in your life this coming Thursday because of what the Sun’s ingress to Aries means, and because of Mercury, too.

Astrology by Len Wallick

The Vernal Equinox is New Year’s Day for tropical astrologers. Hence, when the Sun enters Aries, it will be a time to look around, then look ahead to formulate resolutions.

Unlike the often inebriated observations made during the eve of Jan. 1 on the civil calendar, reckonings during the Vernal equinox are measurable.

Contrary to the wishful (and often hungover) resolutions formulated after Jan. 1 has become a reality, any progress made on intentions set as the Sun enters Aries are achievable.

Measurable observations combined with achievable goals result in the opportunity to take responsibility for, and control, your life. It happens every year, but not like this year.

Unlike any other Vernal Equinox in recent memory, Mercury will be starting something new of its own just as the solar clock ticks Aries. Literally minutes after the Sun enters Aries, Mercury will pass the degree of Pisces where its apparent motion reversed way back on Feb. 6, breaking new ground on its way to a long-delayed Saturday conjunction with Neptune.

When versatile Mercury passes the point of its retrograde station in direct motion, it is said to have emerged from a shadow. Add a symbolic emergence from darkness to versatile Mercury’s correlation with mind, and the implication is clear — it’s an appropriate time to observe and measure.

Having attained emblematic clarity, mental Mercury’s merger with creative Neptune has its own implications. Indicated by Mercury’s impending conjunction to Neptune is the opportunity to consciously act so as to create in your life and in the world, but only so far as you work to regulate Neptune’s proclivity for delusion by setting attainable goals.

That’s how you should mark this coming Thursday. Mark it on your calendar, in your diary, or whatever it takes to remember this particular Vernal Equinox and what it means. Then, look ahead.

Look ahead to observe and measure your progress on July 15 when Mercury emerges from the shadow of its next retrograde cycle to trine Neptune from Cancer on July 19. Look ahead to the same banishment of shadow later this year on Nov. 10, followed by another trine from Mercury (in Scorpio) to Neptune on Nov. 11.

So, mark your days and make your plans now that you have the awareness and the time. The sky serves those who watch, and blame serves nothing.

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12 Responses to Watch, Don’t Blame — To the Vernal Equinox and Beyond!

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    Happy astrological new year to all lovers of astrology that must evolve towards more humanity, thanks Len for your lights :)

  2. bkoehler says:

    Regarding that tropical astrology new year start tomorrow, I’ve learned that asteroid Icarus (flew too high) will be stationing retrograde at the same time. Furthermore, Icarus will conjunct Uranus (totally unexpected) and all 3, Sun, Icarus and Uranus will be in the sign of Aries, the explorer of uncharted territories. Icarus was in Pisces when the missing plane took off and was square Pholus the wine keeper, Bacchus, the wine drinker, and Cupido, communal and cooperative love, all in Sagittarius. This just might signal a fresh outlook on the part of the searchers; it could mean that the magic island of Bali Hai is where we’ll find them. Come to me. . . . . . . .

  3. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    be: It is all of us who should thank you. Nobody elaborates upon a Planet Waves blog to the depth and sheer musical beauty you employ. On this, the eve of tropical astrology’s new year, please accept our sincere gratitude for another year of your contributions.

    Chief Niwots Son: For my service to be useful to you is my dream fulfilled.

    DivaCarla: It is likewise gratifying for me that you find benefit in my offerings. Please know that your own observations have always served all of us here at Planet Waves very well in turn.

  4. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    The clarity and simplicity is delicious, Len. Mercury’s speed makes him a strong signpost, one that’s we’d miss without YOU pointing out these aspects to Neptune on the heels of the year’s Merc retro cycles. I see a particular benefit for me. I sometimes wonder if my visions are delusions, or my delusions are visions I can follow through with. My uneasy relationship with Neptune. By connecting to Neptune through Mercury, I see that I can choose vision, and banish the shadowy fears about delusion. What is delusion but a lack of faith?

    Amanda, thanks and love the Regulus occultation tidbit. I looked it up more:

    It’s tracking right over NYC and Kingston, so New Yorkers, set your alarms TONIGHT and hope for clear skies just under 14 hours from right now.

    PS. I missed moon conjunct Mars last night cause I went to bed early. Tonight Moon will be about halfway between Mars and Saturn, and Friday morning at 1 am Moon and Saturn rise together.

  5. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Len- thank you for that info on Mercury mirroring Pluto, another timely bit of news. I will keep that in my awareness tomorrow.

  6. bkoehler says:

    The planets’ cyclical patterns must be the music of the spheres Len, and they are so exquisite. Were it not for you most of us, if not all of us, would miss their performance and the meaning behind them. Thank you for making us aware of this double threshold crossing on Thursday and how to utilize the energy it symbolizes.

  7. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda: Thank you for the heads-up.

    DeBellony: Welcome! You are very welcome!

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you for the correlation and for the benefit of your natal and experiential knowledge of Mercury. According to Robert Hand, transiting Mercury opposing natal Pluto “…is a good transit for getting to the bottom of any problem.” – especially in relationship of any kind.

    wandering_yeti: Thank you for your thoughtful (and fearless) exploration of the more subtle manifestations of this closing of one chapter (Mercury shadow) and opening of another (Vernal equinox). Your proficiency with bringing the shadow into the light is inspirational to us all.

    beatupbutupbeatvirgo: You are most welcome. We aim to please here at Planet Waves.

  8. beatupbutupbeatvirgo beatupbutupbeatvirgo says:

    Len – I want to thank you eternally for hearing my request to let us know what to document when so we can mark down what we need to to make the most of what the sky is offering us. You were very clear about it, and I am sending you a hug! Thank you. Its not just a Virgo thing, I don’t think. So many of us are so pushed to our max every day that we need to be told when we need to pay attention to what, astrologically. Y’er aweome!

  9. wandering_yeti says:

    Mercury has still felt retrograde to me…maybe it’s Neptune with ripples going everywhich way in spacetime. Maybe it’s having the Sun on the Capricorn side of the cross developing: I feel like all of my past parts are appearing in a different light that shows them as steps in a process. It helps me withdraw my curses that until recently I continued to hurl at me in the past cause I wasn’t this or that yet. This allows present time me to access more of what I learned in those times. Hurling curses shuts the door on anything you’re hurling curses at if it doesn’t provoke a more hostile response. Hurling curses is something I learned well how to do by living with a Rush Limbaugh fan in my teens. My devotion to curses polluted my art and killed my songwriting and performing. It’s all coming back now, at the focus of a cosmic pattern that would have pulled those past forms of me apart. Well, it is pulling me apart, but it seems that if I just keep feeding it the blockages I don’t want anyway it doesn’t pull on me so much.

    The scene is changing…there wouldn’t have been social support to help me unravel the curses I grew up with if it wasn’t.

  10. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Thanks for this timely news, Len. I saw this morning that when Mercury clears his shadow on Thursday he’ll also oppose my natal Pluto, I will have to account for this added depth in my personal life, in addition to all the profound potentialities you have so conveniently catalogued.

    PS- With a midheaven Mercury in Gemini I am here to say it’s never Mercury’s fault. Except when it is. Trickster Twins we are.

  11. DeBellony says:

    “The sky serves those who watch, and blame serves nothing.”

    Thanks for the great advice and the dates to watch out for!

  12. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    Another fun event on Thursday: the asteroid Erigone will occult (that is, eclipse) the fixed star Regulus — and it should be visible to the naked eye (!) if you have clear skies, happening at about 2 am EDT on March 20:

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