Katie, Open The Door — A Martian Entrance To Libra

You should open a door as ceremony when Mars enters Libra at 3:41 pm EST Saturday. If you are at home, open the door to your residence. If you are in an auto, wait until it’s safe, and open the door to the car. If you are relating, open your heart. If you are alone, open your perception.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Open some sort of door and welcome Mars to Libra, where it will be until July 25, 2014 because of a biennial retrograde. Open a door because power will come knocking, and asking for you.

Power does not come knocking every day. Though you may, it would not be to your advantage to turn this particular power away. Rather, it would be a good idea to define the word “power” so as to better recognize Mars on Libra’s doorstep.  

The word “power” has a lot of meanings, many of them subjective, and not all of them accurate. That’s how it makes sense to begin with the objective, scientific definition, which, according to The Random House College Dictionary, is: “energy transferred per unit of time.”

Energy and time combine to define power, and as Robert Hand put it, “Mars is an energy planet.” Most fundamentally (continuing to paraphrase Mr. Hand), Martian energy is what you employ to remain alive and whole, and to stake out your place in a challenging world. That’s enough reason to open your door right there.

That’s also how Mars can be construed to fill the role of energy in the power about to come knocking. For the equation to be complete, however, the energy must be transferred, and time must factor in. That’s where you, and Libra come in.

Because Mars completes its circuit of the zodiac many times in your lifetime, it is among the so-called personal planets. Hence, Mars manifests in the world through personal behavior. Because the only personal behavior you can truly control is your own, that means Mars manifests most meaningfully for you through you. That is empowering in itself.

The question is to what extent you actually control your behavior. Mars opens the door for an answer if you continuously and simply ask yourself two successive questions. First, ask yourself at least daily where you are transferring your energy. Then, follow-up by asking if that is really where you want your valuable, limited and distinguishing life energy to go. Once you get the hang of that two-question ritual, you are opening the door for yourself. If you have trouble with the second question use Libra for a guide.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which expresses in the world to complement and balance Mars. That means Mars will not be symbolically large and in charge for nearly eight months, beginning Saturday. Instead, Mars will be emblematically subject to moderation and regulation. By implication, your personal behavior will be similarly amenable to your direction and control over the same period of time. It will be long enough to make a difference, both in your life and in the lives of those to whom your energy is transferred through action and relationship, because time is the final factor of translating energy into power.

Those who are either enamored of or controlled by power think in terms of transferring large amounts of energy in a short period of time. Ultimately that sort of power is likely to get out of control and become destructive to those in its thrall, and others as well. You see it happen time and time again. You see it in your life, and in the news.

The trick is to take another road less traveled. The key is to understand that a small amount of energy — your energy — applied continuously and simply over a long period of time results in an equivalent amount of power more subject to your control, and more likely to produce constructive results. That’s the reason you should open a door when Mars enters Libra. You should open a door to remind yourself through your own behavior what the next seven-plus months can be made to mean for you, and through you, for the world.

The power will be knocking. The power will be asking for you. Katie, open the door.

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17 Responses to Katie, Open The Door — A Martian Entrance To Libra

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    Interesting Len your reflection on the car, should we expect use of the abnormal compared to an ordinary car or large car under Mars failure then opposite Uranus?

  2. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Thank you, Kari. I don’t know how the mothers are doing it, or the fathers.
    Re chainsaw. Sarpen it everytime Kari. If you fell and buck a small tree, your saw needs sharpening after. In truth, I bought the saw for others to use on my behalf. But sometimes I am the only one around.

  3. Diva, I’m sorry to hear about the losses surrounding you. When sorrows do come “in battalions,” it can throw us a bit. I wish you the very best. (and though I do own my own chainsaw, I’ve never used it enough that it has needed sharpening! Yet another thing to admire you for!!)
    Take care, dear heart.

  4. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Yesterday, I forgot about Mars entering Libra at 3:41pm est. Nonetheless, I was opening a door. Halfway through a four mile walk on a mountain at that moment, calling the changes and shifts of 2014. The door is open.

    It’s been an intensely busy week, so I can’t remember how long ago the astrology was “slippery when wet” and be careful using power tools. In the past 24 hours I have found out two friends who’ve lost young adult sons to vehicle accidents, including my across the road neighbor. It feels devastating. At least half a dozen friends have lost elder parents or spouses around Thanksgiving. Take care of yourselves everyone. A lot of us are deciding to leave. I don’t want any of you to leave yet.

    PS. I sharpened my chain saw, but I will not fire it up till I have had some sleep.

  5. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Hi Len,

    To be more clear in regards to 1st house/ASC and the feeling of my statement:
    “Mars in my first could really start to make things begin to flow..”

    I was just now reading Dane Rudhyer’s book on the houses, and the passage stood out:

    “The secret rebirth-rebirth at the core of every experience- is to be empty of self, yet to maintain silently and in faith a formed receptable into which the downpour of spirit may ‘flow’, then flow through. A source is a place through which water, hidden in the expanse of the soul, flows.

    You say, “…apply myself in a steady manner”.. I will continue to, as I have steadily done, diligently, through the last 3 or 4 house transits. Please understand my deepest intention, in regards to my reference, ‘letting go and being ‘open to’, the power of Mars in this placement today I also read the following by Rudhyer. I hope it helps to better express the feeling in discovery of your article’s aspects to my personal placement I was referring to:

    “The first house of a birth chart refers to the area of experience within which Destiny (the ASC point of manesfestation of the universal spirit–or God) may speak at definite moments to impel the performance of specific acts. What is needed in the individual person could be such a focusing agent for the Divine is total readiness, total openness to any and all circumstances and demands of existence.”

  6. vince says:

    its winter cold here

    opened both front and back doors

    for Libras Power

    customers didnt even notice

    its what i need most at this time

    thank you!

  7. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Len: I really appreciate your reply and interpretation. Which makes me understand I have much to learn, but it is what I am here for.

    Overall, I guess since the last couple years have been such a challenge I am overly optimistic that Mars in my first could really start to make things begin to flow more easily for us. If anything I am over-sensitive to others needs which can tend to worrying (which has not proved a ‘good’ thing in my life) so your caution, I am not sure how to fit it in to the aspects.

    Thank you for mentioning the retrograde points and dates as these will be a big influence in time and learning for us all I am sure.

  8. jinspace says:

    Diva Carla – A constellation of his own! What a perfect, beautiful thought.

    Len – Thank you for another wise and impeccably timed lesson. You always express with such kindness, I can forgive myself for being human and just get on with it ;) . Fingers crossed I will handle this transit wisely, because it will be all about my 11th house (29 Virgo cusp), and that’s precisely where the action is beginning to take shape. (Is that the world calling through that door?) The plans I’ve been soooo slowly putting together are starting to roll forward, I suppose right on cue.

  9. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    be: Thank you so very much for being so kind to somebody with a different perspective. Even greater thanks to you for sharing what happened for you “…with the transits of Mars in Virgo in mutual reception with Mercury in Scorpio”. Your odyssey is an inspiration to me. Hence, it is for me to be deeply and eternally grateful to you for providing such moving inspiration in return for my meager offering of service.

    Strawberry: That’s the spirit! Thank you!

    P. Sophia: Thank you for your excellent questions. First off, the Mars retrograde will begin (on March 1) at 27+ Libra, then the stationary return to direct motion will be (on May 19) at 9+ Libra. So, Mars will pass over 4+ Libra but once until it goes around the zodiac again. Next: the terms “bad” or “good” are not usually helpful, but Mars in the first house should correspond to a productive period for you so long as your ego does not operate to excess, making you insensitive to others (which is where the seventh house comes in), and even spilling over into your second house and chaining your personal worth to tangible things. Next, it’s more for you to open the door (to a higher level of self regulation – especially as regards to where you put your energy), than Venus, and it’s not so much a matter of letting go as it is keeping your eyes on the prize and applying yourself in a steady manner for as long as Mars is in Libra (until July 25, 2014). Finally, the trine to your natal Mars is probably a caution for you to make sure that it is you running the Martian energy, and not the Mars energy running you. Please, how does that all work for you?

    Salamander: Yes, that’s the ticket!

    Diva Carla (and P. Sophia, and be as well): Yes, thank you for honoring Nelson Mandela.

  10. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    My heart sinks and sings, with the news of Nelson Mandela passing. Eric just mentioned him on Tuesday’s podcast. He did good work, and deserves his rest. Do you think the Gods will place him in the heavens, a constellation for his heroism?

  11. Salamander says:

    I’ll be home from my martial arts training on Saturday afternoon, so I’ll welcome Mars in Libra to my room. I’ll make a conscious effort to have great social interactions among supervisors, colleagues, family, friends and acquaintances.

  12. bkoehler says:

    P. Sophia, I pray he didn’t suffer. Mandela had 6+ Virgo on the MC of his natal chart and tomorrow transiting Orcus will station retrograde at 6+ Virgo. Boots Hart says that Orcus, a dwarf planet like Pluto, is a “Plutino (like Pluto) and therefore its orbit is controlled by Neptune. She says that Orcus is about that which is over, done, finis. . . “. You can read more here (2nd article down) http://astroppm.blogspot.com

    The Chirotic Journal also has some thoughts on Orcus (also the 2nd article down) at chirotic.wordpress.com.

    I find the idea of “being under the control of Neptune’s influence” quite appropriate for Nelson Mandela’s reputation (MC), don’t you? Transiting Neptune (2+ Pisces) was near his natal chart’s IC and trine his natal Jupiter (1+ Cancer) conjunct his natal Pluto (5+ Cancer).

  13. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s face of change, dies 2:04 PM. But his vision will forever lives on…

  14. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Mars is coming on home to my 1st on ASC Libra 4 degrees. It’s a long visit. Len is this a good position to be in? Thank you for your reminder of Venus in rulership here, it has the great potential to be.

    I see her lovingly, with temperance as she holds open that door and guides our ‘inner’ power and ‘drives’ along. So time to action would be opening that door, but for the rest, would we be best served in letting go and being ‘open’ to who/what comes through? Is this your message and take on it Len?

    With transiting Mars in opposition to my 7th house and my natal Mars (and Venus) housed in 9th Gemini. So, is it correct to summarize with Mar’s visit to 1st there may be some ‘time’ and ‘action’ of increased (power) equalling intellectual curiosity, foreign communication and exchange, adventure, passion and even love coming home?

    With Uranus transiting Aries opposition Libra there could be some lovely surprises for us all as well..

  15. Hmmm….1:41 Saturday is booked. I may just have to imagine I’m on the East or Left coast & open my doors to what shows up then/there.

  16. bkoehler says:

    I love your perspective Len, it is ALWAYS different from mine and you always share it in such a way I can utilize it for myself in some fashion. Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes, and no where less than when perceiving something objectively. Mars transiting through Libra is something we ALL share yet we will perceive it personally from various positions. You have managed to “see it” from some unique point of view that makes it work for everyone, not just yourself. Such an Aquarian thing that is!

    Ten years ago I retired from a world it had taken the length of a Saturn cycle to build but with so much action in my 12th house (Neptune :) ) at the time, no clear-cut new direction came to me. Many nebulous clearings did though and only in recent times did those fuzzy openings begin to gel and connect with one another so as to look path-like. What has taken me 10 years to begin, a willingness to release the past in it’s more tangible form and prepare for the future, started with the transits of Mars in Virgo in mutual reception with Mercury in Scorpio. It was their recent sextile that formed a yod with my natal Vesta (conjunct Saturn) that gave me enough focus to complete (Saturn-Vesta in Aries you reckon?) the odyssey I began in December 2003.

    Now, seeing it through your “eyes”, I can contemplate the transition TIME between past and future by Mars’ transit through Libra. How fitting that seems. Mars’ energy, Saturn’s time, my power, your door opening. Oh and for a bonus, QB1 provides the threshold as it conjuncts my natal Saturn. Yeah, baby!

    Thank you Len.

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