Continuity: An Astrologer’s Look Back, and Ahead

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At the stroke of midnight tonight 2013 will be history. Nevertheless, the astrology of the year now waning with the Moon will continue for and through you into 2014. For you and the rest of the us, planets outside the solar system’s main asteroid belt (most notably Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) will continue a uniquely concurrent combination of configurations to define our era as unlike any other, anticipating perpetuity in the process.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Through you and your experience, celestial patterns of 2013 not soon to repeat will become part of the continuum of history. Participation in the historical process will in turn strongly imply something about your own continuity as part of the universe.

Just as it was in the year now passing, and just as it was the year before, the big picture for astrology in 2014 will be the continuum of cardinal squares from Uranus to Pluto.

Now nearly halfway through a predictably tempestuous seven-year traversal of energetic Aries, Uranus is keeping things interesting. Granted, the proverb of “interesting times” as a curse has touched all of us over the past couple years, leaving serious bruises and painful scars. Nevertheless, it’s not making light of such wounds to say that Uranus will contribute significantly to make 2014 boring only for those not paying attention. It will not always be that way, and those in generations to come may well envy the dynamic (if dangerous) alternator that galvanizing Uranus is to glacial Pluto.

Pluto’s very slow apparent motion around the zodiac (about two and a half centuries for one circuit of all 12 signs) makes it rather glacial in how it expresses for, and through, you. With such nature comes the irresistible force of what is inevitable. With the glimpse of what is (and is not) inevitable that experience with Pluto provides, comes in turn a connection to historical and cosmic cycles that transcend your physical existence — even though your every moment plays a crucial role in the longest periodicities and largest manifestations.

That’s because you and others like you have free will, unlike the planets, or the seasons, or indeed many other beings. With such nature comes the phenomenon of cause and effect. Cause and effect is how, with your every moment, you perturb the continuum of all things, making interesting (if dangerous) and inevitable things come to pass.

Similarly, through you, the parts of the astrology that will not soon repeat after 2013 will perpetuate. Through the perpetuation of your experience, you may further your personal evolution, and the evolution of our kind so as to make the most of every moment.

Foremost among the astrological phenomena of 2013 that will not soon repeat is how Mercury spent half the year moving exclusively through water signs.

Mercury is nothing if not versatile in how it expresses on Earth. One thing not abundant in Mercury’s character, however, is the emotional, intuitive nature of elemental water. Three retrogrades — first entirely through Pisces, then Cancer, and finally Scorpio — implied how two diverse parts of your nature (symbolically represented by how the two hemispheres of your brain diverge in their proficiencies) were compelled not only to coexist, but to merge and even marry.

You may not know or feel it now, but on some level that marriage of thinking and feeling did take place for you in 2013. You will carry the experience into 2014, and your experience will find a more expansive, defining and creative continuation through a grand water trine without precedent in modern history.

It started before 2013 when creative Neptune moved home to mutable Pisces for the first time in a century and a half. Then, defining Saturn made its way into fixed Scorpio. Both completing the water circuit, and connecting it to the cardinal square from Uranus to Pluto, was expansive Jupiter — entering cardinal Cancer about 5 months ago. Now, for another 7 months or so (until Jupiter leaves for Leo on July 16, 2014) the unprecedented flowing water circuit will continue.

You can go back centuries upon centuries until the records become iffy and not find any match in either configuration or longevity for this particular arrangement of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Such lack of precedence, combined with the long cyclical periods of the three planets involved, indicates a corollary never before experienced by our kind. For that corollary to coalesce into a never-before-seen reality of warm, living heart and cold, human history, a baton must be passed. That’s how 2013 will continue into 2014 for you.

It is as if Mercury has passed the baton to you. It is as if you are now the mythic messenger. The message is your experience during this past year. Astrology indicates there is something vital in your experience of 2013, something essential to those yet unborn. For what has happened to you during this past year is not destined to be forgotten, not fated to oblivion, but amenable to continuation through cycles longer than your physical existence.

So run the race of 2014 knowing that it’s about more than you. Run the race as if you have a role to play in the destiny and fate of the Earth, its beings, and the universe itself, because you do. If there is anything to astrology, 2014 will be the year some of us evolve to realize and accept the role of a purposeful and conscious agent of continuation as well as perturbation.

Run to be among those who so evolve and, in a way perhaps unprecedented, your own continuation will likewise be assured. Happy New Year to all, and to all a good run.

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20 Responses to Continuity: An Astrologer’s Look Back, and Ahead

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    Uranus and Pluto in Virgo for the generations of the years 60 is an appointment very acting under the first area of the cycle begun in 1965. All those with this combination in their card, it is necessary to identify the House that will become the place of action.
    I have too much time to develop Len, it is late in France but it echoes in my mind for some time. We are in a phase of action which will wake up inside all those born at the time of this cycle Uranus/Pluto, it is a very strong action, almost visceral urgency…

    Good night and good Weekend

    See my comment on Dieudonné and the link of his card to better understand the issue of the cycle of Pluto/Uranus

  2. nilou suria says:

    Thank you, Hazel1. So much gratitude and appreciation through all the counties. May we too all be so generous, especially with each other. nilou

  3. Hazel1 Hazel1 says:

    Oh, and my dog, Xochitl, and I just came back from a 13.1 mile walk to town and back. Both sore, I’m stretching and she’s napping on the futon in the sunroom. Next, food and then guitar.

  4. Hazel1 Hazel1 says:

    Thanks again, Suria, for another poem that hits the spot with me.

  5. Bette Loreen says:

    Suria, what a beautiful poem, & deeply meaningful to me. Thank-you.

    Len, thank-you for this multi-layered, ever so wise post, one I shall keep to relect upon into the new calendar year.

    May we all make the best we are able of the events of the coming year; peace & blessings to all in the Planet Waves community.

  6. nilou suria says:

    If you were here I would share the kiss
    that I’ve been keeping for such a long time.
    But you are not here.
    So I find myself imagining we fall into peace, into place.
    If I let myself fall into you, will you catch me?
    If I fall into you, will you hold me?
    No, wait a while; let me let go to fall alone a while,
    And when I am full of falling
    I will gently call you from deep quiet.
    Will you hear me?
    And I will come to you for deep stillness.
    Will you see me?
    This my gift to me, is my gift to you.
    Will you receive it?

    As I fall I pass through shadows of past hopes and aspirations
    All reminding me that whoever I thought I was,
    I was always me…
    I see that I was present to witness all the joy and laughter, just as I did the losses.

    But I see also myself bound up in a tapestry for which I did not design the pattern.
    And I have unpicked those parts that were not mine – they did not suit.
    And now I rework them with
    colours of my own choosing,
    shapes of my own choosing,
    textures of my own choosing:
    so that from here to the end of my days
    the story I weave is my own.
    And I keep on falling, for it fills me up.

    Wait a while, and I will come join you to fall into peace, into place.
    And I will share the kiss I’ve been keeping for you.
    This my gift of trust, is my gift of trust to you.

    Now you are here I share the kiss
    that I’ve been keeping for such a long time.
    Now you are here
    we fall into peace, into place.

    As I let myself fall into you, you catch me.
    As I fall into you, you hold me.
    And now I am full of falling.
    I call you gently from deep quiet; you hear me.
    I come to you for deep stillness; you see me.
    I offer my gifts; you receive them.
    I offer my faith,
    I trust.
    And there is no other time.

  7. nilou suria says:

    Dos són los focs que escalfen l’amor de l’amic: la un és bastit de desigs, plaers, e cogitacions; l’altre és compost de temor, llanguiment, e de llàgremes e de plors.

    Llibre d’Amic e Amat

  8. mariapadhila says:

    Len, I made your column the first thing I read in the new year, followed by comments. At first my reaction was all about how miserable 2013 was and how glad I was that it’s over. And voices saying: what’s the point of intentions because you’ll just get blindsided and be unable to achieve them, or you’re too flawed (in all the ways that came to light last year) to see it through. And then halfway through taking a shower in the new bathroom (result of the house flooding last year), my perspective shifted–I fell in love with the whole Capricorn/Saturn process…felt a very earthy gratitude for what it brought and started feeling that not only might we coexist, but co-create. I really have to be reminded of the beauty and excitement (and humor) there is in that saturnine darkness once in a while. Happy new year!

  9. Donna Donna says:

    I feel I’ve been at the starting line to this “race” so many times with the ability and talent. This year I TAKE OFF! I just heard the starting gun!
    Thank you for your wisdom and guidance!

  10. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Congratulations on all that you achieved in 2013, Salamander! I wish you and all of you here at PW the very very best for 2014.
    Thank you, dear Len, for your gifts, sweetness and humanity.

  11. Salamander says:

    2013 really taught me to be in other people’s shoes (with the stellium planets involving more than one sign), and to upgrade my emotional well-being with the water-themed Mercury direct and retrograde transits (particularly the concept of cultivating inner peace in order to be less affected by external circumstances). And then, Chiron square Moon, Chiron trine Pluto, Chiron conjunct Ascendant, and Saturn in Scorpio have been making me peacefully face my pathologies so that I can achieve more family harmony and professional success in this life.
    I am feeling like 2014 is going to be all about fast-paced action, I want to soon get a full-time job that makes me passionate every morning. I also want to succeed in my university studies online.
    My Uranus-Pluto themes have been: how to get a job that suits my way of being, that’ll help me earn enough money to live on my own, that serves the collective good, while having positive relationships with my family. The other theme was how to develop the personality, the professionalism and the capabilities that’ll help me attract the jobs I want.
    I am happy with my part-time job at the video store (especially on Monday, where the revenue was higher than usual), where I help people have access to culture, and I want my constant work on my customer service skills will bring more revenue. I am looking forward to having my government internship become a full-time job because it’s a job in the world that harmonizes with every dimension of my chart, and where I’ll always have something interesting to tell every time.

  12. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    The message I get is “Be the Baton.” Of course with Mercury the predominant planetary energy in my chart I would feel that way, huh. As you recommended Len I emailed my team a week ago and articulated the vision going forward, the responses were positive and powerful. With the new moon tomorrow I know that my team will be brought on-line to accomplish our mission: got the Mars Effect in full force.

    Many blessings to you Len for your poetic interpretations of astrology, twice a week all year you offer us guidance through a multitude of reality-scapes, and serve as a beacon for a beautiful conversation here. And to all of you on this team: Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year, and may it bring each of you far more blessings, beauty, health and good fortune than you can imagine for yourself!!

  13. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Happy New Year, Len and all. I love this team!

  14. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Jere: Great Poet! How the heck are you? Thank you for stopping by at this auspicious time. Been thinking of you recently, wondering what the hey. It’s so good to know you are among us. Thank you for the peace of mind.

    be: Thank you for adding erudite depth, pertinent theme, and your trademark humor to the year-end review. Thank you especially for making sense of that unusual conjunction between Astraea and Industria.

    Hazel1: Thank you for checking in, and may your New Year walk combine with the resumption of your guitar playing to provide a fitting and promising accompaniment wth the New Moon.

    Strawberry: It is for all of us to thank you for taking the chance you did by joining the Planet Waves community with your cogent comments (way to go on the Mars exaltation degree) and b sharing your own personal evolution. Ever grateful to you we are.

    P. Sophia: Speaking of those who have shared to our continued gratitude, you are among the most generous, eclectic, and perceptive – thank you!

  15. Lyd says:

    Thank you Len for your generosity, kindness and guidance through the waves and whitecaps of this past year. You are truly appreciated.

    Happy New Year to all…may we gratefully receive it’s invitation to venture where we need to be.

  16. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    It’s been an incredible year ( well, I’d say notably a longer period really since June 2012) of nascent transition and change. For me personally patience, much faith and acceptance is what has made the growing pains tolerable.

    It has been/ is a period of exploration of receiving . Receiving the hidden in process development, or the acceptance of noticing, if you will, the Psychic Forces that are available to us to help guide our nature. It makes sense to me just now as mentioned Len..all this change has taken place while working on our Minds, (in Mercury) as he floated forward and back through retrograde cycles in the 3 water signs this year. Water allows the open movement and necessary stimulation for such energies, e-motion and love to grow and then transform the mind in a new way.

    Len thank you again and everyone, this community of growth for your inspirations that lovingly help guide us along and through. Happy New year to Len and all.

  17. Lovely, Len. I’ve been contemplating the baton-passing theme for a while now, especially in light of the way Venus stationed retrograde on Mars’ exaltation point in preparation for this upcoming Mars-ey year — as if to say “so you’ve had a year of learning to think with your heart & intuition, now let’s put some power behind it and see what we can do.” That’s a baton I’ll happily take up and carry forward.

    Happy New Year, everyone. I’m grateful to all of you for the inspiration & encouragement that made 2013 the extraordinary period of growth & evolution is has been in my life. I will never look at life or myself the same, thanks to all of you.

    With love, appreciation, gratitude and excitement for the year to come,

  18. Hazel1 Hazel1 says:

    Not running tomorrow, but I’m walking to town and back with my dog, which is the distance of a half marathon. It’ll take up a few hours, we will see pretty trees and meet people along the way and we will enjoy a beautiful day, then I’ll be trying to play my guitar which I just got back from having repaired, at your suggestion. Happy New Year!

  19. bkoehler says:

    Back atcha Jere. Len, your offering today makes Mercury’s baton sound like it might conceal a secret diploma for getting through 2013. However, it was a team effort wasn’t it? Jupiter’s connection with the grand water trine and the grand cardinal cross was perfect placement for him since he co-rules Pisces with Neptune and co-rules the cultural/societal cycle with Saturn. He also co-rules the axis of Sagittarius and Gemini with Mercury so if he wasn’t the captain of the team he sure was the key player. And speaking of key, Chiron did a lot of great pinch hitting for Neptune didn’t he? All in all, the celestial team hit a few out of the park and ran the bases often enough to give us plenty of excitement.

    Mixing sports with metaphors isn’t my strong suite but your celestial relay race is also a team sport of a different kind. We mustn’t drop the baton now that it’s our turn to carry it as the gods will be watching us anxiously. Astraea sits with Industria high in the Aquarius seats on this last day of 2013 and they promise to not leave us if we work hard at this evolutionary process. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us and happy new year Len!

  20. jere jere says:

    Hey Len and all, had to stop by to say “hey, love you all”.

    Peace through one to all


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