Being The Charm — Jupiter Trine Saturn

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Jupiter’s last leg of direct motion through Cancer will reach a third and final water trine aspect with retrograde Saturn in Scorpio this weekend. Proverb suggests how a third time can be a charm. If there is anything to that saying, you may want consider embodying charm over this weekend to ride astrology’s flow.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Embedded in the word “charm” is its older meaning of a “magic spell,” and the understanding that such spells must be said a particular way. As another popular maxim suggests, how you say something is often just as important (or even more so) than what you say. That’s the essence of charm.

Considering the historical context of Jupiter’s previous water trines with Saturn, how you express yourself this weekend would appear to be doubly important.

Your consideration begins with both actual and metaphorical water. Symbolic water is (along with fire, earth and air), one of the four elements that contribute to each of astrology’s 12 signs having a unique identity.

Signs that share the same element have a sense of being closely connected even though widely separated on the zodiac circle. There is a name for the representation of such a connection: trine. There is also a word that aptly described trines: flow.

Appropriately, trines featuring water in common flow powerfully. The flow is strong enough to overcome vast distances through space and time with emotional, intuitive and visceral connections that feel very personal. It’s just as actual water in your body connects you to the rest of the world. 

Some trines are common, creating frequent connections. For example, the Moon completes a circuit of the zodiac every four weeks or so, and every possible trine aspect is included in the round trip. Hence, lunar trines to any given object repeat often. Such is not the case for planets with slow apparent motion.

The further away from the Sun, the longer the orbital period, and the slower the apparent motion. Jupiter and Saturn are like that. Neptune is even more so, which is what made the first water trine from Jupiter to Saturn in our current astrological configuration so special.

The first water trine from Jupiter to Saturn in many years took place during the third week of July, 2013. It was special because it was part of a precise grand trine with Neptune completing the third and final angle from Pisces. Such a configuration had not taken place for many centuries. Nor will it repeat until many generations have passed. 

Hence, the first of three recent water trines from Jupiter to Saturn was like finding a piece of amber washed up on a beach — your unlikely yet personal connection with distant antiquity. You are indescribably special for having lived through the occasion. The question is whether you understand yet just how special. The second Jupiter-Saturn water trine may have given you a clue.

The second of three water trines from Jupiter to Saturn left Neptune behind, but was still connected with ancient qualities because of when it happened. It was the second week of December last year — holiday season. Jupiter was retrograde, and Saturn was direct. Mars was less than two weeks into Libra (where it still is to this day because of a recent retrograde).

All things combined, that second trine from Jupiter to Saturn conveyed a sense of active reciprocation. There were the traditions associated with the time of year. There was Jupiter symbolically giving back by moving back. Finally, there was reciprocal Libra being energized, albeit in strange ways that often flowed through unaccustomed pathways to make unlikely connections on the interpersonal level that Saturn and Jupiter are associated with. On some level, you know very well how it manifested for you.

All of which leads to the third time, the charm. Or more appropriately, your time to be the charm because that’s how astrology works. Now Jupiter and Saturn return to the same degrees of the same respective signs they occupied for the charmed second trine of December, 2013.

Astrology only works with your participation. The planets simply follow their paths, seeking equilibrium, marking time. Nothing comes of it unless you participate.

Every picture portrayed in the sky is but an unfinished work of art awaiting your final touch to bring the masterpiece down to Earth. That’s how Jupiter trine Saturn will be this weekend, but even more powerfully than usual.

Jupiter’s last water trine to Saturn will be powerful because of the profound connection with impossibly ancient yet astoundingly personal qualities you will have for the rest of your life, even if you never understand. Jupiter’s third flowing connection with Saturn will be magnified by a universal principal of reciprocation, which governs all connections in the cosmos. The third time will be a charm because it will be your turn.

To take your turn, simply shift your priorities away from what you say and emphasize how you say it. It may sound overly simple, but that’s the best thing about your participation in astrology. The most simple, yet most important role in the universe is yours for the taking by simply acknowledging (if not understanding) just how special and well connected you truly are.

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7 Responses to Being The Charm — Jupiter Trine Saturn

  1. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    be, Jann, Jude: Your comments and contributions are sincerely appreciated. Please understand that my failure to thank you or otherwise respond to you until now does not mean otherwise. This has been a difficult month for me to keep up with. Please accept my belated gratitude and forgive my lapse in not offering same last week.

  2. bkoehler says:

    Yes, you are quite right Jude. .. the majority of reporters (or so it seems) lead their subjects with their questions and seem to want the most scandalous answers possible, as opposed to simply the truth. I believe Williams has been developing a rapport with Snowden (Jupiter retrograde trine Saturn to Jupiter trine Saturn retrograde) and they have built a trust between them. We shall see.

  3. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    And Brian Williams is one of the few newspersons I think of as even handed, so perhaps we’ll get a balanced look at Mr. Snowden. So many minds snap shut when you say the word “traitor.” It would be productive to think of this in larger terms, nationwide, and the interviewer always sets the tone.

  4. bkoehler says:

    Ironically (and unbeknownst to me at the time), the 25+ Gemini (referred to in the 1st comment) is the same degree where Edward Snowden’s (referred to in the 2nd comment) north node falls, and it is conjunct his Mars at 24+ Gemini! Therefore, both the 2nd and 3rd Jupiter trine Saturn aspects of the series of 3 (which fell in the same degrees both times) are tied to Edward Snowden somehow.

    The December 2013 Saturn-Jupiter trine was 4 days before the Full Moon at 25+ Gemini, and Mars was not retrograde yet.

    Yesterday’s Saturn-Jupiter trine (May 24th) happened just as Mercury was leaving 25+ Gemini and Mars was no longer retrograde.

    The announcement of the Snowden interview made at 6:02 PM, EDT on May 22nd, had the Moon at 19 Pisces 41 (conjunct Chiron at 17+ Pisces) trine Saturn at 19 Scorpio 06, and Jupiter at 18 Cancer 38. Mercury was at 24 Gemini 06.

    Brian Williams who got the interview with Snowden has a natal Venus at 24+ Gemini conjunct Snowden’s Mars. Williams also has natal Chiron at 27+ Aquarius, conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon. (Snowden’s natal Saturn at 27+ Libra, which conjuncts his Pluto at 26+ Libra, trines the U.S. Moon while his natal Neptune at 27+ Sagittarius sextiles the U.S. Moon. All 3 of Snowden’s planets that aspect the U.S. Moon were retrograde at birth.)

    A chart set in New York (where the NBC News program is broadcast) at the time of the announcement has 14+ Leo on the MC, the same degree as Snowden’s Venus. Perhaps the December Jupiter trine Saturn was when negotiating for the Snowden interview was initiated. Again that will take place on the same day as the New Gemini Moon, May 28th.

    Mars is really making up for lost time.

  5. zerosity zerosity says:

    Ironically, this past week I have been cautioning clients with an adage I learned decades ago from a lawyer boss when I was but seventeen: “You get more with honey than you do with vinegar.”

    How one communicates verbally is so many things: tone of voice, body language, choice of words. Much the same is true for written communications, but so much is lost when limited to 140 characters, making the choice of words ever more crucial in “how” one communicates in writing. A limited vocabulary of expression hinders communication as well.

    So, “think before you speak”, and “choose your words wisely” are the astrological amulets I shall take keep in mind as communication charms on a zodiacal bracelet of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

    With much gratitude to you, Len, and for be’s comments, as always. You both have turned on the charm of the stars. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a pun or two.)


  6. bkoehler says:

    Remember last week when I said that stationing direct Mars would be square the Pluto in the 2012 solar eclipse chart, an eclipse that was conjunct Edward Snowden’s Chiron? Well, it seems that Brian Williams (NBC News) has been interviewing Snowden (in person and out of the country) and there will be a special program featuring this interview on Wednesday the 28th, at 10 PM, the day of the 2014 Gemini New Moon.

    That May 2012 solar eclipse at 0 Gemini (conjunct Snowden’s Chiron) had a grand Earth trine between Pluto (9+ Cap), Vesta (9+ Taurus) and Mars (10+ Virgo). A year later in May 2013, Snowden first connected with Glenn Greenwald whose story about Snowden broke on June 5, 2013 as Mars in Gemini was squaring Neptune in Pisces.

    Now this Gemini New Moon (7+ degrees) on May 28th (as a new interviewer releases Snowden’s new thoughts), conjuncts the U.S. Sibly Uranus (8+ Gemini) and Mercury will be conjunct Snowden’s Sun at 29+ Gemini. Mars will still be in the degree of his station, 9+ Libra (which squares the Pluto in the May 2012 solar eclipse) when it airs. At the time of Mars’ station direct, you wrote about how he was trine the Moon in Aquarius and Iris the Messenger conjunct Nemesis the Un-doer in Gemini. A Mars suppressed is now a Mars unleashed.

    Okay, squaring the 2012 Eclipse Pluto he was trine at the time; trining the Moon, Iris, Nemesis as he stationed direct and now, under the auspices of a grand water trine between Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron (and as Mercury conjuncts Snowden’s natal Sun and trans. Venus sextiles them both), Mars will finally, FINALLY, speak freely after months of suppression. Edward Snowden talks to America and what he has to say will shock some of us (New Moon conjunct U.S. Uranus and square transiting Neptune to the degree). Oh, by the way trans. Uranus will be opposite trans. Vesta stationing direct at the time of the New Moon and interview with Snowden and trans. Pluto will oppose the U.S. Sibly Sun. Watch this space.

    The transiting Sun – from the same degree where Iris and Nemesis were when they trined Mars as he stationed last week – will be trine transiting Mars on Saturday morning, May 31st. How you say something is just as important as what you say, right? I couldn’t agree more Len.

  7. bkoehler says:

    I hadn’t thought of it (the trine) quite like this Len, thank you for connecting the events of distant antiquity to the current astrology. It’s a view that requires the perspective of one whose visibility is reasonably unhampered without a lot of gobblety gook in the middle. The repeat aspect in the repeated degrees however, didn’t escape my attention, and I took from that an emphasis (for some unknowable-at-the-time reason) on the December aspect’s manifestation.

    The December 2013 trine came a few days before a full moon in Gemini at 25+ degrees and this trine comes a few days after the Sun entered Gemini and just as transiting Mercury departs 25+ Gemini. I can’t remember exactly what happened to me on that day in December and if others are as clueless as I, these Sabian symbols might jog your memory:

    for Jupiter’s degree – A PRIEST PERFORMING A MARRIAGE – endeavors acquiring sanction (approval)
    for Saturn’s degree – A PARROT REPEATS THE CONVERATION HE HAS OVERHEARD – learning from higher intelligences (spiritual)
    for the December full moon – FROST COVERED TREES AGAINST WINTER SKIES – removal of all superficialities of existence (purity)

    Did we experience an opportunity to see through the superficiality of some socially approved act and learn from it? If not, we get a 2nd chance (Gemini AND another Jupiter trine Saturn). If it “took” the 1st time perhaps it is our opportunity to repeat the message so that others will also learn. Here’s a possibility; a rainbow (many colors) appeared over the building where Nelson Mandela lay in state on December 12th, the day Jupiter trined Saturn. Some things must be felt (water) in order to be comprehended on a mental level (Gemini).

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