Mercury is Conjunct Eris; Scorpio Moon All Weekend

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Today Mercury is conjunct Eris. If you have a writing project or any communication endeavor that is calling on you to be especially clever or surreptitious, today’s the day.

Selene Rising at Sounion, the temple to Neptune near Athens, Greece (summer 2011). Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Selene Rising at Sounion, the temple to Neptune near Athens, Greece (summer 2011). Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Mercury is working its way into an opposition to Saturn, which is one of the features of this weekend’s Full Moon in Scorpio, which takes place Saturday at 11:35 pm EDT.

Today the Moon is in Libra, and forms an exact conjunction to Saturn at 2:02 pm EDT, which happens in a close opposition to the Mercury-Eris conjunction. This seems to be a reminder not to get bogged down in your emotions, expectations or ideas about the rules. Rather, think in an original way, which usually means the way you want to rather than the way you’re supposed to. You might fear consequences; you might be accused of being less mature, though usually clever trumps well-behaved.

As the Sun moves toward the exact midpoint of Taurus, it does so in a conjunction to an odd point called the Black Moon Lilith, or the ‘osculating apogee’ of the Moon. The Sun is picking up on the shadowy side of the lunar nature, which could make you conscious of your misgivings about expressing yourself.

Have you ever noticed when you say and do something that exceeds what you’ve done in the past, feels extra expressive or which you fear some might feel is ‘appropriate’, you get a little blowback of guilt or misgiving? That’s what Sun-Black Moon Lilith might feel like. It’s also an opportunity to be at peace with some of the darker aspects of human nature, without getting subsumed by them or acting them out.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:19 pm EDT and ‘full phase’ officially begins, according to the Office of the Full Moon. The Moon picks up trines from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, which looks a lot more clairvoyant than the psychic hotline. And the Moon makes an opposition to Vesta in early Taurus, suggesting that your intuition just might have a purpose to serve tonight. Then the Moon, in quick sequence, makes aspects to Mars, Uranus and Pluto, finally reaching exact opposition to the Sun Saturday night in the United States and early Sunday in the UK, Europe and points east; early Sunday afternoon in Australia (please check local times).

Because the Sun is conjunct the lunar apogee, that means the Moon (which is opposite the Sun) is conjunct the perigee (its closest point to the Earth), which will give it a large appearance on the horizon. It’ll feel large too — as the Moon moves deeper into Scorpio, it makes an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, which will sustain this lunation’s passionate emotions. Whatever you’re feeling, let yourself flow. There is progress in the air, and movement, and a gentle rising up and release from situations that seemed to have you caught on the rocks.

The Moon ingresses Sagittarius at 9:28 pm on Sunday, May 6, starting a new story that we’ll pick up in Monday morning’s edition of Daily Astrology on Planet Waves.

Eric Francis

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41 Responses to Mercury is Conjunct Eris; Scorpio Moon All Weekend

  1. Kelly says:

    Indranibe, I thought Saturday (in Australia) was just beautiful. The impact of the full moon came down under at 1.35 pm yesterday.

  2. Hugging Scorpio says:

    indranibe, agreed! I did however initiate a convo with my mom asking her to please make a space for people’s opinions by not subtly suggesting that just because she feels strongly about something doesn’t make her right nor superior. All that does is shut people down, off and away – OR fight back.

    Other than that, I’m putting the dance back in abundance today feeling rather joyful and boyish. :)

  3. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Loved the slip, Carrie! Was really confused at first – then when I realised, had such a laugh – much needed today.

  4. indranibe says:

    It’s been a lovely full moon – everyone’s very quiet – very withdrawn – but withdrawn into their passions (whatever they may be). And it really is difficult to focus on the “mundane” (but yes, there’s still ‘work’ that gotta be done).


  5. Carrie says:

    Oops! 18 year old. :::laughing:::

  6. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Huffy, loved the Mumford tune! Thanks! They’re a good band.

  7. Carrie says:

    “Desert Arab! I love it! Very apt, Carrie. Last night I went out a friend who has moved to Egypt, and is having a torrid affair with a bedouin man, who was her guide when she went to the Sinai desert for the New Year!”

    My first sexual experience was with a young Palestinian. Arabs are not in a hurry so he took his time (he was a year younger than I in fact) . They look on sex as a feast, to be slowly savored and enjoyed. Talk about amazing. And the things he would write to me and say to me were so passionate; no wonder I fell so hard for him!

    His huge eyes would look into mine as he held my face and stroked my hair. His letters said he missed me so much his heart wanted to push the continents together so he could see me, touch me hold me again. He told me he dreamed about me and in that dream we were running in a field of grasses and flowers; that he could see the smile on my lips and the shine in my eyes. He said I knew hat he found when he woke up after that dream and that his heart ached for me and his hands missed the shape of me. What 81 year old could resist that kind of passionate poetic yearnings?

    Arabs are very passionate.

  8. bkoehler says:

    Oh, and Mars is conjunct his natal Pluto too. :)

  9. bkoehler says:

    Y’know, I bet the President does have an astrologer. I mean he picked today to kick off his campaign. . when the moon is looking sooo big. Any minute now he will address the crowd at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, and the Moon will be sextile Pluto, the ruler of the Moon while she’s in Scorpio. She will also be barely past the conjunction to his natal Neptune, in his 9th house of universities. And Venus! Transiting Venus is still conjunct the U.S. Mars and exactly squares the U.S. Neptune and the President’s own natal Mars. Now that’s timing, that’s charisma, that’s power.

  10. Lea Burning River says:

    Thank you, always, to all PW posters; and today, especially thank you for the notes particularly in response to my comment yesterday, I visit PW to remind myself that I am a part of an unimaginable creative expression, and it is ok to not understand everything, but as the movements of the heavens and the cycles on the earth encompass me and like-minded people surround me with their loving and positive and heart-felt thoughts and sharings, I am reassured that it all has direction and purpose, and what I am going through is not separate from what is going on all around all of us. Fear and sadness are felt, but so are trust and hope.
    I think the Office of the Moon is a great thought-form also ! I do monitor and consciously adjust myself to the moon phases and I in particular ritualize the phases by the different music I listen to for each of the 8 phases, and sometimes there are actions (dancing, walking, meditating, drawing, etc) that are emphasized in the different phases. I have not become sophisticated enough to incorporate the astrological sign’s influence on the phase yet. Such a good idea!
    I also wonder what the source for the choice of “balsamic” for the pre-New Moon phase is.
    Deep bow of thanks and gratitude again to ///all\\\

  11. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    This has been a very moving conversation. The sharing and caring and giving on this forum is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  12. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    This has been a very moving conversation. The sharing and caring and giving on this forum is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  13. zerosity zerosity says:

    The “Office of the Full Moon”… Is that office a governmental administrative bureaucracy? Or, as I see it, more like a divine office or rite, form or service of worship or a ceremonial observance. Certainly this Super Moon compels us to mark it in some way, with some
    form of observance, acknowleding it as the threshold or gateway to the coming spectacular time of eclipse events described by Eric in many other posts. Beltane is one possibility.

    But I like the idea of a regular ritual time for the full lunar phase, much like the Balsamic phase before a New Moon. (And, btw, why is it called “Balsamic”??? It’s not a vinegar or a tree…then again, maybe it does have something to do with trees…just asking.)

    So, I hereby declare the time that the Moon spends in the sign of the Full Moon to be a time for the rites of the Office of the Full Moon, a divine office of your choosing. Pick you rite, pick your ritual for the time before and the time after its fullness. Someone has probably already “declared” this, but it’s my morning “aha”.

    I’m off to a Maypole Dance later today, and then to try to be outside this evening at Moonrise to see this Scorpio Moon (nearly conjunct my Scorpio Sun), and again early in the morning. Weather report is for clearing skies.

    Thanks all.


  14. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Hugging – a bit dramatic, but gorgeous song from Mumford and Sons xx

  15. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Desert Arab! I love it! Very apt, Carrie. Last night I went out a friend who has moved to Egypt, and is having a torrid affair with a bedouin man, who was her guide when she went to the Sinai desert for the New Year!
    Hugging – you really are an angel. I went to bed with your lovely post (and Thom Yorke…) and am now greeting the day with your wonderful tarot card reading. I can’t thank you enough. Gives me the strength to face another tough period that has started. xx

  16. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Yes. Much love to you Burning River. You are clearly so strong and resourceful, and will be able to take on everything that comes your way, and grow.
    And i too was deeply touched by your response, Be.

  17. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Burning River, much love to you as you go through these adjustments.
    bkoehler, your response to Burning River really touched me.

  18. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Carrie, that is a touching compliment that warmed my heart. :)

  19. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Your welcome Huffy! Y’know I wasn’t going to mention it, but perhaps its important in a small way you may or may not find useful. I drew a tarot card to see what themes these two flowers might be saying. I drew the Chariot. Although there are several levels of meaning in that card, but what I came up with was that you were consciously bringing into manifestation two aspects of yourself. You are integrating them into a whole and with a grounded maturity and conscious will, are now able to direct that expression to a meaningful and successful destination.
    Good night! 😉

  20. Carrie says:


    What a beautiful poem. It is difficult to put into words how it resonates.

    You have the passion and soul of a desert Arab. That is meant as a compliment.

  21. Carrie says:

    {{{{Burning}}}} Please know we are here and listening with our hearts open.

  22. Carrie says:

    I love that photo. When I was 18 and a curious virgin, I went to Greece with some of my family. We visited Sounion and were leaving just after the sun went down. We had managed to be there at sunset and I snapped a picture of the sunset through the pillars with my little Kodac X-15 camera. There it was, a full moon, the ruins, some few fluffy clouds, and the dark, starry sky. I remember watching the ruins as we rode away and I could actually FEEL and see what it would be like to camp there overnight. It was magical. I knew on that trip that I was at a threshold.

    That trip to Greece was a time of awakening the slumbering Maiden within me. I went on from there to Jerusalem where I finally delved into the mysteries of sex and giving. The year was 1978 and the season was Fall. I have never regretted that journey.

    I still have that photo somewhere.

  23. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you, Eric. i love The Office of the Full Moon, the lighting is like no other office anywhere.

    be: Thank you for your observation regarding Atropos. It is a fast mover and closely felt. Thank you also for the compassionate and wise perspective you offered to Burning River.

    Burning River: My heart and hugs go out to you (and what be said).

  24. bkoehler says:

    Thanks for responding Burning River. Although I can relate to the feeling of going through a process where every thing and every relationship familiar to you ends bit by bit, I’m sure you realize also it is indicitive of a pattern more encompassing than this conjunction today of Mercury, Eris and Atropos. Having said that, all aspects, great and small, piece together a puzzle that is a picture of our life and its purpose, and that would include the above triple conjunction. Not only is it puzzling but it is down right scary and depressing to go through what you are experiencing now. My own circumstances and others who have gone through similar “adjustments” appears to be part of a plan to put us on to a new path; a path that requires almost complete detachment from what had been the foundation of our lives as we knew it. Rather like going into a convent is the way I think of it. Sure would be nice if somebody could let us know that early on in the process, but I believe we are supposed to figure it out (more or less) on our own. I can only tell you that you are not alone in your “initiation”, and that you will come to understand yourself in a way you didn’t think possible or has never even occurred to you. I can also promise that if you don’t lose faith in yourself you will be rewarded with a fresh new perspective of your purpose, your soul’s purpose, which will make you a much more joyful person than you ever were before.

    Try to keep the faith that there is a “plan” and you are a part of it, and all is as it should be. Slowly you will begin to realize that or maybe even, you will have a moment of epiphany where it all becomes clear at once. However you do come to understand, it will be the right way for you. Peace and love.

  25. Lizzy Huffy says:

    “happiness morphing into devotion”. Thank you, lovely liminali! xx

  26. liminali liminali says:

    Huffy, not quite sure how this relates to your dream, but in the language of flowers, pink roses mean happiness and lavender means devotion.

    An auspicious image, happiness morphing into devotion. :)

    xo liminali

  27. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Bless you, dear Hugging, for your time, and for the wonderful dream interpretation. I will have a good think about it, using your pertinent questions. And boy – what a treat the Radiohead video is.I love Radiohead, and I’ve never seen Thom Yorke unplugged before, very special, and a lovely thing to listen to just before turning in for the night. Thank you. xx

  28. Lea Burning River says:

    Hi be
    in response to your remark about Atropos and Eris and Merc andsomething ending–well for me it appears the answer to that is
    nearly everything
    Len has rold me it will be little by little
    but it has started
    Here I go.

  29. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Eric, All,

    Your knowledge and perspectives brought to mind-


    all the people

    Living life in Peace

  30. Lunesoleil says:

    I do not use it, I find that revolution is too important to be significant on humans and I did not really studied it in its symbolic to integrate it in my analysis. Every astrologer is attracted by a celestial body in affinity a personal history. In my example, I have a 6 dominant House and I feel more comfortable with the small stars as asteroids and I can more easily find event correlations. We have a major planetary configuration of great importance is the Kétu framework
    (South node) by the beneficial both Venus and Jupiter and the latter currently in conjunction to the Sun…. This is reactivated considerations in some area of our life….

  31. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Huffy, you’re so kind. I’m not sure I’m that good at dreams, but yours is beautiful in its simple message. There is something unfolding, moving from one experience to another, from one expression to another – and in a beautiful loving way. My guess is that you are applying something personal to something collective. The roses feels like something internal, like a heart opening. The lavender has many buds so feels like more people or situations, or a multiplicity of expression.

    Clues about what this is about is: where was it? How did you feel? What happened before or after that in the dream? What did you think of when you first woke up?

    Nice dream. :)

  32. Lizzy Huffy says:

    And Hugging – you’re so good on dreams – last night I dreamed of pink roses transforming into lavender flowers (they’re two of my fav flowers). Mind if I ask you what it could mean?

  33. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Gorgeous poem, Hugging! Glad you’ve got a good weekend lined up. Mine’s a tough one – seem to find myself back in a tough place with work again – those cycles keep coming back, don’t they? But there is one hell of a full moon out there. And right now I’m off to a great concert of Latin American music, so bugger the work.
    Hasta la vista and have a lovely weekend all!

  34. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Thanks so much everyone. Really amazing weekend in store!

    I’d love to share a poem, if it’s okay:

    Preterite Winds

    I am the writer without a word,
    The musician without instruments,
    Underneath cold flowing currents
    Of interaction misplaced and unheard.
    A river that divides apart the next valley shore,
    A thunderstorm that passes to the south,
    A grain of sand upon the deep ocean floor,
    The voice that speaks through a silent mouth,
    Ignored are the calls that ask for more.
    I will sleep and dream as I walk in day and tend
    To the air which hears me well who calls me dearest friend,
    My translucent stars set upon the preterite winds to find
    A voice who softly speaks who does not mind,
    Who sees the storm before the rain,
    Who stays a while through sheets of pain,
    Who speaks from words the same as I,
    Who warms the fire and melts the mist,
    Who raises the Sun and lets shadows die,
    Whom the woods and streams cannot resist,
    Who summons my will to set dreams fly,
    With a care to lift this precious list,
    Guiding to a safe and destined sky.

    Hugging Scorpio

    Have a beautiful weekend everyone! Much love.

  35. bkoehler says:

    I was wondering how Atropos being conjunct Eris might affect Mercury’s transit. Obviously, something is ending, but what?

  36. Lyd says:

    Oh cripes, that should have been “ally”, but then again, Planetwalker may have his own alley to bowl in…..

    Okay, that’s enough foolishness for my day!

  37. Lyd says:

    “Stopped they must be; on this all depends. Only a fully trained Planetwalker, with the 4th as his alley, will conquer.”

    This is all your fault Amanda…!!!…

  38. Lyd says:

    hmmm…”difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

    And May It be with you also, Amanda !!

  39. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thank you, Eric, for this unexpected gift! So lovely to cool my fevered brow in your crystal clear waters of astrology. xx

  40. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    oh — and May the 4th be with you!


  41. vickiabe vickiabe says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful work Eric, it is so appreciated. Enjoy a rest as you must need it so much. I just love PW and could not live without it…!!

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