Finding Yourself In The Crowd — Sun Trine Mars

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At 4:01 am EDT Saturday, an air-sign Sun will trine Mars in airy Libra for the second time this year, possibly representing a second chance for balance in your life by finding yourself in the crowd.

Astrology by Len Wallick

This year’s first trine from the Sun to Mars featured a busy Aquarius Sun in opposition to an equally distracted Leo Full Moon on Valentine’s Day.

During the Valentine’s Day Leo Full Moon, the opposing luminaries were simultaneously in aspect to a host of other objects and points (as noted here on Planet Waves earlier this year), and the Sun’s trine to Mars was all but lost in the crowd.

Saturday’s trine from the Gemini Sun to the long Martian march through Libra will in some ways recall the Valentine’s Day rendition, but without being lost in a stampede of other aspects.

Hence, a second chance of sorts, implicitly a chance to find yourself in the crowd, will be yours to begin the weekend.

The Sun is as personal as any object in astrology. The actual Sun is big, bright, and you have a relationship with it every day. The symbolic Sun of astrology is likewise as personal as your own consciousness. Problem is, it’s easy to take both the Sun and your consciousness for granted, essentially losing yourself in the bargain.

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5 Responses to Finding Yourself In The Crowd — Sun Trine Mars

  1. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    P. Sophia: It is for me to thank you for eing at once so perceptive and so very kind.

    Kathy C: Hope it went well, and please accept my thanks as well.

    be: You are anything but lost. Nobody pulls the astrology together quite like you do. And you did just that (in a way it took me days to finally understand) with your comments to this piece. We are all very grateful for you and your contributions.

    Lunesoleil: Much gratitude to you as well for how you illustrate the astrology so deftly with your experience. Most of all, thank you for your gracious heart.

  2. Lunesoleil says:

    Yes in the Len crowd, yesterday I was in an empty loft with my brother and his girlfriend, were each found something interesting
    From my side it was a book on the internal couple who discusses the 22 blades of the tarot with a much more philosophical accompaniment approach and there was a lot of world
    Bravo for your analysis of the trigone March / Sun :-D

  3. bkoehler says:

    Wow. December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day and on that day in 1941, the Sun at 15+ Sagittarius (near the Great Attractor) was trine Mars at 15+ Aries, which is where transiting Uranus is right now. I think I’m gonna be sick.

    However, back on 12/7/41, Jupiter at 16+ Gemini retrograde, was opposite the Sun and heading back to 15+ Gemini, which is where – in June 2012 – transiting Venus occulted the Sun and they were square Mars at 16+ Virgo at the time. Talk about getting lost, I’m wondering if I am right now. . . .

    . . so Mars is trine the Sun right now, exact tomorrow at 4:01 AM, and Mars is in Libra, the sign of war (when negotiations don’t work) and Mars is a warrior. Blessedly, Mars is pretty neutralized after his many months in Venus’ sign Libra, and hanging tight with Vesta and Ceres, a couple of ladies who are okay with being ladies, and who are on a mission to balance things between boys and girls. Today’s Mars is not the same guy he was in 1941, all hells fire and damnation. No siree, this is a negotiating Mars, willing to cooperate if you can believe it.

    Libra can be considered to function as a mirror and if that’s true, we might see ourselves as energetically (Mars) supporting others (Libra) in attempting to harmonize (trine) the changing scene (asteroid goddesses on a mission) regarding individuality (Sun) through, for example, complementary conversation and supportive suggestions (Libra stuff).

    For the time being, Mars has been persuaded (or conditioned) to think first before taking action. This is no small feat and it won’t last forever. Credit the (a) 2012 Venus (love) whose visible conjunction with the Sun (consciousness) in Gemini (dual roles), along with (b) today’s Uranus (awakening) sextile (channeling) from Aries (new beginning) that 2012 love energy, and (c) a 2nd chance for (possibly hypnotized) Mars to push forward Venus’ program.

    If we can allow an osmosis of the Venus-occult-Sun energy through transiting Uranus who sextiles that aspect’s position in Gemini of two years ago, it could provide us some guidance as to where we are today. Back in December 1941, Venus in Aquarius was about to oppose Pluto in Leo (conjunct the U.S. north node) and now, today, Venus in Taurus is about to trine Pluto in Cap, but Mars will also soon square Pluto. If Pluto symbolizes our instinctual survival mode – quite unconscious most of the time – then Venus, right now and for a week or so has the power to resolve (dissolve?) some unconscious, instinctual defensiveness. Part of that power is in keeping Mars (subliminally or otherwise) in a cooperative mood. :)

    So I’m thinking, today we see our personal energy (Mars) as supporting (temporarily) partners (Libra) in their attempt to balance perceived injustices (cause celebre for asteroids) as part of a larger program that involves a long period of gentle persuasion (Venus occult Sun in 2012) initiated by his lady love (Venus) which will earn him points as well as the satisfaction of being a valued (yeah, Venus again) partner.

    And, just so you know, that Valentine’s Day Full Moon in Leo event where Mars first trined the Sun this year? The Sun was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Pallas who conjuncts the U.S. Moon. So the Mars trine Sun wasn’t the only thing we may have overlooked that day. And on Pearl Harbor Day? The Great Attractor was at 13+ Sagittarius (compared to today’s GA at 14+ Sagittarius) and therefore conjunct the U.S. Sibly ascendant of 12+ Sagittarius, while quincunx the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer and sextile the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra (sometimes means war). It wasn’t all just a Mars thing (in case you were worried about that).

  4. KathyC KathyC says:

    Len… as always, spot on. Left spouse 2 weeks ago, have to go there tomorrow and talk ‘separation of stuff’. Connection and separation.

  5. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Hello…can’t believe I have the privilege of being the first to thank you for this great article Len :).

    So many points you make speak to me this week continuing to center around expression and recieving; good communication. And this is something I continue to balance, and is being worked on in me.

    Considering the big picture, the Sun is centered in the only ‘time’ we have…present, and all the other planets are out floating from Sun in ‘space’. With space I can better grasp the best relational position and my power in it.

    “…seek the sort of balance trine aspects imply: connection and separation working to support rather than exclude the other.”

    Thank you for this. Love it Len! And know in a nutshell it’s why we chose to be here, to fully live and understand. Good weekend to you- all

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