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Like every Full Moon, the Gemini Full Moon at 4:28 am EST Tuesday (but unusually functional now) will feature the Earth moving between the luminaries (Sun and Moon). Unlike other oppositions of the luminaries, the Gemini Full Moon will appear against the background of intergalactic space while the Sun is nearly conjoined with the core of our galaxy. That will place Earth, and you, between in more ways than one.

Astrology by Len Wallick

The Galactic Core is a broad expanse of sky, even from here. Intergalactic space is as wide as the sky itself. That’s how it’s fair to say that Tuesday’s Full Moon is functioning now as the luminaries approach opposition.

Configurations and alignments of luminaries, planets, points and assorted objects often correspond to analogous events in your life. A Full Moon is perhaps the most well known example.

Unlike many other aspects, a Full Moon is plainly visible. As such, a compelling visual cue reinforces what you are feeling on other levels — being between the solar emblem of waking consciousness and the lunar symbol of the other half of your life.

Most of us are well connected with solar consciousness. Not everybody is as familiar, or comfortable, with the mysterious source of dreams, where emotional needs, intuitive aptitude and childhood are so deeply rooted. Hence, when the two representations of your psyche’s major constituents oppose you can feel a fulfilling wholeness, or traumatically torn, or even some of both.

Having the luminaries oppose while the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center leaves the Moon seemingly adrift in the vast conundrum which is both nothing and everything at once. Such an alignment serves to take this coming Full Moon to a different level, at once personal and universal. With the Moon opposing the Sagittarius Sun from dualistic Gemini, the corresponding experiences you have are not likely to be neutral.

That is not to say that the Gemini Full Moon even now building to a climax is something to be afraid of. On the contrary, you can participate in the gradually culminating experience starting now, so as to appreciate the miracle that you are. From self-appreciation you can do a little expansive building of your own.

It’s a great time see just how special it is to be between not only the luminaries, and not only the Galactic Core and the rest of the Cosmos, but also between your own birth and inevitable transition from your current form.

For one thing, the physical scale of your current existence makes it possible for you to behold the great structures of the Universe directly. At the same time, your body routinely interacts with the sub-atomic by registering photons on your retina as vision, among many other examples.

The capacity endowed by your physical scale thus places you between all the rest that is, not so as to despair at being separate, but rather to be inspired by direct evidence that you are ‘one with’.

That’s a clue for how to build yourself up to Tuesday’s Full Moon. Please consider starting now. Whenever, wherever and however you feel divided within or separated from that which is outside your physical being, stop and think about it. Think about how you could even accept the possibility of being anything but whole. Contemplate how it is that you were somehow, somewhere along the line convinced that you are separate from any other being, or the Earth, or the Sun, or our galaxy, or all that is.

Prove it to yourself on Tuesday by simply looking at the Full Moon, weather permitting. Simply do that, and think. Think, knowing that countless others are doing the same thing at the same time. By doing just that you will be made whole within to immeasurable depths, and without for infinity.

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11 Responses to Between — Gemini Full Moon

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    Yes Len I agree with you a great time this full moon in conjunction with my progressed Sun, she hit very hard,

    Happy holidays from Christmas to you and your family :)

  2. Salamander says:

    Thank you for the good luck wishes and your words of advice, Len. What makes the December 17 offer particularly special is that it is located in the office I am working at right now, so my supervisors will be able to vouch for me more easily, and the people making the hiring decisions will know me already (in addition to seeing my resume and job assessment questionnaire). However, if I don’t get the job, fortunately, other openings can come up, and going back to school makes me eligible for more paid openings. My supervisors expect me to master some of the skills I am currently working on in my internship by February.

    I am working hard at attaining this position because it’s a job I am passionate about, it’s the most fulfilling position for me out there.

    I have registered for the spring semester. The good news is that I am paying 1200 dollars, which is less costly than the average grad school program. I’ll also make sure to have the time to study and ace the courses.

  3. BAnthony61 says:

    I am extra curious now how my natal Moon in Pisces @ 26 (8th) and my natal Sun in Gemini will experience this. I’ve certainly been feeling an esoteric ‘one with the universe’ lately, or, feeling it more than I have in a while. I suppose what I am feeling now is the gist of it. Having a moon squaring the Galactic Center is bound to bring up deep feelings of one kind or another. I’ll update if anything else ‘materializes’ : )

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    marymack: Thank you for warming my heart in turn. Please stand in your truth, even when you feel vulnerable. There is no reason for shame, and those who would cast you out are probably reacting to what they have in common with you (and do not handle as well).

    be: Thank you for the brilliant (and instructive) tie-in to Nelson Mandela’s nativity. In doing so, you have developed a deeper (and very convincing) interpretation of this impending Full Moon for which all of us are deeply indebted to you.

    aword: It is amazing how your nativity reliably resonates with the transiting astrology time and again to inform each and all of us of our place. It is with gratitude that my thanks is extended to you again for sharing it.

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you for being so very kind, even as your periodic purging proceeds. May the Full Moon see your completion of your personal clean-up so that you can help the rest of us see all the more clearly for it.

    Cynthia: It gives me the greatest joy to know my small service has helped you to breathe easier. My thanks to you in turn.

    salamander: Best of luck on getting that job. It appears you are doing everything possible to enhance your luck. Since the Full Moon represents a fully revealing culmination, please remember that no matter what happens, the outcome will provide you with valuable information about yourself. Offered with appreciation and respect for you.

    strawberry: Thank you for sharing your deliberation on some rather big subject matter. Please remember that you are just as powerful, as evinced by your eloquent and passionate words.

  5. This morning as the Moon crossed my midheaven (trining Pluto), I really started to feel this: “Having the luminaries oppose while the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center leaves the Moon seemingly adrift in the vast conundrum which is both nothing and everything at once.” Lost, adrift, alone, terrified of that much space…and weary over pretending this “reality” people seem to agree on even exists.

    Solar Sagittarius has been great for casting off old identifications of myself, seeing how the stories I’ve built myself on were at best incomplete, learning to own myself amid all the other energies swirling about me, …but rather challenging on knowing just where the fuck I am.

    Then this line from Eric’s Virgo horoscope: “remember that you are never dealt a disadvantage without some corresponding gift of power. It’s your choice what to emphasize.” One other unexpected gift of recent days has been actually feeling Saturn as something to contain myself within. I’m going to work to hold onto that feeling as this Full Moon builds, while allowing for a little losing my mind if that’s where this takes me. That Mercury ascendant has had the run of things far too exclusively for far too long. Sigh.

  6. Salamander says:

    Thank you for your perspective on the Gemini Full Moon, Len. I’ll do what I can to harmonize myself with my conscious mind and my subconscious mind. I was expecting Tuesday to be a very talkative day, and where I’d need to drive prudently (the good news is that the fog, the rain, the snow and the sun glare improved my driving capabilities when Mercury was squaring Neptune, then Chiron.), but I didn’t think about that angle.
    I’ll apply for the next semester very soon (hopefully by today). Also, the full moon coincides with an important job deadline that is linked to my current internship. I want to get that job!
    Doing field work (including in the cold) makes me appreciate life on this planet more, and driving makes me have more respect for the elements.

  7. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    As I read “It’s a great time see just how special it is to be between not only the luminaries, and not only the Galactic Core and the rest of the Cosmos, but also between your own birth and inevitable transition from your current form,” my entire being exhaled in deep relaxation. I didn’t know I was waiting to exhale and that there was nothing more to do inhale than a peaceful and joyful contentment. Now I do.
    You are amazing my friend!

  8. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    My head is a bit foggy as my body is going through one of periodic “clean this place out” phases, so I am finding it hard to grasp the subtleties of this piece. Yet I see this full moon is 1 degree from my mid-heaven, so I am expecting some action in my life from this lunation.

  9. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Len, you are wholly wonderful at discerning the whole picture and at describing the whole story.

    I continue to be fully amazed at how what is going on in the sky points fully to what is going on in my life and in relationship to others who are fully and some not so fully in my life. I have to say, however, that it seems recently that light has shone more fully onto those not-so-full relationships as well, casting aside shadow that has existed completely and allowing me to embrace myself more fully by way of relating to what those relationships are more completely. We are all One.

    Thank you, wholly, fully and completely, Len.

  10. bkoehler says:

    I can’t resist thinking about Nelson Mandela (again, still) Len because his natal Vesta was at 25+ Gemini. At the time he was born the Galactic Core was at 25+ Sagittarius, so this Tuesday’s full moon will exactly conjunct his Vesta and oppose his natal GC. No doubts on my part that the media will continue to reflect on his fine example of dedication to a purpose long after this full moon is spent.

    Granted, Mandela’s GC was on his easily accessible (natal chart) ascendant and his natal Vesta was on the descendant of that chart, but the influence of the GC is available to us all, no matter where it falls in our natal charts at this Full Moon. You say “Such an alignment serves to take this Full Moon to a different level, at once personal and universal”, and by the transiting Moon’s conjunction to Mandela’s natal Vesta at a time when she is most fully reflective, that part of our psyche (which Moon represents) will be influenced by Mandela’s example of participating within and without the Whole. Whatever house she falls in, this Gemini Full Moon will be a call to everyone alive (even if it isn’t consciously recognized as such) to activate some latent or already expressing talent to connect with others within their community.

    If that “different level” is spiritual, the Gemini quality of mutability can provide the Moon’s emotional/feeling quality a pathway to inspire others to overcome their differences. The oppositions found in duality COULD be exacerbated by Gemini’s trickster ruler Mercury, or . . they could be OVERCOME through purposeful effort (think Mandala’s Vesta) to find a harmonious balance between opposing views and attitudes. With all of (Gemini ruler) Mercury’s time spent in the water signs this year, this could be a big payoff for everyone in diplomatic lessons learned (a Gemini thing).

    Thanks once again for your inspiring words Len, they nurture us to think outside the box.

  11. marymack says:

    Ah, Len. It warms my heart to read your posts. Thank you for your personal service to me and so many others, I feel sure. It’s very tough to open up about certain things and you never let me feel ashamed and outcast for being vulnerable in my truth. Bless you, brother and thank you for representing the tribe so generously, so unconditionally, so lovingly.


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