In Relief — Taurus New Moon

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The Moon enters Taurus shortly after midnight EDT on Saturday morning. Three hours later, Luna catches up to the Sun for their monthly conjunction known as a New Moon. Saturday’s Taurus New Moon continues a recent pattern of the luminaries conjoining shortly after both have entered a new sign. Contrary to recent pattern, this particular New Moon will represent the opportunity to find relief, both energetically and in practice.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Relief can take many forms. It is a release, like that which follows thunder or an orgasm. Relief is also help when you need it. Finally, relief can be distinction by contrast (as in sculpture or painting). The aspects to Saturday’s New Moon indicate the potential for all forms of relief. The initial release takes the form of an asteroid with a serendipitous name.

Saturday’s Taurus New Moon will be precisely and tensely squared from Aquarius by asteroid Toro. Although that asteroid is actually named after an astronomer’s spouse, the word ‘toro’ means ‘bull’ in Spanish. The character of a bull is also, of course, represented by Taurus. Hence, the nascent identity of a lunar cycle will be symbolically challenged by an asteroid just as that cycle is beginning.

Perhaps you are entering this weekend on the threshold of a new cycle of your own. If you find your self-image challenged by what you are about to begin, take relief from the astrology. The unlikely square of Toro to the Taurus New Moon is above all brief. The tension can be relieved simply by moving forward, releasing the beginning to the beginning, carrying it only as a memory which will ultimately find a unique and separate identity that, in some way, will inform rather than challenge yours. Further informing the nature of Saturday’s New Moon is another object recent to Taurus.

Only 10 days ago, dwarf planet Ceres entered Taurus, starting a new cycle for itself just as its symbolic rival Pluto was beginning a long period of retrograde retreat through the first third of Capricorn. That means Ceres will be close enough to the monthly merger of the luminaries to be part of the New Moon conjunction, effectively providing some relief by way of reinforcement.

Objects in conjunction not only begin a new, mutual cycle but also merge their energies. The energy associated with Ceres is that of the Earth, its cycles and fecundity. That characterization fits very well with Taurus, distinguished in part by elemental earth and occupied by the Sun during a season when both the northern and southern hemispheres are predominantly temperate and friendly to plant life. Ceres thus symbolically provides this particular Taurus New Moon with the kind of relief a farmer might receive from others in his community, a merging of energies at a crucial time for purposes of either planting or harvest, and that is part of what makes Saturday’s lunation stand out in stark relief.

Ceres was not part of last year’s conjunction of the luminaries in Taurus, nor will it be next year. On top of that, Toro’s defining square will probably not repeat so precisely in any of our lifetimes. In other words, Saturday’s New Moon will distinguish itself from others of its kind and that distinction will find expression in your life.

With the Sun and Moon conjoining so soon after both have entered Taurus, a new lunar cycle will begin almost precisely as the solar tenure begins, synchronizing their mutual duration rather precisely. That indicates a chance to time the cycles of your own life so that they begin, proceed and conclude in harmony and with the mutual support of others. Whether it be something as mundane as timing available income with out-going expenses, or something as special as being in the right place at the right time with the right resources to get the relief you need, Saturday will initiate a period when you should do your part by actively looking and positioning yourself to meet opportunity with preparation.

The release of asteroid Toro’s symbolic tension implies a parallel relief from the charged atmosphere we have all had to endure for so long. You can work with that astrology by releasing attachment to any issue that is not truly of lasting consequence or weighty import. Whether it be petty irritations or minor itches, leave them behind, loosen up, live and let live as though life depended on something more important than how the toilet paper is hung or how the dishes are stacked.

The symbolic chance Saturday’s Taurus New Moon is giving us is to distinguish ourselves from the background of wasted energy and aspire to be as Earth itself is at this time of year: fertile, productive and affirming to the continuation of life. If doing your part to make that happen does not provide relief to yourself and others, what will?

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17 Responses to In Relief — Taurus New Moon

  1. MandyM MandyM says:

    How did I miss this post? Guess I was meant to read it in hindsight. It’s beautiful Len, thank you. Did you know that music accompanies your words? And thanks for expanding my vocabulary – had to look up ‘fecundity’. I think it’s my new favourite word. We just had some much needed rain and the pastures are looking green and fresh!

  2. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Huffy, gwind, Katie Vee, karena, Green-Star-gazer: Thank you so much for your kind words.

  3. Thank you Len for this seed of hope and relief , may it come to BE!! The trials and tribulations are reaching an almost unbearable level of “no way out” and “no good options” for me and my family…yet the deeper part of me knows that all of Life is meant to be a joyous celebration instead of what we’ve got going on here. I am desperate for a sense of relief and just the possibility that things could get better for me and my family. My sister at the last degree of Cancer and me at the last degree of Scorpio are getting hit so hard with all of this. I am so weary, like Kazaa said…

    Thank you Len for painting a beautiful, pastoral scene in which to take refuge and re-chart the next month…this last one was brutal…and I know we need to get ready for the real ride coming next month and into June. A few hours with Sol and Luna merged into Oneness is so welcomed.

  4. karena says:

    On our “farm”( I think of it more as a giant garden) we have a couple of sister yaks who have taught me more about “the Ferdinand principle” than any human ever could. So as I do most days, I will be spending some quality time on Saturday, sitting with my yaks out in the green pastures.
    The symbology of the moment with sun in Taurus,Ceres, Toro…yes it feels like such relief. The seeds I’ve planted are growing. And the compost is doing it’s magic…It feels like magic. I look around at the transformation and do a happy dance. Because I realize there is always room to grow….as I quest forward on this new moon what new seed ideas will sprout?

  5. Katie Vee says:

    Len, thank you! I just love this. Waiting eagerly for Saturday! :)

  6. gwind gwind says:

    My favorite bull of all time: Ferdinand
    He was one of my earliest memories of connection this time around.

  7. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thanks so much for your gorgeous blog dear Len, which I just got around to reading. This is a really tough dark of the moon – and your wonderful words help bring me back into the light, or better still – help me relish the darkness, in anticpation of relief and release. xxx

  8. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Maeve, be, kazaa, JKR, Amanda, Lyd and Hugging: You guys are the greatest – thank you!

  9. Hugging Scorpio says:

    “Saturday will initiate a period when you should do your part by actively looking and positioning yourself to meet opportunity with preparation.”

    Well, this is great news, because I just finished a new sandwhich board which says, “Hello, I’m a great dude, single, fun loving, handsome, sweet, and sexy. And you know you wannnit!”

    I’ll be parading that next week on a street corner, yeup. Yes, sir…

  10. Lyd says:

    Just love all the ‘bull’ being tossed around here! Too funny!

    Len, this is lovely: distinguish ourselves from the background of wasted energy and aspire to be as Earth itself”.

    I believe the sabian symbol for the New Moon is “An electrical storm illuminating the heavens and forests.” This is landing in between “clear mountain stream” and “natural steps leading up to a lawn blooming in clover”. Interesting. Maybe the electrical storm, or the fire from the heavens, builds life.

    As always, thank you for your wonderful way with words.

  11. bkoehler says:

    kazaa. . .To me it means someone (or thing?) not so dedicated to truth-telling. There was a movie, and maybe even a book called the Flim-Flam Man. Don’t remember what it was about so much but that title just popped into my head while I was typing!

    Amanda, you’re too funny; ruminating in the pasture. Happy birthday soon and enjoy chewing that cud girlfriend!

  12. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    “This could pose a reluctance to cooperate in some endeavor, you know, two bulls with two vantage points, using two different modes of operation?”

    sounds all too familiar to this little bull this week. *exhausting*, both when it plays out with another outside myself *and* within my own mind.

    i’m thinking i might need to tattoo the Tao Te Ching quote Sarah posted under the Daily Astrology piece on my arm this week.

    and be — thanks for the heads-up on the other kind of “bull” we might be traipsing through this week.

    Len — i had noticed Toro there, but lacked the time and energy to think it through for one of the Dailies earlier this week. thanks for giving it a nod today. if i didn’t have so much to do this afternoon & evening, i’d meander outside to stand in a pasture and ruminate.

  13. JKR JKR says:

    ” You can work with that astrology by releasing attachment to any issue that is not truly of lasting consequence or weighty import. Whether it be petty irritations or minor itches, leave them behind, loosen up, live and let live as though life depended on something more important than how the toilet paper is hung or how the dishes are stacked. ”

    They’re arguing again. I wish I could understand why. Neither of them are particularly petty people, but they go at it like nobody’s business. Why can’t they resolve it? Why won’t he admit what he’s really up to? Why can’t she leave it alone? Funny, they’re the exact opposite of what they perceive eachother to be. She’s actually the easygoing one – like a fly that got stuck in the vasoline. He’s the dark and intense one, putting up a very good act at being lightheartedly magnanimous and of pure intention. And the fighting is so very dirty between them – no intermediaries seem to be able to help them. I’m watching closely to see which one will make headway in this thing. I’m predicting it’s her…but will his ego be able to manage being outsmarted by her? Or will that just create more fights? Hmmmmmm……

  14. kazaa says:

    @bkoehler: “flim-flam Borasisi” is an excellent phrase! What does it mean?

  15. kazaa says:

    I’m always impressed by the grace and substance of your writing, Len. You’re simply a pleasure to read. Thank you! It was extra nice to read this right now. I’ve been in an intense cycle of grief, stuckness, frustration, aloneness, depletion and fear – to the point of feeling like “I can’t do this anymore”, which is very unlike me – since November. It has been very difficult to emerge from this to get even a gulp of air. But I had one day of feeling “normal” on Monday and another today, so this piece reinforces a moment in which I’ve already felt a massive sense of weight lifting, opening, and resources in various forms coming my way. This has also been reaffirmed in conversations I’ve had with people, and a recent dream full of symbols of support and movement, which has shifted my perception. I hope that for anyone else feeling this way, this moment of relief means we’re all on the upswing!

  16. bkoehler says:

    “The unlikely square of Toro to the Taurus New Moon. . .”; how very interesting. This could pose a reluctance to cooperate in some endeavor, you know, two bulls with two vantage points, using two different modes of operation? Hmmm, I need to think about this Len. Whoops, is that Toro in Aquarius speaking? Will this bull(y) to bull(y) situation be a matter of thinking vs. sensing? Well, you do us a favor by, once again, giving us a heads-up about this potential waste of energy. I do believe the New Moon, with Ceres who is definitely a sensing kind of goddess, could out-stand – your – ground in this contest.

    However, squares are known to motivate action and bulls are known to resist any motivation to action, so maybe it takes a bull to make a bull move forward. We are looking at the possibility of some very creative astrology here Len! I’m thinking of the kind of relief in a piece of sculpture or a tool perhaps. It could be that the only way it will get done is through the stubborn perserverence of a conscious (Sun) bull and the gentle nurturing of Moon and Ceres to take it to the next level.

    Then there is the other interesting square that will be going on between Taurus’ ruler Venus in Gemini to flim-flam Borasisi in Pisces. That could produce a lot of bull too. Watch your step folks, this could maybe turn out to be a messy New Moon!

  17. Maeve Maeve says:

    Len, with words of silver on his tongue. So gentle and tactful, ushering in solar and lunar Taurus in style.
    Thank you, sir.


    Plus, my birthday’s on Saturday. I’ve been excited about my birthday for the first time in years. We’ve not got anything planned on my birthday (though a concert tonight and one tomorrow night), but it still feels exciting. It _feels_ like there’s a party that I’m looking forward to.
    I’m still a little antsy/twitchy, mostly in body. I’m hoping that it fades as the Sun moves into Taurus today… wait. I missed it. Happened an hour ago. Right-o, going outside to take a walk in the sunshine.

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