This is It: The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

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We’re entering the last few days of the Sun in Aries, before it enters Taurus on Saturday, ushering us into the heart of spring. Then the ‘big astrology’ of the the year — some of the most powerful since 1999 — culminates on Wednesday, April 23.

Full chart for the Sun's ingress into Taurus Saturday (the yellow circle with a dot in it), with the cardinal grand cross nearly exactly in place. View larger chart here; view glyph key here.

Full chart for the Sun’s ingress into Taurus Saturday (the yellow circle with a dot in it), with the cardinal grand cross nearly exactly in place. View larger chart here; view glyph key here.

We’ve been feeling it building for months, and chances are you’re already observing its effects both within yourself and in your relationships.

Wednesday’s cardinal grand cross (Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, all at right angles to each other from the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) is basically a LOT of internal push and external pull working on you all at once.

That can feel like a lot of pressure to “do something already!” But Mars is a bit of a wild card in the set-up: it’s pushing for action yet is retrograde (more inward/backward-looking), and can feel like it has too many options or no clear direction in Libra.

Keep a handle on your intentions and a close eye on your frustrations. Be aware of how you’re feeling compelled to express your energy at all times. Simply knowing that you’re feeling frustrated is half the battle; if you’re present with that, you can feel out whether you’re actually frustrated with someone else, or with something within yourself.

All astrological factors are cautioning against rushing into decisions, and encouraging you to evaluate your options. Mars retrograde in Libra lends itself to making wrong decisions and doing the opposite of what might actually be best for you, so you really, truly need to figure out what is correct.

That will take time, but not as much as you think. A lot of information is about to come out as Mars makes contact with the other planets, followed by a solar eclipse on April 29.

If you’re feeling at all keyed up, irritated or pressured by the rest of the astrology the Sun entering Taurus should help. Taurus is all about standing on solid ground — take off your shoes outside and feel the soil and grass between your toes if you can. Eat real food. Have actual, physical, sweaty, saliva-drenched sex or get a massage. Use things that feel and look beautiful yet are solidly made with real parts and are practical.

Taurus reminds you to base actions and decisions on something solid — not a guess, or a thought or a belief, but something connected to tangible reality. ‘Frienemies’ are not actual friends, and retrograde Mars in Venus-ruled Libra will let you know the value of such bullshit relationships. Truthiness is not the truth; withholding information is not a form of honesty.

Note the dynamics as you see them; denial is useless right now.

Stay aware of your inner landscape, and of what you still do not know. Keep your desires and intentions in sight, and surf the wave of this energy like a pro: looking where you want to be, not behind you or at all the other surfers catching the wave around you.

If you want direct guidance through this astrology, Eric has prepared an excellent spring reading that covers all 12 signs. You can listen to free samples and a preview at this link.

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15 Responses to This is It: The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

  1. carecare7 says:

    Correction, he was also on hospice back in 2006 I think. It has been a crazy several years for him and I because of his health issues. We almost lost him back in 2006.

  2. carecare7 says:

    Interesting about not rushing to decision. Today I was told that my father’s mass (the one by his heart) might be cancer (they never did a biopsy because of his age) and it may have metastasized into his brain. His care nurse said it could be other things but he isn’t doing well at all. Yet the inpatient center he just went into (for falling numerous times) said he was agitated because the caregiver wouldn’t allow him all the tons of sugar he wanted in his tea. They didn’t say he was looking that bad and last I spoke to him (a few days ago) he sounded very lucid.

    The caregiver reduced the amount of sugar he was allowed to have in his tea on orders from his nurse because too much sugar in his system could precipitate infections in the sores he gets on his legs from bumping into things. I get two conflicting pieces of info on my dad’s condition. The nurse said if it is a tumor in his brain, that may be why Dad is getting so confused and OCD about the sugar and it means he could have only weeks to live.

    His caregiver also called me to say they need to hire a person capable of lifting my dad (he weighs 185 lbs and cannot even stand on his own) to help in transferring him to the toilet; his care cost will jump from $2000 a month to $3500 a month. It is still less than other places and he would not have to move again. Moving is very hard on him as he is 83 years old and has congestive heart failure.

    He has been with hospice three times in the past 2 years. I will be visiting him at the inpatient clinic Saturday to see him and to talk with the physician about him.

    The VA told me a few months ago about the mass near his heart but they said he wouldn’t survive a biopsy and they seemed unconcerned about the mass. NO one said it might be cancer, no one said it might spread to his brain or that if it did; it would mean he would likely die in weeks. If they had been more clear on that possibility, I would have visited him more. He lives 3 hrs away from me (for health reasons and his own preference).

    I have to make some decisions based on the information I will find on Saturday. Thanks for this advice about doing so with great care.

  3. Oppsss I got so excited I forgot to include the link to the full article. Here it is:

    this is feels amazing!

  4. GOOD news for a change we have been awaiting! This IS it indeed!

    Today Vermont passed the first GMO labeling law in the nation!

    From the Organic consumers association:
    >> Today, by a vote of 28-2, the Vermont state Senate passed H.112, a bill to require mandatory labeling of foods sold in Vermont that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The bill also makes it illegal to call any food product containing GMOs “natural” or “all natural.” Unlike bills passed last year in Maine and Connecticut, which require four or five other states to pass GMO labeling laws before they can be enacted, Vermont’s law contains no “trigger” clauses, making it the first “clean” GMO labeling law in the country.

    The bill now goes back to the House which is expected to agree to the Senate’s amendments, then to Gov. Peter Shumlin who is expected to sign it. <<<

    All hail the tiny state that is willing to stand up to Monsanto! I am soooo proud to be from there!

  5. bodymindalchemy says:

    Indeed, awordedgewise, this is it.

    “Someone” is raising the specter of the European Holocaust with the phrase “Alle Juden registrieren lassen müssen. – All Jews must register.”

    The fact is Ukraine hosts the fifth largest Jewish population in the world (after the USA, Israel, Russia and France).

    About 360,000–400,000 Jews live in Ukraine, mainly concentrated in Kiev (110,000), and the southern and eastern (so-called pro-Russian) Ukraine cities of Dnipropetrovsk (60,000), Kharkov (45,000) and Odessa (45,000).

    Western Ukraine, homeland of the neo-Nazi Svoboda Party and Right Sector militants who have risen to occupy key positions in the Kiev government, has only a small remnant of its former Jewish population, with Lvov and Chernovtsy each having only about 6,000 Jews. The reason for this is history:

    Who is this “someone”? Cui bono? Who benefits?

  6. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Love the title, Amanda: This is It: the Grand Cardinal Cross says everything to me. There is nothing more to do than to be here now. Yes, it is catching a wave, or a wheel. It’s just beautiful. Last night I stood under the great big moon and Saturn right beside her, and felt completely grounded and held safe for this Grand Cross spin. I am suggesting to my community that ritual with the 4 elements will be helpful during these next two weeks, and maybe forever.

    Thank you Amanda, Eric, Len, and all the rest at Planetwaves for keeping us on top of things.

  7. bodymindalchemy says:

    Patty, thanks for citing a case in point:
    First, consider the journalistic source.
    Second, ask about the reasonableness of the allegation.
    Third, see whether it corresponds to the official narrative about what’s happening.
    Most people won’t bother to do that.

  8. SaraVictoria says:

    Simply fantastic post.
    Am stunned by the intensity of how this second half of April is playing out on a personal level.
    And appreciate the wisdom and guidance here.
    Thank you

  9. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    I woke this morning with the last pieces of dream being something about this sparkling running water begging me to swim, I was trying to borrow a bathing suit from the homeowner, when lo-and behold I looked down and I was actually already wearing one. Now personally I’d swim naked….but a dream is a dream and the idea of the suit already being in place is a strong image. So — ready to catch the wave! Thanks, Amanda.

  10. bodymindalchemy says:

    “Truthiness is not the truth; withholding information is not a form of honesty.” —

    Indeed, in my four-plus decades in journalism, I have never seen a more thoroughly biased and misleading performance by the major U.S. news media. Even during the days of Ronald Reagan – when much of the government’s modern propaganda structure was created – there was more independence in major news outlets. There were media stampedes off the reality cliff during George H.W. Bush’s Persian Gulf War and George W. Bush’s Iraq War, both of which were marked by demonstrably false claims that were readily swallowed by the big U.S. news outlets.

    But there is something utterly Orwellian in the current coverage of the Ukraine crisis, including accusing others of “propaganda” when their accounts – though surely not perfect – are much more honest and more accurate than what the U.S. press corps has been producing.

    There’s also the added risk that this latest failure by the U.S. press corps is occurring on the border of Russia, a nuclear-armed state that – along with the United States – could exterminate all life on the planet. The biased U.S. news coverage is now feeding into political demands to send U.S. military aid to Ukraine’s coup regime.

    The casualness of this propaganda – as it spreads across the U.S. media spectrum from Fox News to MSNBC, from the Washington Post to the New York Times – is not just wretched journalism but it is reckless malfeasance jeopardizing the lives of many Ukrainians and the future of the planet.

    “Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass”
    by Robert Parry

  11. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    len — the importance of not rushing into decisions was pointed out to me by eric, so the credit goes to him on this one for that angle of insight. but as a taurus, i do so look forward to saturday’s solar shift! the aries fire is so great for getting things up and moving; but after a few weeks, i’m ready to dig in dirt and sniff some flowers.

  12. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda: Thank you. i love how you convincingly persuade an admonition to self-awareness. Even better is how you endorse a protocol not to rush into decisions. In all, a practical and perfect approach from which we each can adapt as needed. You are a treasure without price!

  13. bodymindalchemy says:

    Apropos the Cardinal Grand Cross as a potent amplifier of “Aries Point” energy:

    The Personal Is Political by Carol Hanisch

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