Crusin’ — Mars Trine Neptune

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You may have already sensed Mars cruising through its Scorpio domain toward Thursday’s 8:13 am EDT (12:13 UT) water trine with Neptune, which is in its own Pisces rulership. Mars aspects do tend to go off prematurely. Nevertheless, now would be a good time to check, and possibly correct, your own course.

Astrology by Len Wallick

If it’s not exciting to be a conscious self-evaluator now, that’s just the point. The cosmic currents of this Martian trine to Neptune imply more stimulation than awareness.

This is not to say energetic Mars building to a flowing, uninhibited connection with heady Neptune has you crusin’ for a proverbial bruisin’ — not at all.

It is to say that you should look at where your energy, your flow, and whatever you are caught up in now are taking you. It’s unlikely anybody else will be minding your heading for you because nearly all of us are in similarly engaged boats.

You can start with breaking the watery Mars-Neptune trine down a bit, and examine its parts so as to better appreciate the dynamic whole. A good place to begin is being aware of how long it has been since something like this has happened.

Mars only entered Scorpio about 10 days ago. Up until then, Mars had been working back and forth all this year through the labors of its long Libra retrograde.

In addition, it’s been approximately 12 months since Mars last expressed itself (and formed a trine with Neptune) from a water sign. All of which serves to remind you that none of us have a recent memory of how Mars trine Neptune feels.

Common sense tells you that a lack of recent experience with anything means that you should not carelessly indulge mindless cruise control. Rather, you should carefully exercise mindful attention.

Even if you vividly recall when Mars sailed through watery Cancer from mid-July to nearly the end of August last year, now is no comparison. Cancer is the Moon’s dominion, but Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars (along with latecomer Pluto).

If you are at all familiar with how all things Scorpio work for you, you know that Mars and water combine to imply passion. That’s a good thing. Passion is life affirmed, fueling your best efforts to overcome life’s challenges. Nonetheless, passion can also take over to become an end in itself, which is something to be aware of when trine aspects are involved.

Trine aspects connect signs that share the same elemental component (fire, earth, air or water). The connection implied by a common element sets up a flow (like a river), or a current (akin to electricity).

Much as with a river’s flow or an electrical current, trines can be harnessed to save labor and move things along. By the same token, trines can coincide with loss of control, which is something to be conscious of when Neptune is involved.

To be sure, Neptune does not deserve the unsavory or dissolute reputation that dominates its interpretation for many. Nothing in astrology, no planet, sign or aspect, is exclusively either pernicious or benevolent. Just like you, Neptune has a lot to recommend it combined with some things that require creative conciliation.

Indeed, creativity is the best of Neptune. Among Neptune’s most positive manifestations is as the “conceive” that necessarily precedes every “achieve,” which in turn connects your individual creative efforts to the continuum of humanity. That sort of connection is heady stuff, but when it happens it’s a powerfully good feeling. 

The fecund nature of Neptune’s creative component is engaged only at the risk of encountering all facets of Neptune’s power, however. Nowhere is Neptune more powerful than where it rules — Pisces.

Besides the encounter with sheer power, the challenge of Neptune expressing through Pisces is that it doesn’t happen very often. Before tentatively beginning its present tenure in 2011, Neptune had not traversed is watery home since 1862. Hence, a situation similar to Mars in a water sign for the first time in a year, but exponentially so.

Nobody now living has any experience of Neptune in Pisces prior to 2011. That’s how you should approach this impending trine from Mars to Neptune mindfully. Yet, given the tremendous upside of passion flowing into and supporting a transcendentally connective creativity, you should not unnecessarily inhibit yourself.

Instead, take your rightful place along with Mars and Neptune. The passion is probably already there for you somewhere, and that is Mars manifest. Likewise, creativity is also probably flowing for you somehow as an expression of Neptune. Therefore, apply yourself to be the source of awareness and the implementer of any necessary correction in your life.

Examine what you have become passionate about since Mars entered Scorpio. Evaluate where the currents of your passion are likely taking you. Also consider what you may have been neglecting while caught up in the creative flow. Then, address whatever may cause you to founder if not attended to.

The idea is to make the most of this moment without recklessly risking everything for what the moment offers. In all probability you are not cruisin’ for a bruisin’, but in the event that you are, a simple and carefully considered course correction should be all you need.

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10 Responses to Crusin’ — Mars Trine Neptune

  1. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Pam: Yes our perspective and our groundedness of what has always been, is in change..the experience is in-choice v/s re-action. And in this process of awareness (present mind and e-motion fluidity) as in this Trine, and your offering of Camus’ comment re Sisyphus’ myth, and as I was getting at, believe release/acceptance, allowance -is key. I look forward to reading. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. pam says:

    (Hello Len!)

    P.Sophia have you ever read Camus’ reading of the myth of sisyphus? (a chapter in the book of that name). he ends it something like ‘yes, one must imagine him happy’.

    It is years since I read it but I loved it. Return to Tipasa also in that book and in some editions his Q&A when receiving the Nobel Prize (the artist lives in the midst of life not above it. Take the bitterness without becoming bitter, and return to the fray having won that light). I was young then, and more worn with years now!

  3. Thanks Len. Very helpful to better understand the abundance of creative life force moving through my nervous system. I was throwing my trash out and found a bright pink pool “noodle” in the trash room. I grabbed it as a reminder to float, rise with the tide and, focus with in the in-flow of energy; and mostly to get in the water with support!

    I found myself sharing with a client yesterday how all boats rise with the tide, even the one’s with a hole in them and sinking; they still rise based on their buoyancy.

    Here’s to steering our collective boats in a direction of our choosing!

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Ms. Moreno: You are most welcome.

    be: Thank you. First off, no need to apologize for the occasional error. We all make errors, and as Eric noted only days ago, right now s a good time to risk mistake for what learning will come of it. The main this is that you brought up something really valuable. In the relatively short period from 2008 (when Pluto mades its first forays into Capricorn) until 2012 (when Neptune entered Pisces to stay for the long term) Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all changed signs. When you consider how slowly those four appear to move, to have all of them change the field through which they express in four years is the equivalent of all at once. Sure enough. Things changed all at once on the deepest and most profound levels in spite of some rather powerful interests attempting to conceal that. Just as you point out, the ingress astrology of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto between 2008 and 2012 has a lot to tell us, and you have done a marvelos (and deeply appreciated) job of helping us to see the big picture the outer planet ingresses have combined to tell.

    P. Sophia: Thank you for bringing up speedy Sisyphus. Speedy because it is not confined to the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Rather an Apollo asteroid which crosses over the orbits of Earth and Mars (effectively stitching the two planets together) as it follows its own orbit which is steeply inclined to the ecliptic. Most importantly (in terms of “reading it”) Sisyphus only days ago rose above the plane of the ecliptic after conjoining with its own heliocentric north node as July was ending, essentially echoing the thehme you so eloquently outlined. Wow – great timing!

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you. A safe and fulfilling road trip to you!

  5. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Mars is training Neppy in the sky, and Mars is conjuncting my Neppy, which means it must be a Neptune Trine. Cruisin’ indeed, good day for a road trip. Thanks Len.

  6. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    ..Sisyphus oppose Pluto (+ 4 degrees) may offer some help in evolving and grounding our practice in transforming the balance of this new energy. : D

  7. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    “For his assignment was to roll a great boulder to the top of a hill. Only every time Sisyphus, by the greatest of exertion and toil, attained the summit, the darn thing rolled back down again.”

    Isn’t that controlling, trickster Sisyphus also part of this trine? Believe that’s him at 6+ Cancer. Perhaps another warning to heed self awareness to the potential our decisions and the direction of leading we take to an alternative of an eternity of hard, frustrating labor.

    Especially considering Mars in Libra worked so diligently on us to see. Leading us away from this energy value of a life of control and toil. And joining forces, Neptune continues there in Pisces also encouraging us to Dream big, visualize and be open to create a new.

    Sisyphus is at the top of my chart in my 10th. I’d like to think I’ve finally reached the summit and the boulder will roll easily over the downward, eastern side. Yet I am considering and thankful for your article here, because I’ve also noticed when pushing up initiatives they don’t move very far, or worse quickly roll down backwards unnecessarily, frustratingly.

    Contrarily tho, objects released in awareness tend to pick up speed. Which can easily roll off uncontrollably, (duly noted), or keep in concious acceptance in other directions quite miraculously. I am learning to recognize and appreciate the value and delicate balance required when practicing this (‘cruisin’) energy.

    Thank you Len!

  8. bkoehler says:

    My apologies Len, Venus wasn’t in a trine with Saturn in the 2nd Neptune entry into Pisces after all. She was closing in on a quincunx with him. However, the Moon in Gemini WAS in a trine with Saturn as well as 6 degrees from a perfect trine with Neptune (which is okay for the Moon’s wide orb), providing quite a bit of cushioning for Saturn’s tough adjustment period. So, even though the Moon isn’t the lower octave of Neptune (like Venus), she’s a water-sign ruler (like him) and their grand trine with Saturn seems a pretty thoughtful gesture for the old sickle bearer.

  9. bkoehler says:

    Sounds like we will need to walk a rather careful line with this trine Len, between awareness and the joy of creativity. You made me think about the chart(s) of Neptune’s entry into Pisces with your reminder of his tentative beginning of this “present tenure” in Pisces during 2011. The 2nd entry into Pisces after Neptune went retrograde back to Aquarius for a while was in 2012 and, when comparing the 2 charts, it seemed to me that the 1st “tentative” entry (chart) appeared to be a situation for which Neptune’s gifts could be a positive thing.

    That 1st chart had all but one (major) planet within a span 110 degrees, most of them tightly bunched in Aries, with Mars and Uranus conjunct at 1+ degrees, the Aries Point. There was an imbalance of energy dispersion in that chart, held together by a magnetic like opposition between Sun (14+ Aries) and Saturn (13+ Libra) retrograde. I thought of it as an opportunity for Neptune to loosen up the atmosphere, what with all it’s emphasis on the “I” (or the new beginning), and because Mars and Uranus were conjunct at the time (1st entry of Neptune into Pisces), it looked to be a volatile process.

    10 months later Neptune made his 2nd entry into Pisces and by then the major planets were all over the place. Most notable was the T-square between the personal planets of Venus at 24+ Pisces, opposite Mars at 22+ Virgo, both square the Moon at 24+ Gemini. Neptune himself had an out-of-sign trine with retrograde Saturn at 29+ Libra, the planet who had been in the half of the 1st entry chart all by himself. (For the U.S. it was the bottom half; the private half vs. the public half). It would be 7 more months before they would exact that trine.

    My takeaway (at the time) was that Neptune’s “mission” if you will, was to acclimate Saturn (or what he symbolized) to a more gradual process of change. Neptune’s surrogate in the material world, Venus (lower octave of Neptune) was not only in the T-square with Moon and Mars, but trined Saturn. Not only would this necessary change appear to take a while, but it would also need to be done with finesse.

    Perhaps, at least for some of us, the present-day Mars, soon to trine Neptune, might provide a divine moment of grace regarding what Mars usually symbolizes. An opportunity for Mars to be baptized in the river’s flow of creativity and compassion – before his conjunction with Saturn. That will take place at the time of the Virgo New Moon later this month.

    Well, I personally feel inspired to walk the chalk mindfully. Who knows what divine inspiration will attend this trine between action and com-passion. Thanks for another one of your heads up offerings kind sir.

  10. Thank you, Len. That was very necessary. :)

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