From daring, to dream, to creating our Selves: the Leo New Moon

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Photo by Chelsea Bottinelli.

Today is Friday July 29, 2011. The Moon is in Cancer all day today and then ingresses Leo after midnight, around 2:14am EDT on Saturday. This puts the Moon in the same sign as the Sun, giving us the New Moon of tomorrow which happens at 2:38pm EDT in early Leo. If this has been a rough week for you, take heart: the weekend brings an opportunity to release, regroup and restart with the Moon.

Earth & water - photo by Eric.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon degree, which is 8 Leo, is “An Activist is Stirring up Discontent by Spreading his Revolutionary Ideals.” This is a hint of not only what kind of seeds we are sowing for the next two weeks, as the Moon waxes, but indeed the next 6 months — until the Full Moon in Leo in February 2012.

The Uranus-Pluto squares are getting closer, moving within one degree, initiating us into an “Epoch of Revolution” as Rick Tarnas has called it. After passing the recent lunar eclipse degree, Mars is now “out of bounds” — which is to say beyond the ecliptic or path of the Sun — and also transmitting energy from the Galactic Core. Add in the activist energy of this New Moon in Leo and it is clear that we are passing a threshold. There is some serious potential for moving ‘outside the box’ here. We’ve been waiting for this, sensing it, sussing out the possibilities. Now it’s time to surf the wave.

How do we do this? How do we just up and jump on the back of this monster wave? I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. We don’t have stars in our charts. We are Stars. With the New Moon in Leo we must set our intentions to live like stars. What does that look like? It looks like the “star nursery” photos we’ve seen from the Hubble telescope. It looks like creation, precisely because that’s what it is. Creation. It’s in you. You were created in the image of a Creator.

Creativity involves a willingness to take risks. The main risk involved with creativity it that of turning on your imagination. We must first dare to dream and be dreamers. To imagine the future is to go into the spirit world and meet it, and then to return and call it forth from that magickal place to this one. So it takes will, in the end, and lots of it. But first it takes audacity and daring. An intrepid imagination is the thing to cultivate at this time. Being as it is summertime, and the weekend, I can think of no better way to do this than lying on my back or sitting someplace high to do some stargazing.

The star most visible and associated with boldness is Altair. You can find Altair by looking for the point of the “V” of the summer triangle. Incidentally, this is President Obama’s heliacal rising star. The heliacal rising star is the fixed star that is the last to rise before the Sun on the day a person is born, and is said to rule that day and their life in fixed star astrology. Altair represents the gift of Obama’s ancestors: boldness; audacity; The Audacity of Hope. Many are wondering where that boldness will take the U.S. in the face of some kamikaze maneuvering by the far Right. You yourself may be having difficulty tearing your mind away from worst-case scenarios. It is one thing to be prepared; it is another to be stuck in a worst-case panic.

So if you do look up in the night sky this weekend and locate Altair, allow yourself the audacity to dream and imagine and create. It might feel a little scary at first; you may not want to trust letting your mind and spirit rise up and unfold. Remember to feel the sold ground beneath you first. Breathe deeply. And if you start to hear your inner critic or goblin stirring, remind yourself that you are safe; you are here; you are allowed to play. Tell the inner critic or goblin that it’s okay, there is no danger in imagining. You’re just doing what you came here to do — no more, no less.

Gary Caton with Amanda Painter

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11 Responses to From daring, to dream, to creating our Selves: the Leo New Moon

  1. Chelsea says:

    Hey thanks guys! I’ll have to ask my neighbor what the flower is. She picked it for Eli because he loves to smell flowers.

  2. Jere says:

    ..prettiest picture ever..

    ..I’ve got your back chels, if you ever need it..



  3. zerosity zerosity says:

    Thank you for a wonderful posting about the Leo New Moon and creativity (and Chelsea’s awesome photo). It is serendipity/synchronicity and those connections/threads again for me. Interestingly (at least to me), one of the posting earlier this week sent me scurrying for my copy of Tarnas’ “Cosmos and Psyche” to look up the major alignment of the French Revolution and the Sixties – Uranus and Pluto.

    Another thread this morning – I decided for this morning’s meditation/reading (as in reading PW) time to focus on Friday’s association with comfort and artistic endeavors and chose candle colors of yellow (creative endeavors, success) and orange (business projects, personal motivation, productivity, study). All this is to feed my natal Leo Moon as the Leo New Moon approaches.

    Today I have a meeting to discuss the continuing process of what to do with the building where my office has been. Do I sell it (if I can in this economic climate) to resolve financial issues? Or do I keep it, continue to struggle with its associated costs but…but use it for an esoteric healing center, a place where people can meet to talk, a place for classes (including astrology and organic gardening), possibly some associated retail sales, a place where healers can rent space as needed to do healing work and counseling…? If the latter (and even the former), where do I find the energy, the synergy and other like-minded people to do this?

    I have wrestled with these ideas for a couple of years, and now feel, sense that maybe, just maybe this Leo New Moon conjunct my natal Leo Moon is the threshold. So, time for boldness in dreaming and imagining and creating something new. I hope to spend time tomorrow on the shore of Lake Huron. Though it won’t be at night, it will still be near the water and waves I so love and find comforting (after the ratcheting weirdness of recent days). And, I can still look up at the sky tomorrow, appreciate the beginnings of the Leo New Moon, and imagine, to dare and risk.

    It was reading an interview with Richard Tarnas (a native Michigander) that led me to reading “Cosmos and Psyche,” and set me on the path of studying archetypal astrology. Thank you to him and all the PW community. The Daily Blog is a gift each day, full of insight and inspiration in this time of “grand irrationality” (Robert Wilkinson). Thanks to all, especially for tolerating my verbosity.

  4. pam says:

    Many thanks dreamastrologer. Many thanks

    And all in the same sort of area – we saw Kung fu Panda 2 yesterday. Loved the teaching of the raindrop…

  5. heres a free report from Bernadette Brady. I assume it includes your heliacal rising and setting star.

    Also, here is an article about heliacal rising and setting stars in general, by a friend of mine

  6. pam says:

    Help! How do you find a heliacal rising star – please can someone explain for me or point me where I can find out – and thank you….

  7. pam says:

    (Thank you)

  8. pam says:

    Just reading ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay. Some ideas there too.

    love Pam

  9. patti.t16 patti.t16 says:

    These daily astrology pieces are sooooo great. Just the right length for a moment’s thought/meditation. You’ve sent me running to look up my heliacal rising star! Feels like I’m swimiming through a mixture of quicksand and treacle – so all new pieces of the puzzle greedily taken in and gratefully accepted. Thanks for the reminder/ ‘permission’ to play! These are spiritually challenging, exhausting, anxious days for me – the notion of playing, of just being able to let go – of anything – seems almost impossible, but will aim to take the advice on board.

  10. Stellium in Sag says:

    what a soothing and graceful post- everything about it is sublime. that was a daily astrology spa!

    I think my stargazing is going to be a little rough this weekend with tropical storm Don
    roaring in, but what a blessing it will be to get some water, for sure (bowing, hands prayer position.)

    “”you are here; you are allowed to play. Tell the inner critic or goblin that it’s okay, there is no danger in imagining. You’re just doing what you came here to do — no more, no less.””

    -that’s SOuL food.

    peace to that. chopsticks raised to that.
    –off to find my heliacal rising star..which would actually occur the next day, since I was born late at night…right?

    love the orchid star too, beautiful coloring!

  11. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thank you for this dear dear friends. After some very dark days and nights this week, woke up this am with an image of the Star tarot card – so couldn’t believe it when I read your piece! Beautiful orchid (?) – lovely to see your talent on these pages dear Chelsea.
    Liz xxx

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