Be The One — Mars Opposing Uranus

Mars reaches a Libra milestone with opposition to the Aries lair of Uranus shortly after 3:33 am EST on Christmas Day. In the energetic context of the holiday, and the astrology, Mars opposing Uranus is all but begging you to be the one. Wherever you are, you can be the one who makes a difference. You can make a difference now because of how aspects from Mars tend to be functional in advance.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Both Mars and Uranus express in your life as energy. You are more likely to feel Mars as your own energy or as energy from others in personal relationship because Mars is a personal planet.

The so-called “personal planets” may be said to include the Sun and Moon along with Mercury, Venus and Mars. What they have in common is how they complete their cycles of the zodiac many times in your lifetime.

Uranus, on the other hand, takes about 84 years to complete a cycle of all 12 signs. That’s how the formidable energy associated with Uranus corresponds more often to events in the world at large. World events usually combine cycles longer than a single human life (which eventually become history) and sudden changes resulting from a bigger dynamic than one person alone can control. 

Because events in the world at large may challenge how you have your life set up, and because Mars (in the words of Robert Hand) “rules the energy that an individual uses to maintain himself in the face of pressures from his environment,” there is an inherently contentious potential whenever Mars and Uranus oppose. The difference you can make begins by simply being aware that you can control you.

At this time of year, when patterns from your personal history intersect with both cycles of world history and sudden changes of every kind, you can be the one to make a difference through your choices. You can also be the one whose perception of and response to your every moment can make all the difference in the world.

If you choose not to operate an automobile while under the influence of alcohol, you can be the one who prevents a tragedy that reaches into the life histories of uncounted people. If you choose not to bring your past to a holiday gathering, you can be the one who is free to enjoy a new and fresh perception. If you choose to respond to those who cause trouble as if they are asking you to be the one to help with their troubles, your response can change somebody’s life for the better.

There are many other examples of how you can be the one, but you get the idea. This is indeed a time to observe what is past, but you are the one who is contributing to somebody’s past now. Now is also a period to contemplate and honor timeless truths, but you are the one who will make those truths timeless, or not, henceforth.

When you think about it, it’s simply your turn. Long ago, somebody did some things that made a big difference for a long time, but that was then. You are now.

Rather than fear how the challenge of Mars opposite Uranus might mess with your now, accept it as a challenge. Take it as your challenge to take your turn as the means by which Mars expresses in the world, and be the one who finds a way to create, rather than contend with the events Uranus represents. If you can do that, just that, some very great and timeless truths will be one with you.

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12 Responses to Be The One — Mars Opposing Uranus

  1. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Musicman: Welcome back (however briefly), we are grateful to have you among us again. Thank you for sharing what (after some thought on my part) appears to a transcendent take on Phatic Communion and the four ancient elements as they integrate with astrology, it’s a teaching that will be with me for a long time.

    P. Sophia: May you have been (and continue to be) blessed in turn as generously as you contribute here. Thank you!

    Strawberry: You are so very welcome.

    DivaCarla: Thank you for contributing your words here in the midst of hardship (or at least displacement), here’s hoping you are now restored to hearth, home, and everything working well.

    Lizy: Thank you so very much for your support and for supporting DivaCarla through her travails. May you have been (and continue to be) bles with such support in turn over these year-ending days.

    marymack: Thank you for blessing us with your comments even as you have found blessing here.

    wandering_yeti: Thank you for once again sharing the depth of your wisdom with a teaching that integrates with the astrology very soundly and very deeply, yet which is also as accessible as your reminder to breathe.

  2. wandering_yeti says:

    A possible correlation, a side effect of meditation, perhaps a helpful view: Uranus as microcosmic orbit in the vertical plane circulates the qi up the spine and down the midline cause when it can circulate it doesn’t explode.

    Saturn as the central column, spine, and belt meridian, the core of the outer expressions: when it’s weak the outer energy field can neither protect or sense clearly and the Uranian energy explodes on contact.

    Neptune as the qi field, the part of ourselves that becomes invisible and insensible, unconscious when the vertical circulation gets blocked and the horizontal feeding frenzy of hungry ghosts commences. Circulate. Circles in circles, spirals. Breathing deep is a wave that flows through time, Uranus and Neptune accessed only when Saturn is strong enough to hold the core.

    Mars in Libra can be a passive aggressive douche, but he can also express action in service of mutual benefit. As the Martial current enters the cross I can feel it. It would do damage if I still held the patterns that kept me bound to Mr. Angst. So far I simply feel the extra energy. It’s the cross axis of my upcoming solar return with Jupiter holding down the water quarter, a 6th house solar return Sun serving a Leo ascendant. Mr. Angst is a waste of valuable mojo, unbound as the waves of breath roll and the various circles spiral through spacetime. Not holding the breath is the first key.

  3. marymack says:

    Merry Christmas Len and be and diva and lyd and strawberrylaughter and pSophia and Paul and musicman … gosh, there goes my memory. I love it when I stop here and find something I didn’t even realize I was looking for. Bless you all for helping me get there … feel like I’ve been waiting for Uranus to step up and now feeling the way forward to being the Uranus. I’m not sure what that means but I’ll breathe into it and allow the insights to come through me.

    Love you all,

  4. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    ‘Community of’ is not an obscure Christmas greeting! Just slipped the net…..

  5. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    I’m glad you’re warm and dry, in the company of good friends, dear DivaCarla.
    Thank you for this stunning post, dear Len, so very apt for me right now, Christmassing with folks and siblings. Every time I choose to act from a place of love, compassion and patience, the fraught, unhappy energy around me softens, and I feel one step closer to the angels!
    A very Happy Christmas to you, dear Len, and to all of you here at Planet Waves. ((( ))) community of

  6. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Merry Christmas Len. Today’s reading of Mar/Uranus conjunction is brilliant example of how we may use the energy of astrology, natal and transits, to create! I thank you!

    I am displaced by icestorm and power out, though I am with friends in a warm home in town. If the worst Mars opposite Uranus has in store for me is the culinary mess my potluck offering turned out to be, then I am in great shape!

    I wish you and all the friends who join the comments with wisdom, compassion, questions, and wit a most merry and safe holiday.

  7. “your natal chart is also a nativity in a very real sense – unique in all the world, designating a person who is unique in all the world, with a reason to be here, a reason that each and all of us should honor”

    How lovely a thought for the end of the year, Len. I’ve heard this admonition to “live your whole chart” several times over the past year, (and in large part this past year was about getting to know my whole chart), but your way of putting it is, as always, empowering, instructive, and inspirational.

    Thank you so very much, for everything.

  8. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Merry Christmas Len!

    The Sun tomorrow he is conjunct my Nadir, opposite MC, Sextile Saturn and also Square ASC. I will pay attention and appreciate my unique individualization from where I personally stand. Yet at the same time, with Mars opposite Uranus it is the power and wonder of recognizing the connections, of all the ages when looking up and out that will bring the feeling of wholeness to heart.

    Thank you for this caring lesson, your extended comments and to you Be and Lyd for your kind Christmas wishes as well. May this Christmas Eve surely be filled with heartfelt blessings to all.

  9. Musicman 1 says:

    Just checking in to wish you the very best seasons greetings Len.

    Back in Blighty for a reality check. I have to say that I am ready for the flight out to West Africa already!

    Here is a Universal and Existential Truth.

    “You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are!”

    I find the ongoing humility and reference to simple truth as refreshing and as accessible as ever Len. But let us introduce a wonderful linguistic term; Phatic Communion.
    In linguistics, a phatic expression is one whose only function is to perform a social task, as opposed to conveying information. Small talk: the nonreferential use of language to share feelings or establish a mood of sociability rather than to communicate information or ideas.

    “Because events in the world at large may challenge how you have your life set up, and because Mars (in the words of Robert Hand) “rules the energy that an individual uses to maintain himself in the face of pressures from his environment,” there is an inherently contentious potential whenever Mars and Uranus oppose. The difference you can make begins by simply being aware that you can control you”

    My take would be that our perception and language change as we traverse the Air, Water, Fire and Earth. After the communication and factual analysis gives way to the Sensory, we can get lost in the Communion and the Crucible. This Mars-Uranus dynamic sets us the challenge of returning to Earthing verbal expression of factual and emotional events, however hard it maybe to make sense of them as they occur! In other words it actually pulls us back onto the mainline, revealing the diversions and wrong decisions along the way! The Grand Square with Pluto and Jupiter (and the Moon soon come) makes for a day of great joy, simple truth, effective love and Emphatic communion.

    Feels like we have reached the Nadir of the Uranus-Pluto transformation. The shed has been fumigated and the rat-catcher has been and gone. He may well have missed a few, but at least we all know where to look! Now is the time for all good souls to come to the aid of the party!!

    Have your selves a Merry, Merry Xmas.


  10. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    be: Thank you, and thank goodness for your creative presence of mind when faced with a confrontation. As regards to your questions regarding timeless truths, the first answer would be your natal chart itself. Because the ascendant moves about a degree every five minutes, even twins to not have the same natal chart. It is not only the person who inspired this holiday whose birth was a nativity. Because the ascendant changes rapidly with both time and place, your natal chart is also a nativity in a very real sense – unique in all the world, designating a person who is unique in all the world, with a reason to be here, a reason that each and all of us should honor. Hence, we are each of us a child of the divine, carrying the divine around with us to witness our own lives, decisions, deeds, and those of others. When you witness these words, you will be, quite literally the eyes of God(dess) – and i pray that you will find my words worthy.

    Lyd: Thank you for being so kind to me, and supportive of be. May your days during this season be filled with appreciation given and received. We certainly appreciate your presence here.

  11. Lyd says:

    ” The difference you can make begins by simply being aware that you can control you.”
    As always and ever Len, thank you.

    BE…similar scenario, mine was 9 PM, over the phone; we serious senior citizens have our moments that indeed are effective. Woof !

    Merry Christmas Eve to all. May peace and prosperity be the first to lift the latch on your door.

  12. bkoehler says:

    I think I just did that Len. . this morning, a little after 9 AM. Rather than discuss the issues that led up to it, a 30-something fellow came to my door in a belligerent and authoritative manner, expecting to cower me. It didn’t work. If anything, it was the reverse as I had an ace or two up my sleeve. I believe he was playing the Mars role (transiting my 7th house) and I suppose I was playing the Uranus role (which is conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 1st house). That doesn’t mean that my knees weren’t shaking, but I played the serious, senior citizen with connections and it appears that it was sufficient enough to be effective. I realize there is still the square with Pluto that involves my Sun to deal with later, but today I controlled me.

    So, could you give me an example (or two) of “timeless truths” as I’m ready now for some serious contemplation. Seriously. Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.

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