Peak Experience — Sagittarius Full Moon

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As with every Full Moon, Friday’s 12:11 am EDT opposition from the Gemini Sun to the Sagittarius Moon will be the peak of a lunar cycle. Unlike most luminary oppositions, this particular Sagittarius Full Moon will take place at about the same time a majority of other sign rulers are also undergoing peak aspects. All of which implies how this weekend might well begin with a peak experience for you.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow defined peak experiences as “…transient moments of self-actualization.” Since Maslow’s death in 1970, the euphoria and feelings of connection associated with those transient moments have made their pursuit an end in itself — begging a question.

The indicated question is whether an orchestrated or induced peak experience is on the same level as a byproduct of working to better yourself. Can a weekend at a destination resort possibly produce the same results as working continuously and sacrificing significantly to master a practice for its own sake? The astrology (and ultimately, the experience) of the Friday’s Sagittarius Full Moon might give us a clue.

Because astrology begins with the Sun and Moon, their greater light sets a pattern for the lesser lights, the planets. That’s how a Full Moon comes to be the template through which all oppositions are interpreted.

In tangible reality, an opposition always means Earth is moving between the two bodies in question, which itself leads to a sense of suspense. In practical reality, an opposition of two objects is always the halfway mark between their last conjunction (appearing to be at the same longitude in the sky, and on the zodiac) and their next conjunction, which gives rise to a sense of having reached a peak in a cycle.

When one of the objects in opposition is the Sun (as is the case with a Full Moon), the other body is reflecting the Sun’s light to maximum effect in our direction. That’s how many of the objects discovered by telescope are spotted during their opposition to the Sun and also how oppositions get symbolically associated with revelations and enlightenment.

This coming Sagittarius Full Moon will take place just as Venus, at home in Taurus, is precisely (to one 60th of one degree) opposed to Saturn’s Scorpio retrograde. Neptune, at home in Pisces, is opposing 2 Pallas in Virgo (one of the more important asteroids in astrology) with similar precision. That sort of thing does not happen during every Full Moon. It is as if all three events are underlying or reinforcing the theme of oppositions in general.

When something precise happens, astrologers take notice. When something rare happens (such as three major oppositions at the same time) astrologers note that as well. When rare and precise combine in the sky, astrologers look for correlations on Earth and connections in the sky. When the greater lights oppose overnight from Thursday to Friday, joined by two other major oppositions, celestial connections there will be.

While in precise opposition during the Sagittarius Full Moon, both Venus and Saturn will be precisely aligned (once again to one 60th of one degree) with Chiron in Pisces. If that’s not enough to make you say “No way!” consider how the alignment of Venus with Saturn and Chiron directs our attention toward something even more rare — the grand water trine.

For nearly a year now, Neptune (making a rare tour of its Pisces rulership) has anchored an unprecedented grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. You can sit down with an ephemeris and go back centuries upon centuries and not see anything like it.

Perhaps the closest thing was during the 1960’s when Chiron held down the Pisces position. Now, Chiron is back and the impending Full Moon will, among other things, emphasize the connection through time. As if that were not enough, Mars and Pluto will also be in the act with some amazing timing of their own.

Within three minutes (three minutes!) of Friday’s exact midnight luminary opposition, Mars (now direct and finally getting up to speed after its long Libra retrograde) will conclude a series of three square aspects with Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn), making a temporal connection with another momentous and recent (albeit not so rare) alignment — the grand cardinal square (or cross) of 2014.

On April 19, 2014, Mars opposed Uranus in Aries while Jupiter opposed Pluto in Capricorn, and all four planets formed a daisy chain of squares that remained functional for weeks and weeks of really, really hard work, and/or falling way behind for many of us. Now, Mars will be starting a farewell tour of its grand square aspects, beginning with Pluto, just as the Sagittarius Full Moon reaches its peak.

Before you say “Fuhgettaboutit! Get outta here!” consider how it all comes together. If square aspects imply a lot of work (as they usually do), trine aspects flow with ease (as is often the case), and Full Moons correspond with some sort of peak experience, you might want to consider this particular Sagittarius Full Moon a message (if not an alert) about some sort of peak experience.

Even a loose interpretation of the extremely unlikely and amazingly timed astrology leading into this weekend is basically saying the only thing missing is you and your awareness. If you have been working your backside off wondering if or how it was even going to end, you are about to get results if you can keep your weary head up.

If, instead, you have chosen an alternative strategy of going with the flow, you just might get an unprecedented break if you can consciously rise to the occasion and catch it. Either way, a peak experience is implicitly available for nearly anybody paying attention on Friday. Given how Abraham Maslow described peak experiences, it all means some unrealized drive, talent or need of yours becoming actual while many (if not most) others are being availed of the same sort of thing.

Might it be intense? Yes! Might it be bad? Fuhgettaboutit! Get outta here! This is astrology to savor. Please consider looking for a way to do just that. If astrology is what you make it, you are getting a chance to make something exceptional.

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23 Responses to Peak Experience — Sagittarius Full Moon

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    What is to observe Len is just after the full moon, because after this broth, decompression is felt immediately in itself.
    I have often found these micro-change in terms of emotions disarmed their magnetic flux
    This full moon is in harmony with my full moon axis and when the full moon is on the axis of the full moon Gemini/Sagittarius or voltage by a full moon of birth in Virgin/fish, despite the emotional intensity deploy, there is the way to change target, direction in the movement which is not uninterrupted…

    Beautiful evening full moon at all 😀

    Len Show map of my on my blog, the Sun and moon line crosses the France and ending up to cross the East China

  2. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Hi MaryMack,
    I think we are all opening up and experiencing aspects of life differently than we have in the past (if we take the opportunity to do so). I think I’m trying to describe what is probably a parallel experience to yours (of opening and connecting), and multi-sensory bird-talking sounds just lovely! Enjoy!

  3. marymack says:


    I’ve been trying to find the words to describe my relationship with nature lately and here’s what I’ve come up with; I offer it up, humbly, and hope you’ll feel free to share your thoughts with me. When I’m walking in nature I am allowing the birds, trees, etc. to penetrate me such that I hear/feel them being and offer up my being with theirs. I suppose the difference I get now is more of a multi-sensory experience — using as many senses as you have available to you. I have serious eye-challenges and so I go with the other senses to help me embrace more fully the messages coming to me.

    Thoughts and feelings on this? I’m open :)

  4. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Hi Be,

    And I’ve Pallas on the MC and she’s transiting natal Pluto who opposes natal Sun. So it’s 150 years of all in the family to be sure. :)

    Here’s a reply to your question, (probably too many wordy-words) that should be attached to a previous thread of Eric’s, but here it is:

    “I’ve been trying to create a real example for you Be, because it’s easy for my words to sound like ideas we have heard a thousand times. My previous post was me doing my best to describe a ‘way of being’ that has been formulating for years and is still defining itself. (I guess that’s called evolution) (haha or maybe its called a new tempo for the orchestra :)

    I would begin by suggesting this experience is not one of trying to think positively or “trying” to modify state of being, but really is about actually “being” differently and allowing the natural state of balance that is available to us to work within our cells, the very cells of our body, where everything that is resides.

    When I take a walk in nature, I can allow the birds’ calls to speak to me, and then feel a difference in how I respond to other events around me. We have many other ways to describe this sort of experience, “relaxing”, “communing with nature”, etc. and it’s common experience to “feel good” after a quiet walk. What I’m suggesting is that there is a little more to it than “just feeling good” or just “relaxing in nature” and that there is a very real connection between those experiences (or “consuming” the bird’s song or better yet the example of consuming healthful food that has been thanked).

    The idea goes further to try and understand why we can get so “stuck” in trying to clean out old belongings, there is an attachment that goes beyond those that we normally describe.

    Anyway, that’s an idea of what I’m still efforting at finding new words for. The old words will have to do for now.

  5. carecare7 says:


    You wrote, “Len, I can’t let this go without commenting on some of the behavior I have seen in various “new age” and similar pursuits where people do chase peak experiences in a manner that reminds me of addiction.”

    YES! I have been saying this for years. So many of the so-called New Age movements (even non-new-age ones like Buddhism) are all about self; finding nirvana, finding peace, working on the self. To me, part of the problem is people have gotten so busy working on themselves and trying to have stress-free perfection in their lives that they forgot about being of service to others! They also forget that some stresses and struggling helps us grow so working to have perfect peace for ourselves isn’t necessarily the best thing for us. Thanks for including this thought, Chief!

  6. carecare7 says:

    Wow Len!

    We have been cleaning out our home, garage, and shed of the detritus of years of packrat living that my husband does. He is “suddenly” willing to get rid of so much STUFF. This has been hard work but it FEELS so GOOD to do it. To pare down our lives and get back to a less cluttered existence. Having so much stuff doesn’t make us happy. I have long known this but my husband has moon in Cancer so he seems to need a certain level of stuff in his life to feel comfortable.

    This weekend is Father’s Day; how appropriate for a peak experience to happen then too!

    I have three grown daughters living under my roof. Their lives are moving soooooo slowly into adulthood because they lack jobs, lack the education (still in college) and lack a social group because they think differently. I have felt like we, as a family, are in stasis; not making much progress but rather just trudging along. Dave got a new job but it (again) pays so much less (he’s a teacher in Arizona, enough said) that we are still struggling to get by. Yet I have felt a sense of optimism that I cannot explain.

    I have been enjoying the summer, the cleaning, the times out on the back patio, the sipping water in front of the house under the big pine tree. I feel like our family lives slightly out of time and space yet we love and think and are aware.

    Thanks Len for sharing this most wonderful astrology; you always uplift with your words.

  7. SensuousWisdom says:

    Just looked at the chart Eric posted. The Full Moon (and Sun) are at 22º. As an astro-numerologist who has a Sagittarius moon, I’m full of curiosity and enthusiasm about how far we can stretch, how deep we can move, and how powerfully the universe is supporting us this Friday the 13th! 22 is a magical number one that opens portals to realms that we only dream of…thank goodness for Neptune’s positive influence!

  8. bkoehler says:

    aword, since it’s been about 150 years since Neptune was last in Pisces, it’s the first time any of us have experienced this combination. You would think that by having your natal Sun there for the event should have been a noticeable thing, but then Neptune doesn’t seek attention. The fact is though, that transiting Sun, Mercury and Pallas all started a new cycle with Neptune after he entered Pisces so, by now you should sense some changes in how things are operating. That would be the message. Like, for example, a change of tempo in how the music is interpreted.

  9. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    “…the euphoria and feelings of connection associated with those transient moments have made their pursuit an end in itself — begging a question.”

    Len, I can’t let this go without commenting on some of the behavior I have seen in various “new age” and similar pursuits where people do chase peak experiences in a manner that reminds me of addiction. Of course I am guilty of this too, which has caused me to cultivate discernment in my choices, and to seek sustainability by inquiring into the roots of “peak experiences.” Rather than just seeking the peak, I have found value in working to eliminate the energies and habits that kept pulling me out of the peak. The result is that my overall batting average is higher, and when something like this full moon comes along the profound energies which you detailed can be turned towards further deepening, further healing, and future fun.

    Thanks for bringing this intricate dance to light for us all. I wish the PW crew healing vibes from the Land of Enchantment, under the waxing moon.

  10. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    DivaCarla: Thank you for our vivid expansion on the metaphor. May you be able to soar as you wish.

    be: Thank you for another beautiful picture that combines your deeply felt personal experience with your the depth and breadth of your astrological erudition. i’m particularly grateful that you added the Jupiter-Eris square and Vesta (along with Venus and Chiron) yod to the list of uncannily precise aspects at the time of the Sagittarius Full Moon, as well as your caution not to lose the big picture in all of the precision. Best of luck on your data thinning project, you have my empathy from the viewpoint of both experience and proclivity.

    Ms. Painter: You also have my informed empathy as well as my gratitude for being such a great editor.

    aword: Many thanks to you once again for another proficient perspective. When orchestra directors come to mind, so does Chiron. Perhaps there is the reason its glyph is shaped like a key.

    gumbybug: Thank you for your question(s): As a first answer, i would encourage you to remember that solar activity cycles are very different from Mercury cycles. The components of Mercury’s motion are precisely predictable, and solar cycles are notoriously unpredictable. Therefore, it would not think it appropriate or useful to draw any parallel between the two. As regards to your dream, thank you for sharing it, but i would not venture to interpret it for you. Instead, you may want to look at what is transiting your 12th natal and progressed houses right now and follow your own lead. Please let me know if my answers are not satisfactory, or if you have any other questions.

  11. gumbybug10 says:

    Len: So can you tell me if solar flares occur with a shadow phase like Mercury retrograde?

    Also, would it make sense that solar flares could cause increases in body temperature sporadically during the day/night–i.e. night sweats, hot flashes that might not be explained by hormones?

    Amanda M and P: I’ve also been having vivid dreams for several nights now and after I read your comments, last night’s dream seems to be having more meaning now that when I woke up. In the dream, I was surrounded by people I didn’t know, but it was apparently very important that these people make sure I had one of those small, plastic pencil sharpeners (with the little clear lid to catch the shavings) implanted in the front of neck, directly over my voice box. My sense is that I needed to make sure I have a “fine point” on what is coming out of my throat, 5th chakra, speaking truth, etc. and perhaps this was literally an object to ensure that awareness.

    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas to add/help with clarity? Much appreciated!

  12. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Lovely little solar flares. All of the above seems to have re-directed my life. Not as in found an new path, but as though the conductor or the concert master has just shifted the focus, the tempo?, the orchestra’s interpretation of the piece it is playing.

    That New Moon of Feb 2012 was on my birthday, Be. Don’t suppose it had a message do you?

  13. Oh my goodness, DivaCarla – YES. What you said, a thousand times yes. Thanks for that!

  14. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    Amanda M — my dreams have been busy, but too hard to remember lately (waking to construction sounds could be a factor — or they’re just not very linear or clear to begin with). i’ve dreamed my astrology too, but it’s never quite so obvious as people walking by shouting, “sagittarius!” :) i’m a little envious.

    i just realized this full moon is right smack between my north node and moon. i’ll have to see if i can pay closer attention to tonight’s dreamworld — and then see if i get a peek at some kind of peak.

  15. bkoehler says:

    Perfect. I’m in the process of deleting 10 years of “saved” emails. Every couple of years I go through and delete some . . .you know, what I know is “bulky” like say pictures, and other emails that I no longer feel the need to cling to. I’m a native Cancerian type and this kind of Letting Go is not easy. I might need that later . . for reference. I’m doing this while my 30 year old refrigerator is defrosting. Like I said, letting go is not something I do easily.

    What is possibly a Peak Consciousness moment (for me) has been the realization that data (Gemini stuff), in its many forms, can be a form of comfort, albeit unconscious. When you have enough of it, so that you can’t see past a certain point, you don’t have to look at the Big Picture, at least on the personal level. Detaching is a principal of this evolutionary period (so I’m told) and by golly, I’ve done a lot of that. Now I’m getting down to the nitty gritty and it’s pretty scary to let go of the “proof of my existence” . I’ve learned however, that even though I have emails to recall a past event, re-reading them doesn’t guarantee it will be remembered.

    My Virgo brother, who deletes emails the same day he gets them, would be horrified to see my thousands of emails, but he’s a Virgo. For me, it’s a kind of surgery – a Mars thing.

    I too have been awed by this Sagittarius Full Moon Len. We astrologers love exactitude and this chart has it in spades. Somehow we know that the more exact an aspect is the more potent it is and therefore, it means business. The Universe uses this human foible, this focus on details (exactitude) I believe, in order to see if we will catch the bigger, not so sharply defined, picture. I think of it as the Jupiter-Mercury dichotomy. If we are so focused on the trees we could very well miss the forest.

    Jupiter is getting ready to leave the sign of Cancer soon, but in this chart he makes a pretty near perfect quincunx to the Moon. They are in mutual reception, sorta like a conjunction in its effect. Lots of emotion. Adjustments (what a quincunx does) are being demanded of our feeling natures (emotions) and our wider perspectives (understanding) which needs to have a clear view (minus the more minute details). It is Eris, in her new degree of Aries, who doesn’t precisely trine the Moon in Sagittarius, but is very very close. It is Eris who squares Jupiter, not so close that you would catch it in a chart full of perfect aspects (like the yod between Venus and Chiron and Vesta) but nonetheless effective. It is Eris (IMO) who makes easy aspects to both Moon (big picture Sagittarius) and Sun (minute details Gemini) that would obscure Jupiter’s last 8 degrees of Cancer. I think she is stalling us for some reason.

    Therefore I am thinning out the data (a few thousand more to go), with all its clingy Cancer reminders of the past. I’m making room for the future, and yes, squares are really, really hard work, in this case it is Mars (all those emails from Libra pals) square Pluto (clearing the field of the dug up past) that compels me. I believe it is Pallas opposite Neptune though that is calling the shots. Two years ago, shortly after Neptune entered Pisces, she made a conjunction with him, starting a new cycle that is now half-way through that process.

    You might recall the New Moon of February 21, 2012? . . when Neptune, Moon, Sun, Pallas, Chiron, Mercury and Vesta were all in the sign of Pisces? This was before the 1st of 7 Uranus Pluto squares, and I get the feeling it was a beginning (conjunctions) of the end (Pisces) of a mode of operation. The south node was in Gemini (no longer a productive path) and the north in Sagittarius (the way forward). At least, that’s where I’m putting all my marbles. Don’t let Eris fool you, Jupiter will be leaving Cancer in just a few weeks and when Mercury stations direct and joins him in Leo we will have a whole new ball game.

  16. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Len, you nailed it as precisely as the aspecting planets. All of 2014 is a peak experience. Think traversing a ridge. My soul’s journey includes spelunking the caverns at the mountain’s root, while simultaneously surveying a vast landscape in 360. Yes it feels like work. Looking for the ideal spot to spread my wings and soar over the valley like a condor. Soaring feels scary and yet is so much easier than climbing and trekking.

  17. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    All: One other thing brought to my attention by Planet Waves writer Carol VanStrum this morning: The widespread peak experience interpreted in the astrology of the Sagittarius Full Moon just might have to do with solar activity, based on a couple big solar flares (not directed at Earth) earlier this morning, and the potential for more as the week goes on.

  18. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Lea: And metta gratitude to you for being so continuously supportive of our work here at lanet Waves. Thank you for your kind appraisal.

  19. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda: Thank you for sharing what appear to be your prescient dreams and how they correlate with your personal astrology. It’s gratifying to know my service today aided in your own correlations.

    Lizzy: You are most welcome.

    P. Sophia: Thank you for so kindly supplementing my service today with the Sabian symbols for Saturn and Chiron at the Full Moon and (most of all) your own ingenious observations which never fail to take us to another level of understanding.

  20. Lea Lea says:

    Thank you, Len. Besides your post today being extraordinary, excellent, expounding of the astrology of this moment in time for all of us, it also, to me, is on the order of a work of art. Apart from that “aside” comment–I have been “working my backside off: learning how to “go with the flow”. Events that have been building for me since 2008 to these moments this week (starting last Friday) are upon us all. You and all the staff at PW have been instrumental in my waking up, becoming conscious, and being ready. So far, for me, things have been “working out” beyond my expectations, or even hope, of Good. I am resting and trusting and doing what I do to maintain my alignment with the shifting of the Wheel as it is easing me into Center, day by day. Thank you all. Metta x 1000

  21. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Hello Len, Hope you are well and thank you for your artful insights as always.

    The Sun will be conjunct natal Venus at Gemini 20+ degrees during this opposition. As such hoping this help me to pick up on the reflected light and the potential abundance of “some unrealized drive, talent or need becoming actual”. This sounds like we should all be looking forward to feeling the inner integration of joy available to us.

    Also looking at the charts I noticed very positively, all the positions you mention that are in concert with the Sun Full Moon opposition are aspects in transit degrees of 7s (Pallas, and Neptune) and 17s (1+7) (Saturn, Chiron and Vesta (as she just recently resumed forward motion helping to guide Mar’s action gently out of the gate)).

    In numerology, my son and I are 7 lifepath, in both name and birth date figuring. Also,
    P. Fort. is at Cap 7+ degrees and Natal Uranus is at Virgo 7+ degrees. Just now read the Sabian Symbol Degrees, remarkably never fully understood Uranus’s position before, but now seems the Neptune / Pallas opposition is highlighting this and working in me already this week. Also just noticed Chiron is conjunct Natal Vesta, Pisces 17+ degrees. This speaks to me as working harmoniously for all of us in protection, and towards healing and sealing new patterning in unison to/with the Saturn Trine.

    See what your feel…feels to me like the Mother-God-Holy Spirit leading the way forward. Is in me anyway, and I certainly feel it in the blessing of you and your shared gift Len. So very grateful to know and experience you.


    The light which transfigures the soul after passions have faded away. Revelation of inner wealth. Radiant consummation.


    Reinforcement of faith which can open up a new environment. A revision of ideas back to source. Critical survey of life.

  22. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Thank you so much, dear Len!

  23. I’ve been having dreams for the past few nights during which astrological charts with sagittarius highlighted would flash through the dream, or people would be walking around saying “sagittarius! sagittarius!” and I’ve been waking up with a “red alert! pay attention to sadge!” going through my head, without being able to figure out why. I get it now – the Full Moon Friday is directly on my natal Neptune – which squares my natal Venus-Saturn opposition. (and Chiron and Jupiter have been trining my Scorpio moon).

    Thanks for providing the piece that has helped me understand a bit of my psyche’s red alert process.

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