Don’t Be Shy — Sun Enters Taurus

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Sun enters Taurus at 12:12 pm EDT on Thursday, giving you a choice. The unconscious option is to cleave to the adverse conditioning of the recent past. Awareness would dictate that you choose to embrace the once and future solar Taurus of simple joy experienced in the body. The conscious choice is clear. This is no time to be shy. It is a time to engage with life as a reason to celebrate its abundance, not an occasion to fear its challenges.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Solar Taurus celebrates life everywhere. North of the equator, the Sun’s entry to symbolic fixed earth is concurrent with the certainty of more abundant light and warmth on the real Earth. In the southern hemisphere, harvests will be commencing. All of that is the timeless Taurus.

Events of the last two years have distracted us from the timeless Taurus, as if to pull our attention away from the immediacy of living. In 2010, the Sun’s entry to Taurus, nearly concurrent with Chiron’s first ingress to Pisces, witnessed an unprecedented catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico as human technology was literally pushed beyond its depth by avarice. Last year, solar Taurus saw us wondering whether Japan’s ancient island culture would perish at the nuclear hand which has fed its disproportionate economic dominance.

In both cases, the jury is still out on the final cost of the disasters. In both cases, the reach of a greedy few has exceeded every body’s grasp of the consequences. As you, and all of us, await the ultimate reckoning of the most massive petroleum spill and the biggest nuclear accident in history, with both events still going on, the key is not to let fear displace you from your earthly body and your living consciousness.

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17 Responses to Don’t Be Shy — Sun Enters Taurus

  1. Lizzy Huffy says:

    “the only way to ‘heal the traumas’ is to release them from the perspective of ‘they were ‘bad’ or hurtful…
    and this becomes easy when i see that those ‘traumas’ have given birth to ‘me’”. Thank you for this, dear Biren – this is the entry point for healing, the letting go.

  2. susyc says:

    So beautiful, Len, and so timely as usual. I started my day in my yard, planting some lavendar and catnip, white daisies and pink and white cosmos. Lovely way to start the day, but then afterwards, on my computer I find quite a frightening article about Fukushima and Japan. I’ve posted the links to Eric’s FM broadcast with Karl Grossman. Just been so sad ever since wondering how much time we have. But I remember reading some lady teaching us how to die, reminding me to keep focused on beauty until the last second.

  3. biren says:

    “Even if you put an event out of your mind, even if you overcame the challenge, the anniversary of a trauma will often be felt in the body. It is the final and most difficult step of healing to release physical attachment to the adversities that have shaped you so you can fully engage the present, empowered to act on it, rather than continuously suffering a past you cannot change”.

    and then this:
    “… the element of earth teaches us that life goes on. When a huge asteroid slammed into our planet 60 million years ago, ending the dominance of the dinosaurs and inflicting a huge environmental disaster, life found a way to go on, making room for your life in the process.”

    both in context of this:
    “… fear of the very challenges that made us what we are have caused us to displace ourselves from Earth’s body…”

    what does it tell me? teach me?

    the only way to ‘heal the traumas’ is to release them from the perspective of ‘they were ‘bad’ or hurtful…
    and this becomes easy when i see that those ‘traumas’ have given birth to ‘me’, as i am in these moment.
    in other words, i forget ‘being burned in the fire’, when i see the beauty of the glitter it has given me.

    thank you Len… that is a great gift.

  4. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Ooh, the young Morrissey was so gorgeous. Takes me back to when I was young and English…

  5. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thanks for posting that, dear Hugging! What a treat – I ADORE the Smiths.

  6. Hugging Scorpio says:

    You know Len, by the end of your lovely article, I knew what was going on in my head:

    Shyness is nice, and
    Shyness can stop you
    From doing all the things in life
    You’d like to.

    So, if there’s something you’d like to try
    If there’s something you’d like to try
    Ask me – I won’t say “NO” – how could I?

    Nature is a language – can’t you read?

    LOVE your prayer MandyM. :)

    Thanks Len!
    Hugging Scorpio

  7. Lea Burning River says:

    ….”it is not a question of whether life itself will continue, it is a question of whether our own decisions will leave room for ourselves.,,,,”
    Thanks, Len.
    Beautiful. Well said. True.

  8. JKR JKR says:

    What a beautifully written piece. I wish I could feel more “present” and less mired in either so much detail oriented responsibility or my stock “sinking feeling”… It also doesn’t help to have a lingering malaise over something I can’t quite put my finger on but is causing me so much internal angst and tummy aches. I like the way you wove in and highlighted the idea of shyness…it parallels a situation in my life right now that keeps prompting me to not give up the fight. Shyness manifests so many different ways for so many people. For me, it’s very halting and also very hard to navigate around, but I do try. Very inspirational writing. I’ll take it heart the way I believe you intend it to be taken…

  9. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Meve, be, MandyM, Huffy, Lyd, nicoise, and Carrie: Thank you all so very much for your kind words and additional contributions (all well-timed and in perfect context)

  10. Carrie says:

    Correction: “Your focus IS your reality.” Typing way too fast today!

  11. Carrie says:

    “Working with a fixed sign is working to make a trend, a pattern or a cycle last. That work has a double-edged potential, and the possibility that prevails depends on how the work is undertaken.” This and the “your focus in your reality” go so well together it is uncanny. Thanks, Len, for putting into words exactly what I need to hear.

  12. nicoise says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL, Len!!!! Thank you so much. I am so filled with joy to be em-bodied at this time….

  13. Lyd says:

    Well Len, I’m going to borrow from BE and second the “balm for the soul”. Thank you. And I agree with MAEVE, “I bet each one of us thinks you’re writing to us.” Exactly.

    A bit of trivia here….Daniel Gianamori, a shamanic astrologer, did a little research: he added up the number of Venus’s heliacal rises, by sign, from 1930 to 2018 and discovered that they are predominately in the signs of Scorpio, Aries and Gemini. Not really traditional Venus images! So, “Venus in Gemini (Mercury’s sign of multimedia expression) is the goddess who wants a say in mass consciousness. She will be the voice that shouts….I’ve been quiet for 3,600 years and look where that got us. Now I have some things to say!”

  14. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Yes, thank you dear Len, for this stunning blog – that filled me with such joy as I read it. “Even if you put an event out of your mind, even if you overcame the challenge, the anniversary of a trauma will often be felt in the body. It is the final and most difficult step of healing to release physical attachment to the adversities that have shaped you so you can fully engage the present, empowered to act on it, rather than continuously suffering a past you cannot change”. Think this is where I’m at right now – you express it so beautifully, and it helps so much to have this feeling expressed so clearly. Once again, thank you.

  15. MandyM MandyM says:

    Len: I wrote this last night, knowing it would be relevant to whatever you would post next. Thank you, brother.

    I cannot tell you who I am. I can only tell you what I am. I am a Living Prayer, and my daily prayer is thus:

    Dear Mother/Father God
    Thank you for my life.
    Thank you for the gift of today.
    Thank you for loving me and guiding me and calling my name.
    Thank you for the Love that surrounds me and moves through me.
    I pray that you allow me to be an instrument of Your Will
    Please allow me to be an instrument of Your Love, Peace, Beauty and Divinity,
    Grace, Mercy, Patience and Compassion,
    Your Wisdom and Intelligence,
    Strength and Courage,
    Abundance and Prosperity,
    Joy and Laughter.
    Thank You for the Blessings I have received and continue to receive.
    Thank You for the honor of being your servant.
    Dear God, please Bless this beautiful planet, Mother Earth,
    and all who live upon her, within her and above her.

    I would encourage everyone to let go of the past. Yes, it is useful to look there to learn from our mistakes. But, just how many times and how many mistakes do you need to look at. Pick one, just one. Whether that be a mistake YOU made or a mistake WE made as a collective, whichever one you choose will contain the All. Do not get lured by and stuck in the mysteries and histories of the past, since it was all an illusion, built on deceit. Learn from it and turn around to face the future.
    I recently heard a First Nations brother declare “I can’t let go of the past because it’s not fixed yet.” How ironic, considering it will not fix itself until you let it go. How can you paddle your canoe forward if you still have it tied to the dock? Stupid, isn’t it? While you are so busy looking behind you, you will miss what is coming toward you, and you will not be prepared for when it is upon you. And the best way to be prepared for the future is to be in the NOW.
    If you are having difficulty with this world of opposites in your quest to discover the Truth, know that with each polarity, both are True. Those who regard success as position held, bank account balance, shiny car, luxury of home etc., regard me as a loser. From their perspective and what they value, this is True. Those who have been open to my help and guidance have sometimes regarded me as Heaven sent. From their perspective and what they value, this is True. Both are right. Reality is, I am both and both are True. And you are a reflection of me.
    Time’s up, kids. Face forward.

    With Love, The Toothless Hag

  16. bkoehler says:

    This is just balm for the soul Len. Thank you as always for being the aware one. Life IS at it’s most attractive during Taurus, isn’t it? In fact, I know in my heart that every word you have written is true and spot on. Already my heartbeat has slowed down to normal and it’s not even Thursday yet.

    It was almost 2 years ago when Uranus entered Aries after much anticipation and the Sun had moved to Gemini and the Moon was opposing him. Of course, we were still grieving over the unbelievable tragedy we were forced to believe. Venus was in the sign of Cancer, a water sign that empathizes with Taurus and Mother Earth. She was opposed Pluto and Ceres and conjunct the south node, and as I think back, true to south node mythology, we were giving up something; part of our innocence. She sextiled Mercury in Taurus as if to make us feel as well as think about our beautiful Gulf. They in turn proded the Moon in Sagittarius to feel and think of the Big Picture. The Moon’s Sabian Symbol then was “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway”, and Dane Rudhyar says it implies “SOCIAL CONCERN”. I say we’ve got quite a few steep stairsteps to go. As you say, the body remembers.

  17. Maeve Maeve says:

    Oh Len, what a way with words you have.

    I know you haven’t written this just for me, but with the way you write, I bet each one of us thinks that you’re writing to us, individually.

    Thank you for the reminder to be more present in my body, and to firm up my idea of moving into massage as the next part of my healing.

    The Sun moving into my sign hasn’t always meant much to me, but this year, it feels exciting.

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