Second Chances – Approaching Aquarius Full Moon

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It may seem too early to think (or write) about the Full Moon, but not if you think about what it will mean. The opposition of Sun and Moon at 9:45 pm EDT Tuesday will be the second Aquarius Full Moon in a row, indicating second chances. The nature of the implied second chance will be different for each person, but some time to think ahead, and astrology, will help you know what to look for.

Astrology by Len Wallick

The previous Aquarius Full Moon took place on July 22. That’s a good place to start. So is a handful of days to recall what you may have missed, with astrology’s aid.

First, there is the nature of a Full Moon itself. It is an opposition of the luminaries (Sun and Moon). The luminaries represent two predominant modes of consciousness.

Solar consciousness corresponds to what most folks think of as being conscious. When you are awake and interactive with others, the you that others see probably correlates very strongly with the sign where the Sun was when you were born. Beneath the evident elements of all interactions, however, another level of consciousness operates.

The Moon symbolizes the less than obvious levels of your consciousness. Sometimes others can see it. Sometimes even you are not aware of it. Nevertheless, it is important. Sometimes it makes all the difference in how you see and are seen.

For astrologers, oppositions represent tension between you and that which is outside of you. That implies tension in relationships. Hence, a Full Moon routinely represents a suspenseful situation with you in the role of either one of the luminaries (Sun or Moon), or in the the role of Earth — between them.

Reliving the strain in an opposition does not require conflict, although that is one alternative. Stress can also be released through creative action in cooperation. Consider, for example, how two people making love often adopt the same posture, relative to each other, as two people fighting.

The role of in between, on the other hand, often involves either negotiation to close a gap, or bridging a gap that resists closure. Looking back on the Aquarius Full Moon of July 22, therefore, try to recall what stress you were feeling with others, and what role you were in. Try to remember what alternative you resorted to for relief, or whether it was left unresolved ever since, awaiting a second chance.

Having the luminary sign placements of the previous Full Moon repeat can provide additional clues to assist you in preparing to seize upon the second chance implicit in the next one.

Aquarius, as Eric put it on January 21, 2013, is “the sign of groups, which are subsections of the whole.” It could be then, that your emotional, intuitive lunar level of consciousness was somehow operative in relationship with the groups you encountered as part of your life. Perhaps it was an invitation you did not accept, or failed to respond to, because you felt uncomfortable about being with a particular group. Maybe your presence or participation will be requested again.

Opposing Aquarius is Leo. That’s where the Sun was for the previous Full Moon. That’s where the Sun will be for the next opposition of the luminaries on Tuesday.

As one would expect by its opposition to the sign of groups, Leo is predominantly concerned with self, but not self by itself. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is more about being self distinguished among others, so as to be known and appreciated as a unique beacon of light. That means being seen as either the first order of business, or as how you go about your business.

Perhaps you were seen between opposing parties at the July 22 Full Moon. Could be that both parties found you attractive. Perhaps both parties found you repulsive. Maybe one favored you, and the other didn’t. Then again, it’s possible that you consciously assumed sides and were seen putting somebody else in between.

If you can remember being in any such scenario, the Aquarius Full Moon revival might provide you a chance to be seen differently, and act more effectively, so as to distinguish yourself in the eyes of those to whom your self is the solution to their problems.

It’s not unusual to have two Full Moons in the same sign every year, but the honor of hosting two luminary oppositions almost never repeats for the same sign two years in a row. This year, it’s Aquarius, and its compliment Leo who have the honor, and it’s you who has the privilege.

The privilege you have is more than a second chance. It’s knowing that it’s there, and how to look for it with adequate time to do so. That’s the service offered today. That may not sound like much, but you will never know how much if you pass it up a second time. Please keep your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and both the solar and lunar levels of your consciousness open as you enter the final days in between what was and what could be again for the last time in a long time to come.

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15 Responses to Second Chances – Approaching Aquarius Full Moon

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    Thanks Len for your astrological lights
    Even if there are two full moon in Leo will not a blue moon, since there are not 13 full moon in 2013 but only 12

    I wish you a wonderful full moon :)

  2. Miss S Miss S says:

    Len thanks for this. The shit hit the fan with a giant splat and it’s dripping from every corner. :) In an effort to respond and work with it, I came back here to this post for perspective. Amanda’s and Genevieve’s posts today were helpful too. Besides the 7 or so planets on the full moon axis today, I have 6 natal major planets and points on the opposition as well. I guess that is a wake up call if I ever heard one. Reveille! I am so grateful to you and the writers at Planet Waves for the tools to work at a conscious level on something that so clearly wants to see “the light.”

  3. Maeve Maeve says:

    Thanks Len. <3

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda: Thank you. You are correct. Thank you for catching my spelling error, for which i apologize.

  5. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    hi len — i just got a chance to read this post & have a question:

    any chance you meant to say “relieving the strain” not “reliving” here?

    “Reliving the strain in an opposition does not require conflict, although that is one alternative.”

    thanks for clearing that up — and my apologies for not being able to edit your post on thursday! that was a rough day.

  6. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    aword, be, P. Sophia, Hazel1, Jann, Lizzy, and Maeve: Apologies for being late in thanking all of you. Thanks to each of you for taking the time and going to the trouble to comment, thus making the Full Moon even more full through your generous contribution. Maeve, please do take heart – you are doing your part and doing it well, such effort always pays off sooner or late – may it be sooner.

  7. Maeve Maeve says:

    Oh Len. Thank you for this.
    A few days late (from when you posted this), but I think I read it just in time.

    I started a new job at the beginning of July. From that point, until the week of July 22nd, I thought my course was clear, and it looked to be an awesome opportunity. I felt, for the first time, that I had people looking out for me, that I had a secure future, that things were really Good.
    Monday, July 22nd, I sneezed my neck out of alignment. Tuesday, I stayed home from the literal pain in my neck (I have sick days now! Omg PTO!). Wednesday was a day long training meeting. And Thursday I was informed that the project I was working on was being taken away from me and I was being redirected to something else. At the time, I didn’t realize I was being completely taken off the project (that didn’t come for two more weeks), but I was still going from full-time on this project to having little involvement.
    Just prior to all of this, I had established boundaries regarding travel with a boss (boss of that project that I thought was all awesome, and now I have nothing to do with) about how I have a fragile back, can’t run through the airport, and I eat funny. Pretty much after that email, that boss started distancing himself from me, and it was the week of the 22nd where he pretty much divested himself of me. The consensus with my other boss is that I got too “girly” and emotional with him, and he kinda flipped out. This is my first job in IT. Whee.
    All of this in the midst of interpersonal issues with the single other technical writer we have on staff (me being the other tech writer). Said other writer took over the project I’d been on. And boss of that project was pretty much an unprofessional jackass when we all got clarification that I was being taken off the project.
    So, this “second chance” has something to do with that, I’m guessing. Just not sure what. It really, really tore me up (still is, dammit, and I just got back from vacation). I’m not sure how to reevaluate things for second chances – outward appearances (how others see me), inner landscape (how I handle things), or what.
    I did, however, dream last night of a solar goddess I’d never heard of before, and how I should go to her, because I can hear/have/use the same music.
    And, I’m starting a new diet type thing today (Whole30, which is kind of Paleo+elimination) to clean up my diet and kind of start fresh. So that’s a whole… new thing, too.

  8. bkoehler says:

    Empathy is a word to describe what the astrological Moon represents, and Aquarius is the sign where empathy most likely takes place. Feeling another’s pain is an example of empathy most everyone has experienced. To have two cracks at that only weeks apart might be what astrology is providing us via the two Aquarian Full Moons.

    In a chart for a nation like the U.S., the Moon symbolizes “The People” of that nation since emotions are common to all people and a nation’s emotional temperature is read through the expression of them by its groups of people. Sometimes a group is so huge that its feelings speak for all the people. When a nation has an Aquarian Moon, like the U.S. does, those feelings are not as directly emotional as say a Pisces or Cancer Moon, but they will have an empathic understanding for the feelings of the Whole of the People.

    Since the June Solstice there has been a push for the People (Moon) to be heard, to become aware, to adjust, and these two Aquarian Full Moons are part of that push. Solstice charts, Equinox charts, Full and New Moon charts are charts for the whole world, but each part of the world will be affected by the messages within those charts in their own unique way. The June Solstice chart featured a Moon is Scorpio that squared or challenged the U.S. (Sibly) Aquarian Moon in some way. That Solstice also had a Jupiter in Gemini that trined the U.S. Moon as he (Jupiter) was less than 2 degrees behind the 0 degree Sun in Cancer. In addition, the Solstice had Ceres in Cancer that formed a quincunx to the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, and this aspect required some adjustment between what these symbols represent.

    The solstice chart set for Washington DC, further tailors it to the U.S. and features a Pisces ascendant that semi-sextiles the U.S. Moon and a descendant that is quincunx her. For a chart that centers around the Sun reaching a cardinal or Aries point, in this case 0 Cancer, there is an awful lot of emphasis on the Moon in the solstice and even more on the Moon for the U.S.A. The following Capricorn Full Moon and the Cancer New Moon charts both had aspects to the U.S. Moon too. That was followed by the first Aquarius Full Moon on July 22, when the Moon was at 0+ Aquarius. This degree is an empathic preview of the future of our societies because it’s in the same degree as the start of the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle which will happen at the end of 2020. We are closing the cycle of the last Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in the sign of Taurus in 2000, very close to the U.S. Vesta and trine the U.S. Neptune. Vesta is what is invested in and Neptune is what is dreamed of (or an escape route).

    This month’s Leo New Moon also featured an aspect to the U.S. Aquarian Moon and now the 2nd Aquarian Full Moon is upon us. As it happens, it falls one degree away from the U.S. Sibly Moon and when set in Washington DC, the descendant (the partner) is in the same degree as the U.S. Saturn in Libra. The Full Moon (and the U.S. Moon) are not only opposite the Sun, but also Ceres, Mercury and Vesta in Leo, and these are the same planets that have aspected the U.S. Moon non-stop since the June Solstice.

    Add in the present long transit to the U.S. Moon by Nessus and it is understandable that the People of the U.S.A. feel under pressures of all kinds. Much of it is group pressure and much of it requires empathy, but it is also felt individually. As individuals, we have our own charts being impacted by transits, solstices, full moons, etc., but we also are affected by the nation’s aspects which might or might not dovetail with our own personal pressures and situations.

    Be that as it may, there is a Universal call to see and feel the world at large as individuals. Some of that gets through to us consciously, but all of us must sense it through empathy. Give some thought to where you and the rest of us will be in 7 years as you make your plans for the weeks ahead. Tomorrow’s Full Moon will provide those of us in the USA a clue to just where that will be; our 2nd clue in a month.

  9. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Am thanking you a bit late, dear Len. But it’s only now that it’s really hitting me (ugh!). Thank you so much for this.

  10. zerosity zerosity says:

    Len, your alert to be alert well before this Zodiacal Blue Moon in Aquarius is appreciated. It gives me the time to review the astrology of the first Aquarian Full Moon of last month. Perhaps with this one, an impasse with a friend of more than a decade can be resolved, since it has been silence for several weeks now. Perhaps it is another example of a failure to materialize even though I, too, released it all expecting that there could be resolution with communication. Ah, well, let’s try round two with the Moon and Sun.

    Richard Giles has an interesting article on Blue Moons. His take is that a blue moon is not two full moons in a single calendar month, but rather two full moons in the same astrological sign. See

    ‘Tis a good time to take advantage of the repeat placement of the luminaries. Again, thanks, Len.


  11. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:


    I am glad the symbols and my interpretation prompted you to speak. Because in your telling comment and reflection to our first full moon, I recalled the very similar emotion in the expression of how I acted and felt that day.

    I could not have said it any better than you. I completely put my self ‘out there’ that day with complete conviction and confidence, but releasing to any outcome. It did not materialize as intended, but as you wisely say, this was also for me not the feeling, or somehow the point. The good feeling of following my intuition with strong direction was the calling, and it felt empowering to do my part, obey…

  12. Hazel1 Hazel1 says:

    P. Sophia, I love the “many little birds on the limb of a big tree”!

    I did take a big chance with something last full moon and I was thinking “I’m going to do it and release the outcome to what’s best for the situation” and it…………..just kinda sat there. I guess I was thinking there WOULD be an outcome. So I have had to release the idea of one, and I’m sort of getting the hang of it, but it’s weird for me. Maybe I planted seeds that day that will grow into something good that I can’t imagine at this point. That’s what I’m hoping for, even though it’s not exactly in the theme of “releasing”, the idea of hoping at all, but I’m going to hope anyway.

  13. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Sun’s postion to Sabian Symbol degree, July 22, 2013:

    0-1 Leo
    Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition.

    Speaks of potentiality. The the blending of passion, instinct and intellect. At it’s best brings the best of humankind. At it’s worst brings forth separation; arrogant, elitist, egotistical behaviors – leading to the extinction (or necessary supension) of consciousness.

    Len, I am guessing this is the second chance being offered us, if we missed the mark last month.

    The Sun’s postion to Sabian Symbol degree, August 20, 2013:

    27-28 Leo
    Many Little Birds On A Limb Of A Big Tree

    Len, I wish to thank you, as I beleive you so beautifully illistrate and bring us in preparation with your offering today– just as at the Sun’s first full moon at the ingress to Leo, is again on August 20 holding out that promise which reminds us of the potential we share.

    “…like a new dawn pouring itself into the human soul like the Sun.”
    Rudolph Steiner, Western Esoteric Maters Series

    I think on the Sabian’s image of the birds in their happy attitude, sitting there on that limb. Even though they may not speak (they are probably singing though) there is a drawing near. A sharing of ideas, an intelligence, communication. It is relations, acceptance, mankind; a ‘being in’ adaptability.

  14. bkoehler says:

    Nothing personal to report thankfully, but if we look at Egypt’s relationship between the elected government and the military I can see the tension clearly.

    In the role of “in between” I see Pres. Obama (or the U.S.A.), and based on his remarks today, I see him (or the U.S.A.) as being portrayed by transiting Chiron. Trans. Chiron, now at 12+ Pisces isn’t part of the opposition between Sun and Moon directly, but he is in a quindecile (15 degrees less than an opposition) to the Leo Sun at Tuesday’s Full Moon. Ricki Reeves says “I am convinced that this aspect [quindecile] indicates not only a potential source of great difficulty for the individual [whose chart holds one] but also contains the promise of tremendous assistance, if advisedly directed and not allowed to run away with the life.”

    Consider that Chiron’s discovery chart (11/1/77, 10 AM, PST, Pasadena, CA) has it’s Moon at 12+ Cancer, where transiting Jupiter will be at the Aquarius Full Moon, and where trans. Mars and Sun have been recently. Then consider that the Chiron discovery chart has Uranus at 11+ Scorpio, conjunct Sun at 9+ Scorpio, where the transiting North Node is now, with trans. Saturn not far behind. This means that transiting Chiron is trine his own “natal” Moon and “natal” Uranus, in addition to being in a grand Transiting trine to Jupiter and the North Node.

    Chiron has been labeled a bridge between our higher and lower natures. He’s been labeled a Key to unlocking what has been locked up, and because his Discovery chart’s ascendant was conjunct the Galactic Center, he might be the Key to unlocking the entrance to global evolution. So, yes, it is possible that “both parties found the [USA/Obama] repulsive”, but it is also possible that this Full Moon “might provide a chance to be seen differently, and act more effectively so as to distinguish [Obama/USA] in the eyes of those to whom [USA/Obama] is the solution to their problems.” Just sayin’.

  15. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    It’s never too soon to anticipate second chances (unless perhaps, there has been no first). A second chance may even mean an opportunity not to try try again, but additionally to try try again with a different perspective.

    With the Sun of this Full Moon oh so close to natal Pluto (transiting Merc trailing not far behind the Sun) and the Moon in Fullness orbing near natal Mercury (then soon after to pass natal Sun) this opportunity will be something like a meteor shower during an already bright night of shooting stars.

    I thank you for the heads up and beacon shining in the right direction.

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