Still point of potential: Pisces New Moon

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The Moon is waning toward its ‘new’ phase on Saturday (exact at 3:00 am EST March 1), and you might feel your energy waning along with it — or perhaps an urge to bring certain situations or projects to resolution or completion. This Pisces New Moon, even more than some, looks like a kind of still point or moment of suspension, and also a point of integration. That state implies potency and potential.

Simplified chart section for the Pisces New Moon. From top: Mercury newly direct in Aquarius; Neptune, Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces. You can view the full New Moon chart here.

Simplified chart section for the Pisces New Moon. From top: Mercury newly direct in Aquarius; Neptune, Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces. You can view the full New Moon chart here.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the sign of spiritual integration of all that’s come through the signs before it — making this New Moon perfectly suited to taking inner stock of where you are along your path of reflection, healing, growth and creativity.

Pisces energy is also rich with the ingredients for creating a vision for the year to come. The Pisces New Moon opens up into the last lunar cycle before Aries fires things up again with the impulse to initiate action.

Saturday’s Pisces New Moon occurs at the midpoint (roughly) of two important astrological pairs. The first midpoint is between a pair of planets, Neptune and Chiron, making this New Moon a point of integration for their energy and themes.

This placement offers some beautiful potential: your conscious awareness and intuition (Sun and Moon) in harmony with each other, and able to draw on both the creative, visionary potential of Neptune and the focusing, healing capabilities of Chiron.

Granted, Neptune is a slippery, challenging energy. If you’re grappling with some of its less productive manifestations (delusion, denial, dishonesty), Chiron could focus your attention on that fact and it might not be pleasant. But in any healing crisis Chiron initiates, the emphasis is always on the ‘healing’ part — and the New Moon is slightly closer to Chiron, emphasizing that end of the equation. The ocean of Pisces is vast, and will accept any emotional runoff you release into it.

A pair of events is also bookending the New Moon: the station direct of Mercury in Aquarius (9:00 am EST Feb. 28) and the station retrograde of Mars in Libra (11:24 am EST March 1). This is not about placement along the zodiac wheel, but rather placement in time.

Mercury and Mars will essentially be motionless for the New Moon. Pisces already has a sense of floating to it, and it’s like the planet of the mind and the planet of the will are holding the New Moon in a moment of suspension seemingly out of time. It looks from here like a moment when we can shift our awareness from a more linear movement to something vertical or omni-directional.

Or to put it in less ‘woowoo’ terms: you have an opportunity to harness your creative vision and potential for self-healing and dive deep (or float to the surface) with it.

A final note: the New Moon is also exactly trine retrograde Jupiter in Cancer. The current is flowing favorably for this weekend’s inner journey — and in time, its blessings will express themselves externally, too. For now, surrender to the still point.

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10 Responses to Still point of potential: Pisces New Moon

  1. wandering_yeti says:

    Amanda and Carla: you’re welcome…
    but also give thanks to the Queen who uses me as her rock and roll bitch 😉

    Recordings: I’ll share some as soon as I have some. My electric tools are currently out of order so living presence with a guitar is all I’ve got. Friends with smart phones may be helpful with this…Mercury having just turned, stay tuned.

  2. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Your lyrics, wandering_yeti, have devotional tone, at least they make me feel that way. Thank you.

  3. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    yeti — thank you for sharing some of your song lyrics. i look forward to hearing a recording one of these days! may the river of song keep flowing for you…

  4. wandering_yeti says:

    A slightly overflowing stream appeared to me in a dream, but I was up on the second floor. Kinda like the flow of song lyrics lately, like a log jam had the stream blocked for the last few months and then a little while ago the logs disappeared and the water is releasing all the things that have been developing in the dark for so long. I’ve been working on a song cycle since 2008 and now all the small parts that bring the previously constructed big parts into relation are popping up, including 4 new songs that anchor the story. It all started by remembering to give devotions to The Queen Of Space as I read Merlin Stone’s book, When God Was A Woman. Seemingly all at once the female characters transmitted their songs to me. The story starts with The Fall. It ends with the Red King transforming his fire from hate to love and the return of the Queen. The Queen of Space and her daughter the Queen in the Green World instruct the new Red King in how to heal the Earth and her people throughout the story, appearing in various guises. Here’s the words to the first one:

    The Fall (Adam’s Dream, or The Gospel According To Paul)
    Isis Inanna Asheray…

    Black cat feminine serpentine
    The Queen in the green world
    took the blame, to the flames
    Jezebel, Cassandra, Lilith and Eve
    were framed, erase the woman’s name
    Bedeviled by a bad man’s lies
    the curses in his verses, the hate in his eyes
    sent the hordes with swords and showers of stones
    to put the chains on our hearts, to put the fear in our bones
    bedeviled by the Red King’s lies, his horde of mean mean guys

    Isis Inanna Asheray has gone away
    or so it may seem, lost in the desert of Adam’s dream

    It’s been so long, so so long since I’ve heard her song
    since I’ve heard her call, since we took that fall

    When the Red King traded woman for puppet
    partner for slave, Lilith for Eve deceived
    bedeviled by a bad man’s lies, the hate in his eyes

    Isis Inanna Asheray has gone away, or so it may seem
    lost in the desert of Adam’s dream

  5. Sina says:

    “surrender to the still point” such a beautiful way to handle this moment in time.
    Thanks Amanda

  6. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    Beautiful description of this New Moon in Pisces. It happens to land exactly opposite my natal Virgo full moon. Doubly my birthday moon.

  7. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    “If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day.” — Leonard Cohen

    Here’s to becoming the ocean with this Pisces New Moon!


  8. Eris67 Patricia Mettler says:

    With my Vesta in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, I am destined to find my destiny! I am feeling a bit divided at this time…I am sure the collective soul never forgets! Feeling inspired that there is a honest flow of energy that surrounds mother earth.

    Thanks Amanda!

    Peace and Love,

  9. a_priori a_priori says:

    Beautiful, Amanda. I could ‘hear’ the suspension in this piece, like unstruck sound, omm.

    However you got there you made a prism. Cometh March h.

  10. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you, Amanda. An excellent point about mid-points, one of the most important themes in astrology!

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