Leo Full Moon: Healing ourselves, healing the collective

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By Genevieve Hathaway

Saturday at 11:38 pm EST is the Leo Full Moon — the yearly opposition between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. This particular Leo Full Moon is raising questions around being our own authority, especially involving our sexual identity and healing. Where do you take ownership in your life and where do you give your power away?

This is the section of ephemeris listing at Serennu.com showing the Sun and Moon at 7+ Aquarius and Leo, with Ophelia and Askaphalus each conjunct one of the luminaries within one degree.

To broaden those questions, how do we contribute to healing the sexual or emotional abuse pain that permeates our culture’s collective consciousness? How do we claim our sexual identity?

On one side, the Aquarius Sun is conjunct an asteroid called Ophelia, highlighting our frequent mistrust of our value to others, especially in terms of having our sexual value recognized and respected. In Aquarius, the sign of the group, this aspect touches on a collective wound brought up for healing. Opposite the Sun, the Moon is in Leo conjunct the asteroid Askalaphus, which brings with it a message of healing the collective through healing our personal material.

Where Aquarius is about the collective, Leo is about self. The Sun and Moon opposed along this axis is asking how our authentic self can influence the collective — and what impact the collective has on us. This Leo Full Moon is an opportunity to impact the emotional collective through focusing on healing our material around sexual value and identity.

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5 Responses to Leo Full Moon: Healing ourselves, healing the collective

  1. Genevieve Hathaway Genevieve Hathaway says:

    Lizzy, Len, Awordedgewise, and Monina – thank you all the for the lovely feedback. Sorry for the delayed response. Found out the hard way that the Australian outback has neither internet nor phone service. :) The idea of connectivity here is slightly different than in the States or Europe.

    Hope you all had a great Full Moon and floated on top of the intense heat and emotions. Yet learned a thing or three about yourselves and found a little healing or self-knowledge along the way. :)

  2. Monina says:

    Yes. Your article perfectly describes what I have been struggling with over the past few weeks. “As you pull back the projections, push through the emotions that arise. Even if what you encounter feels like a solid brick wall, keep going. Remember that you can slip sideways and around the corner to find a more easily scaled section of the obstacle.”
    ….. What a clear way to describe an important way to move through fear space!
    “Owning our unique sexual make-up forces us to both honor who we are on a fundamental level and restructure our relationships to support that identity. Exploring sexual identity is a push inward — part experimentation, part information gathering…providing an opportunity not only for healing, but also a great sexual awareness of our needs. It holds the potential to help us reshape old structures that do not fit with what our exploration reveals about ourselves. ”
    ……..These insights have crystallized for me what I have been going through. Thank you so very much, Genevieve.

  3. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thank you Genevieve, this is so useful.

    Transiting Ophelia on natal Pholus having just taversed natal Venus with the Sun.
    Mars and Nessus are transiting natal Merc and the Full Moon is upon natal Uranus/AC.
    With natal Chyron equidistant between them, healing may indeed be forthcoming.

    I would say “one step at a time” but lol! perhaps one giant leap with Pholus in the mix!
    Thank you again for helping me to make the most of this weekend.

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Genevieve: Thank you for bringing the reciprocity ambient with this Full Moon. Your take on Ophelia is also appreciated. Finally, thank you for the prescriptive protocol for the weekend.

  5. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    This is just amazing! “Themes of sexual and emotional abuse spanning continents and generations are prominent in our collective psyche this lunation”.Yes. Thank you, Genevieve. Sexual healing, at last.

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