What the astrology says about Ukraine situation

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If you’re following the situation in Ukraine, you may be wondering about the astrology that led to the rapid turn of events that started this past Friday afternoon. Ukraine always seems to be an important place in my life — one of my closest friends, our webmaster Anatoly is there, close to Kiev. As a kid, my best friend Eric Olynik’s family came from what was then called The Ukraine, and I am still not fully comfortable dropping the ‘the’ but Amanda in her capacity as copy editor has suggested that I catch up with the moment.

This was found in the presidential mansion. Photo via twimig.com, found by Anatoly.

This was found in the presidential mansion. Photo via twimig.com, found by Anatoly.

Anatoly says things have quieted down considerably since president Viktor Yanukovych fled the capital, abandoning the presidential palace to demonstrators. He reportedly fled to pro-Moscow eastern Ukraine but press reports say his plane was not allowed to take off.

Scenes of protesters lounging around his opulent residence were reminiscent of that infamous 1968 photo of student leader Mark Rudd with his feet on the desk of the president of Columbia University. This was more than symbolic, however. Yanukovych had “privatized” the presidential mansion, meaning that he made it his own private property. This was a taking back of collective property by the people.

What happened, in effect, was that demonstrators pushed the corrupt president out of power. Though this is an old struggle, it has been heating up since late 2013 and came to a head the past two weeks. The protests were a kind of tug of war between Moscow and the European Union with Ukraine in the middle. Some factions in Ukraine want a greater connection to western Europe; others don’t want to westernize and want to keep their main connection to Moscow.

Big Boss Putin had been treating Ukraine like we were all back in the USSR days, encouraging Yanukovych to crack down, and bribing him with huge loans that Ukraine is likely to default on. Then last week Yanukovych’s special forces started firing on protesters, killing about 80 of them. Here in the States that would have been more than enough to make everyone flee for cover. The protesters fought back against an army of paramilitary police using sticks, rocks and fireworks — and beat them back, and kicked out the president.

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11 Responses to What the astrology says about Ukraine situation

  1. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    I like how contemplative this one is

  2. miaferoleto says:

    Not sure if its LIFE but yes, and its a better photo, in my opinion.

  3. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Isn’t there a photo from LIFE magazine with his feet up on the desk?

  4. miaferoleto says:

    Thanks, Eric.

    I had written “president” in my first response. “Dean” was copied from details elsewhere and I did not catch it.


  5. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Aaaah thanks Mia. I wonder if I’ve been down this road of fact checking before, about 30 years ago. I was certain it was Rudd, this time around. No wonder I could not locate the photo.

    From Wikipedia and one other source: it’s Dr. Kirk, the president, not the dean.

    A photo of David Shapiro wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar in Columbia President Grayson L. Kirk’s office was published in the media.[6] Mark Rudd announced that acting dean Henry S. Coleman would be held hostage until the group’s demands were met. Though he was not in his office when the takeover was initiated, Coleman made his way into the building past protesters, went into his office and stated that “I have no control over the demands you are making, but I have no intention of meeting any demand under a situation such as this.” Along with College administrators William Kahn and Dan Carlinsky, Coleman was detained as a hostage in his office as furniture was placed to keep him from leaving. He had been provided with food while being held and was able to leave 24 hours later, with The New York Times describing his departure from the siege as “showing no sign that he had been unsettled by the experience”[7]

    Thank you.

  6. miaferoleto says:

    Listed as one of the top twenty iconic photos:

    “13. Smoking in the Dean’s Office: In 1968, student riots and protests were nearing their height, and Columbia University in New York was among the campuses with unrest. On April 23rd, students took over the dean’s office, taking him and two other people as hostages for more than a day. During the situation, a photograph was taken by Blake Fleetwood showing student David Shapiro relaxing at the dean’s desk, smoking one of his cigars. The image became one of the most iconic photographs of student unrest, and Shapiro eventually became a professor at Columbia.”

    In 1990, one year after the Velvet Revolution in Prague, I was fortunate to visit Prague with David, his wife Lindsay and members of the faculty of Cooper Union to attend three exhibitions of the work of architect John Hejduk. President Havel and Shirley Temple Black, then US Ambassador there, hosted a reception where David read his poem, “The Funeral of Jan Palach,” about the twenty-year-old philosophy student who, in 1969, set himself ablaze in Prague to protest the Stalinoid depredations of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. We were given a private tour of Prague Castle and got to see amazing things not open to the public. David Shapiro has spent a lifetime contributing in countless ways to the betterment of humanity and the arts. Among other things he is a concert level violinist and was asked by Phil Glass to be the original “Einstein on the Beach” performed at the Metropolitan Opera House. A truly amazing man.

  7. miaferoleto says:

    A correction, Eric.

    The famous photo of the student with his feet on the desk of the president at Columbia University during the student protests is of my friend, the poet and art historian David Shapiro. Not only a brilliant mind but a truly great heart.

  8. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    well, as for that “the,” i’d still put it in the title of this piece, since you’re talking about “the situation” in Ukraine — kind of like saying, “the Canada situation.”

    and yes, the transition to not typing “the ukraine” still feels odd to me, too — but all the big news kids are doing it. :)

  9. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Thanks for this, Eric (and Amanda, and Elizabeth)! Looks like good and welcome change is afoot (so different from what has happened in poor Egypt – which of course, is a totally different ball game).

    Ps I had to Google Ukraine the other day, cos I wasn’t sure about the ‘the’ either!

  10. javed says:

    Analysis of the Ukraine national chart http://bit.ly/1fkUfAX

  11. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Heartfelt thanks to Eric, Amanda, and Elizabeth for an astute, yet accessible reading of a truly historical moment. Also, support and prayers to Anatoly and his family as they witness the cutting edge of history. Once again, and on several levels, Planet Waves is there.

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