Heart Wisdom and Practical Luck

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Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine; photo by Amanda Painter.

Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine; photo by Amanda Painter.

Mercury enters Virgo, one of the two signs it rules, Friday at 12:44 pm EDT (16:44 UT). This brings some stability to our mental processes, but also the potential for perfectionism, criticism and a tendency to try and understand the world — driven as it is by emotion and belief — through logic alone. In neighboring Leo, however, we find some balancing energy.

Venus, newly in Leo, is approaching a conjunction to Jupiter (exact Monday at 1:21 am EDT / 5:21 UT, but in effect now). Venus-Jupiter conjunctions are generally thought to be lucky or beneficial, even if sometimes prone to extravagance or overindulgence. Particularly in Leo, Venus-Jupiter is going to magnify compassion, loyalty and effusiveness — even to the point of getting caught up in the display of such impulses above and beyond what is thoroughly genuine or necessary.

Virgo and Leo are neighboring signs; as such, they are very different in many ways: Virgo is mutable earth; Leo is fixed fire. Yet at their best, both signs orient quite effectively on serving humanity. (At their worst, pickiness and pride, respectively, can be their undoing.)

So let’s work with them at their best. Can you use the clarity and grounded-ness of mind bestowed by Mercury in Virgo to clearly perceive the big-heartedness (Leo rules the heart) being offered to you, and which you have ample room and ability to offer others? Can you lead with the courageous will and affection Venus and Jupiter in Leo suggest, yet still apply some practical common sense as you offer it to the world?

Bear in mind that Mercury is applying to an opposition with Neptune in Pisces, also exact Monday (at 11:40 pm EDT / 3:40 UT) and in effect now. Ideally, this could work out as a creative endeavor (possibly a partnership) where you’re able to toggle back and forth between an ideal vision and the logical, practical steps it takes to get there.

But Mercury can be the Trickster, and Neptune is known for its illusions and delusions (it has a “higher octave” of universal love, but in this mundane world of ours, that tends to be the exception rather than the rule in its expression). In other words, watch out for outsized dreams that lack a practical component, and any get-rich-quick schemes.

To paraphrase Louis Pasteur, fortune favors a prepared mind. Idle, fantastical daydreams don’t count as “preparation” in most cases (enjoyable as they are) — at least not until you identify a starting point on ground level and then get to work.

“Universal love” can be hard to come by on this plane of existence, but you can still access some heart wisdom thanks to the side-by-side interplay of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. As the kids say, just keep it real.

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5 Responses to Heart Wisdom and Practical Luck

  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Yes. One of your loveliest photos ever, Amanda. Like a painting by Constable.

  2. rabbity divergence rabbity divergence says:

    This picture and the toughish love advice (neptune always needs it!) are just beautiful. Thanks, Amanda.

  3. jere jere says:

    ..Some Ramone’s-esque Hanson Brothers for you all. It’s fairly uppity,.. and almost relevant.


  4. Holly Coleman says:

    Woohoo! I feel SO hyper right now. Mercury is in the midst of joining natal Jupiter at 0* Virgo. Plus there is a fire trine in my chart right now. Transiting Moon trining natal moon in Sagittaruis and natal Venus in Leo. The Sun is conjuncting my Venus and trining natal Moon. So this is how Tigger feels. Neptune can bounce along with me, I don’t mind. Haven’t felt this pumped since attending a Jonas Brothers concert. Yep, it’s that good today!

  5. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda: Loving this for multiple reasons. For how your perspective is once again a balancing antidote to what is often my own. For your intrinsic eloquence which acquaints all of us with the meaning of grace. For your own take on integrating the near-term astrology,both illuminating and supplementing how others are reading the same charts. Finally, for providing an example of “keeping it real” which does not enable an abusive expression of same. So very grateful for this, and you!

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