Team Up — Mercury Enters Capricorn

Mercury enters tropical Capricorn at 5:12 am EST on Christmas Eve to imply the formation of a team you may participate with, to further the manifestation of a new season in your life — and that of the world. The implication of a team being formed is derived from the fact that Mercury will be joining the Sun, Venus and Pluto in wearing the apparel of cardinal earth. For that is what happens when a planet changes sign.

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To paraphrase astrologer Sheila Belanger, the archetype any given planet represents is clothed in the sign it occupies. That’s how more than one planet in a sign represents a team in uniform.

The Capricorn team now forming is distinguished in part by how it is coming together rather quickly, as well as by its uniform. Pluto is the veteran, having worn the same jersey continuously for over five years now (with a decade or so to go on its contract).

Venus assumed Capricorn garb only on Nov. 5, and the Sun will join the team at 12:11 pm EST this coming Saturday, initiating a new season for us all because that’s what happens when the Sun enters a cardinal sign.

Given that Capricorn is a cardinal sign, any team wearing its uniform will be collaborating to initiate something. If you choose to participate, take the initiative yourself and begin something new.

Because Capricorn also corresponds with elemental earth, its team will be grounded in a common goal of manifestation. The goal is reinforced by the fact that cardinal earth is ruled by Saturn, which represents form, structure and definition, among other things. That is how the objective of whatever you choose to initiate in concert with the Cosmos should be to make something substantial, something real, where before there was only consciousness of an idea that held value for you.

The Sun’s correlation to the light of consciousness will be a good teammate, illuminating your awareness. Shortly after the Sun enters Capricorn’s front door to define a solstice, Venus will appear to stop just before leaving by the back door. Following its stationary moment, Venus will then initiate an apparent reversal of its motion back towards the rest of the team, as if to lend its emblematic values to a joint effort rather than go elsewhere.

Pluto, for its part, will bring five years of experience. Pluto’s experience will inform its new teammates of how their common objective of manifestation can support an even greater goal, that of making history. That through the employment of form, structure and definition, evolution can be furthered, and authentic transformation may be accomplished in a way that no one team member could possibly achieve alone. Then, on Christmas Eve, Mercury will bring its archetype of versatility to the Capricorn team, leaving the front door open for you as well.

Among the ways Mercury expresses its versatility is its correlation with mind, the source of ideas. It is through your own ideas, and your effort to make them something more, that you will be able to participate with the Capricorn team, but you must choose to do so. You must choose to participate in what the Cosmos offers in order to receive its support.

So, put your mind to work on Christmas Eve, and get your best ideas together. Then, for the 17 days or so that Mercury will remain in Capricorn (until Jan. 11, 2014), look to team up.

Look for those whose consciousness is similarly illuminated, for those whose values you share, for those who aspire to evolve, initiating a new season of history in the process. Among those, you will find your earthly team, and with them you will be able to manifest far beyond what you could make anew by yourself. What better gift could you receive?

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  1. Lea Lea says:


  2. Lea Lea says:

    From the heart, back to you, Len. It is mutual.
    Thank you, Eric, for this advertisement free forum and business modal.

  3. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    firegirl, be, Lea, Chief Niwots Son, aword, SaraVictoria, and salamander: This being written on solstice eve, gratitude is on my mind for the team that you and other Planet Waves readers comprise. To think that all of this that is Planet Waves is supported by readers like you – no corporate sponsors who dictate content, no advertisements to annoy you, just folks like you and me, comprising one of the best teams on Planet Earth. Thank you all so very much. Further thanks for Eric and the other people behind the management and production of Planet Wave for allowing my meager service and providing my life with the best and most worthy of reasons to life and serve further.

  4. Salamander says:

    Thank you for the reading, Len. Since Capricorn constitutes both my 10th and 11th houses, I’ll do what I can to have a team that will help make my professional hopes and wishes come true. In addition to hoping I’ll get a great full-time job, I may initiate getting my first space for rent, moving to a new place, starting a new course…

  5. SaraVictoria says:

    An elegant and expert reading <3

  6. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thank you, Len. As always, it’s impressive and oh-so useful to hear your interpretation of the current planet parade.

    Pluto, Venus, Sun Merc may be changing into team uniforms and prepping for the game but on their way to the dugout, they marched one by one over important points such as the GC and my natal Saturn (he’s sending them off no doubt with wishes for a good game on his home field) on their way to this new playing field.

    Now that they’ve signed autographs for those Sagg players, I’m excited about the potential for this new game (yes, I agree Be – I don’t think it’s an “us” vs “them” kind of sport!)

    Unlike Chief Niwots Son I don’t clearly see my “team” although I’ve been feeling them out. Perhaps I’ll get a better glimpse of them during the lineup on Saturday.

  7. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Len- Oftentimes I come here and read your newest offering, and it is as if you are speaking to me personally. Today is an example of that, since the notion of a team has been brewing since the last cross-quarter celebration. The players are already in place, and reading your words today gave me direction- to formally announce the formation of the team, a group of people in my professional circle with whom I work on a regular basis, and whose consciousnesses are illuminated indeed. Thank you for offering such a prescient call!

    Happy Solstice!

  8. Lea Lea says:

    WOW. Len. Just WOW. And, Yes.

  9. bkoehler says:

    Great example of the parts being greater than the whole Len. With so much in the news lately regarding questionable team emblems, this opportunity to stand together with a single focus brings new hope to the team concept. With Mercury’s arrival facilitating the thought process, and Venus’ delaying her departure from Team Capricorn and Saturn’s sponsorship, this team will surely gain ground (heh heh).

    Seriously, not all teams are competing with one another are they? There are teams working on this project or that, but they all work in support of some greater achievement. This team’s aim must be transformation of established structure, thanks to Pluto’s participation, and Saturn looks willing to give them the gift of Time in this “making history” challenge. He also provides patience and the knowledge that excellence comes from a steady head and hand. Who couldn’t use that experience? Sign me up!

  10. firegirl says:

    Beautiful Len. Thank you.

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