Remonstration — First Quarter Moon

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You may well find yourself having either given or received a just remonstration by the lunar first quarter on Thursday. If you are fortunate, you will be the humbled party. Strange as it may seem, it’s easier to accept stern correction than risk everything by expostulating as an expression of love. And with the Sun’s position on Thursday, love will be subtly but indelibly implied.

Astrology by Len Wallick

The Gemini Sun’s position on Thursday will be the same as it was on June 5, 2012, when Venus was visibly transiting the face of the Sun for the last time in this century.

The Venus transit was a solar eclipse of sorts with Venus in place of the Moon. Though not nearly as obvious as darkness at the break of noon, the rarity and symbolism of Venus occulting the Sun left its mark as all eclipses do.

On the zodiac, where everything is in constant motion, eclipses are the exception. They do leave a mark. The sign and degree where an eclipse takes place is essentially “held” as a meaningful place until some significant time has passed.

So it is for 15+ Gemini where the solar symbol of consciousness was indelibly crossed by Venus, which, “in its highest manifestation,” as Robert Hand succinctly put it, “is love.”

For its own part, the Moon will by Thursday have opened up a square aspect (or separation of 90 degrees) from its May 28 New Moon conjunction with the Gemini Sun. By definition, the opening square from Sun to Moon is the lunar first quarter. This particular first quarter Moon will find half-lit Luna at 15+ Virgo.

Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury. Communication is one of the more obvious ways Mercury manifests in your life. When Mercury is moving very slowly (as it will be on Thursday, just two days before retrograde station) communication is not so simple.

Then, when you take the symbolic tension of a square and combine it with a sluggish Mercury as the influence in common for the two objects in aspect, you could logically expect some tense communications to say the least. Especially so when the two objects in question are the brightest and most emblematically powerful in the sky. 

Fortunately, just in time for what could be a huge falling out, the solar symbol of consciousness will make its one-day-a-year return to where it intersected with love; just in time for what might otherwise be the diciest, most dangerous first quarter Moon of the year. Of course, you must do your part to save the day.

The easiest part will be to emulate the Gemini Sun, present to and aware of love as the subtly underlying legacy of the day. See love. Hear love. Speak love. Even if all evidence is to the contrary. Even if you are (justifiably or not) upbraided from all sides, gratefully receive all remonstration and return it with with love.

If requiting criticism with virtue sounds difficult, just think a moment (as even a slow Mercury would have you do) and empathize with those who will find themselves in the thankless role of a cogent Virgo Moon unavoidably rendered critical by an inherently crucial first quarter phase.

Think of having no alternative but to show your love in a way quite unlike what love is usually taken to be. Then love folks who appear to be in that role the most.

For remonstration wisely offered is also wisely accepted with grace. It’s a two-way street, but not necessarily a collision coming up. It’s a passionate tango on the table for Thursday, which need not degrade into a tangle. Please do your part to help, and be grateful.

Offered In Service

(Dedicated, with sincere gratitude, to Paul.)

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12 Responses to Remonstration — First Quarter Moon

  1. bkoehler says:

    Len, even though Mercury won’t EXACTLY sextile Eris (but close enough to count) when he stations direct on July 1st, Juno WILL semi-square her, and do it at the same time Mercury is intensely stationing direct!! Can you believe it? Juno (prima partner) will be at 8+ Gemini when she pokes Eris, and even though she’s in her softer, gentler degree by then I expect there will be fireworks of some kind.

    Juno will be on the same degree as the U.S. Sibly Uranus (which squares the U.S. Sibly Ceres in Pisces), with transiting Neptune (7 Pisces 27 rx) mere (arc) minutes from making a conjunction with her. Therefore, transiting Juno – never shying away from confrontation herself – will be semi-square transiting Eris (in her new degree) and square transiting Neptune, who almost perfectly conjoined the U.S. Ceres in Pisces (before he started retrograding back in June) who squares the U.S. Uranus (that transiting Juno is conjunct). All while Mercury stations direct on the degree of Snowden’s Mars and the 2011 Sun that opposed the eclipsed Moon at 24+ Sagittarius.

    Well I never! Happy birthday America.

  2. jere jere says:

    Pam,.. ‘speak’ your fortune, and ‘feel’ it made so.

    (This world truly is a beautiful space, regardless of all the b.s. that goes on..)

    Fortunately, Love IS the most powerful force in the Universe..



  3. pam says:

    trying to feel fortunate…

  4. jere jere says:

    Thanks, Be. Tremendous help (and yeah, it’s personal. I’ve got a lot of “chart staring” to do at the moment. Stepped out a few years ago.. stagnation dictates that I get back to it.)

    Thank you for your gnosis, invaluable.

    Peace, Love, and Smiles,


  5. bkoehler says:

    Hey jere . . . don’t know if you have a specific set of planets in a sesquiquadrate or if you are just curious about the aspect itself, but knowing it is in the same family as the square and opposition helped me to understand the nature, or the significance of the aspect. It shows up to move you past a stuck place, so it ain’t about making life easy. Sometimes a sesqui will be about your feelings saying one thing and your mind saying something different and you have to do a little (or maybe more) give and take to get past it. Sometimes it manifests as a scheduling conflict or not having enough plates at a party because of unexpected guests, but it isn’t one of those huge problems like a square presents. Sesqui’s are more in the annoying category than a major hurdle in life and teach you to be more organized and how to discipline yourself under pressure. The planets and their signs and houses will define the specific ways this aspect plays out and how you (or what or whomever) will respond.

    Thanks Len.

  6. jere jere says:

    Len, quite apropos to my search. Thank you.

    I’ve found other descriptions such as, irritation, conflict, aggravation, discord, abrasive… but I deeply admire you, and all the cats at PW, for going beyond the black and white, and expounding a more balanced, perhaps Libran, approach to perceiving reality and how we may deal with it.

    Sincerely, with Love,


  7. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    be: Getting back to you with gratitude. Yes, i do agree with your interpretation of Eris about to change degree, and feel that is a brilliant observation on your part. Thanks for picking up how the last quarter phase of the previous lunation engaged both Mercury and Eris. Once again, we are deeply in debt to you for how you pull things together so well. This is me again, showing love for you and all you contribute here at Planet Waves.

  8. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    jere: Thank you for your question, great poet! Of course we will leave room for be to weigh in. With that in mind, let us start with the basics. A sesquiquadrate is a mouthful to pronounce, which is indicative. It is a separation of 135 degrees on the zodiac and in the sky. That makes it a so-called “minor aspect”, not because it is unimportant, but because its “orb of influence” is narrow (usually only a few degrees). Because it follows a trine (a separation of 120 degrees and a major aspect) and precedes a quincunx (a separation of 150 degrees and usually considered another minor aspect) on the way to an opposition, one way to interpret a sesquiquadeate is as representing the first step away from a comfort zone which may have become too comfortable. Or, to put it another way, what even the most skilled diver feels before jumping off the high board and into the pool. It’s an auspicious aspect, but ideally an ephemeral piece to get past so as to get to the meat of a challenge. Please, how does that work for you?

    be: i’ll be back with a grateful response later.

    Lunesoleil: Thank you. i am confident you will feel more whole when your words catch up with your genius.

  9. Lunesoleil says:

    I do not know for you Len, but it my summer difficult to write my article from the first quarter of the Moon
    I often mind dispersed in all directions, I couldn’t concentrate. Least I put often an hour to prepare my article and today I had the impression to spend an eternity
    The slightest word that you receive and you’re advantage in States of disrepair souls. Yes a single word and you are away from your first goal…
    Good night and good cycle of the Moon :)

  10. jere jere says:

    Len, your words Always put a smile on my face. Thank you.

    I was wondering if you, or perhaps Be :) ???! had a possible summation of a sesquiquadrate?

    I’m trying to reconnect and work out my natal.

    Thank you both,


  11. bkoehler says:

    P.S. At the Thursday 1st quarter, Moon will be close enough to the degree Mars was in (16+ Virgo) at the Venus occult Sun event of June 2012, to pick up his vibes, BUT. . .
    Mercury will be stationing conjunct the degree of Venus (and Karma) in the U.S. Sibly chart, and Eris will be past the line of demarcation between her old and new degree; at 23 Aries 01, so a softening of the rhetoric might be detected if you listen closely! Showing the Love might not be as tough as we thought it would be, and that includes for the President too.

  12. bkoehler says:

    Oh Len, thank you for noting this treasure of a repeating pattern – and thanks to Paul too. Might I add something I’m trying to imagine the implications of? Assuming that was a yes, transiting Eris is now in the final few (arc) seconds of her present degree. I figure Eris, moving so slow compared to the major planets, will intensify her “mission”, based on the meaning of that degree, much the way the visible planets do when they are in the last degrees of the sign they occupy. Possible? If so, she’s leaving a degree based on a material expression of accomplishment and moving on to a degree that emphasizes a more spiritual expression; this is based on my understanding of the Sabian symbols involved.

    Mercury’s station direct on July 1st won’t exactly sextile Eris but it will be close enough to be effective. Last month he DID sextile her though, on the same day as the Sun moved into Gemini and the Moon moved into Pisces, forming a square like they will do on Thursday except it was a 3rd quarter square. If Eris was intensifying her energy output at that point Mercury would have picked up on it and communications at that point would lean toward a more material intention, which, based on Mercury’s rulership of the Gemini Sun position, would have consciously (Sun) expressed some discord (Eris influence). I’m thinking that was about the time of the Snowden interview announcement.

    Now that the Sun will be re-activating the Venus-occult-Sun degree, he will still face that stinging factor of Eris’ recent potent influence on Mercury who passed it on to the Sun, who will meet it with acceptance now and consider the source. I’m thinking maybe this might be part of the stinging criticism the President has received for not telling Congress ahead of time that the last prisoner of war was being exchanged for 5 Guantanamo prisoners.

    Eris will not soon lose her reputation for trouble-making, but perhaps – in her new degree – she will be less outward in her action and even contemplate her own behavior from a spiritual perspective. She could use a little love herself!

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