Connecting the engine to the wheels: Mercury and Mars

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The planets are connecting ideas, initiative and desire to the means to move, and their message right now is for you to do the same. Hook your engine to your wheels, your ideas to action this week, and see where you take yourself.

Selected points showing Mercury (green glyph) conjunct Uranus (blue) and square Pluto (red glyph at the top). Pluto is also part of a grand earth trine involving the Sun and Mars (red circle with an arrow). The Sun will exact its trine to Pluto faster than Mars will (Mars is still moving slowly after its recent station direct). Psyche is not shown, but is conjunct Mars less than a degree further into Virgo.

In one aspect, we have Mercury in decision mode. The planet of the mind is still conjunct Uranus, sparking an idea (or two or three). Square Pluto, the planet of evolution, your best bet is to take a step forward with the decision you are contemplating (or have just made) — if you’re feeling any tension, this is what it is calling for. Something is going to move you forward eventually anyway – it may as well be you, at your discretion and in line with your own vision.

Interlinked with the Mercury-Uranus-Pluto configuration is a pair of trines being made by the Sun right now. The Sun is in early Taurus, an earth sign. It is picking up the signal from Mars, slow but direct in early Virgo, and the asteroid Psyche, conjunct Mars. Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury – hence the interlinking nature of these two aspect patterns.

We’ve written about Mars and Psyche a couple times before in this space, just prior to and during the Mars retrograde. In those instances, the backward motion of both bodies was urging us to look inward, to ferret out the roots of the injuries to our desire nature. Psyche is still retrograde, but Mars, gradually moving forward, is giving us a green light to begin action. With Mars moving in its preferred direction, Psyche is able to lend a little more support thanks to its flowing, expressive relationship to the Sun right now.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is an idea we need to act on; one of the signs it rules is home to the planet of drive and desire, finally in a position to make a move. Mars in Virgo, trine the Sun, says the energy for movement is open. Psyche by its side is also open to the Sun, and it wants you to know you’re not crazy for having the ideas you do right now. You can have faith that what you desire is valid. Your ideas are your engine and this week, you can trust they really are hooked up to your wheels. You can put your foot on the pedal (though it’s still not advisable to spin and squeel your tires in a jackrabbit start); the light is green and you’ll get across the intersection.

The rest of the journey after that is still a bit of a mystery, and you may have to build the road as you go. But as the Rolling Stones famously noted, even if you can’t always get what you want, if you try sometimes – at the right times, and this is one – you just might find you get what you need. You just have to get out of your head and do something. Make it something you really want to do.

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25 Responses to Connecting the engine to the wheels: Mercury and Mars

  1. ClumsyCrab ClumsyCrab says:

    I’m on the same wavelength as GetCalm on this. Been feeling stuck so long, I’m ready for some forward flow. I can’t quite put my finger on what, precisely, is propelling me at the moment. I have several very viable options in my orbit right now. All are promising paths that bring feelings of joy at the thought of their coming to fruition. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Carrie says:

    Thanks, Hugging Scorpio. I feel somewhat better this morning. :::sipping tea::::

  3. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    katie & HugS ~ mil gracías! :) ♥☮♫

    and boo to taxes! reminds me of a douglas adams quote about spending a year dead for tax reasons. hail to the 8th house! 😉

  4. Hugging Scorpio says:

    and in other news, I did my taxes for this year and owe $2500! Isn’t that amazing?!? I’m so happy I could pee. :(

  5. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Stormiormiormi!! That is great news! Congrats! :)

    Carrie, sorry you’re feeling like poo. Keep that pot-o-tea nice and handee. Feel better!

  6. Katie Vee says:

    stormilarue: AWESOME! Congratulations! Rock it, girl!

  7. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    oye it is a good day, just got notice i was accepted into a local writing initiative for the national writing project! looking forward as i haven’t been able to write much since the diss in 2009 – so, yay! cheers all around, eh ~

  8. Carrie says:

    I am glad everyone here sounds so happy. I am tired and fighting some bug I think. I got up this morning and after drinking the green tea (still taking care of my stomach after feeling like I have an ulcer Sunday) I got so nauseated. So I went back to bed and slept another hour and a half. Felt better but still feel tired despite having the extra sleep. No I am not pregnant; that is a medical impossibility at this time.

    Otherwise I am emtionally feeling good. I wish I had my energy back though.

  9. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    (((((((Huffy, karena, Getcalm, HS)))))))

    HS, loved the song, and been boogying here at my desk and feeling the joy :)

    MandyM – Happy moving too!

    P. Sophia – Welcome!

  10. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Amanda and all there at PW-

    Thank you for your reply. And, neglected to mention, do not view/believe for me was just a coincidence I stumbled upon you all last night, in this critical stars week..reconfirming your vision in article, timing is everything and when u add awareness -openness, and action growth can occur! Here’s hoping openness and good blessing are recognized and recieved by all this week!

    P.S. Had a thought… I don’t think dogs are ever affected by Murcury Retrogrades. At least not my pup. Which proves the they truely are advanced spirits to us waffling and still learning lessons here.

  11. Hugging Scorpio says:
  12. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    p. sofia — welcome & on behalf of the other writers/editors at PW, glad to know you appreciate what we do here!

  13. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Yes! Planets thanks for the kick in the pants…

    ideas and desire for initiative have been there but timing and open path felt so ?? blocked. Starting this weekend and moving quickly this week there is already a great sense and feeling of openness and yes, quite frankly support!! thank you Mars in Virgo, Trine the Sun for the assurance and courage that is pushing me, (us) all forward this week.

    And PW you really hit it on target. Just found your site last night. PA, Eric and all contributing to this station…your writing and insights are efinately in vision!

  14. Getcalm says:

    I found great comfort in the words “Something is going to move you forward anyway … it might as well be by your discretion and in line with your vision.”. That line reminded me of something I read early inthe retro cycles, keep asking What do I Want? and “am I willing to make decisions or will I just wait for circumstances to make my decisions for me?”. This seems to be the theme of my life right now! And, it helps to get the info that the tension right now is telling me to move, not to freeze and keep moving forward. Thx team PW.

    Sarah, good luck with the move!

  15. marymack says:

    I searched out an old friend who encouraged me to audit this course she’s taking on women and their relationship to money. After the first exercise I’ve unearthed what I might describe as the desire nature stealthfully disguised as cash. OUt of the freaking blue, and I’m connecting with a healing and constructive way forward.

    Yep, planet waves. Who knew? um … you guys. And thanks for sharing.

  16. MandyM MandyM says:

    Wow PW, I really love you dearly. I stated yesterday that I am moving at the end of next month. I haven’t a clue yet how or where I am going (I do know what I have been dreaming for and wishing!), this is how I have lived for the last 5 years. I just have a date – May 27 – right betwixt those lovely eclipses. It”s pretty cool how I got that date. When my brother passed I kept his pocket watch. This is the second time that he has talked to me through it. The first time, the hands stopped on 9 and 11 – a warning. My mum passed a month later. This time the hands stopped on 1 and 27 minutes, with the second hand exactly on the 12. Apparently this May is a 1 month in numerology (beginnings) – April being a 9 for endings.
    Yahoo!! A new mystery adventure!! I love this stuff.

  17. karena says:

    Thanks for this. It’s just what I need. The chart looks like a pyramid…full of mystery and a sense of doing something ,long awaited, that stands the test of time. My drive shaft is engaged , I’m ready to go :)

    2012—Do Your Thing. That has become my working motto( complete with funky sountrack). It’s good to see so many in the PW community doing their thing, sharing the wisdom they find along the way.

    Sarah, best wishes as you build your road in a new locale. How exciting!

  18. Carly58 says:

    Carpe Diem. Excellent!!

  19. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you, Planet Waves Daily Astrology, for the appropriately kinetic prescription and the beautiful synoptic chart.

  20. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Good for you, dear Sarah! Best of luck for your new life! xxx

  21. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:


    Moving the second weekend in May – I have keys to the house, furniture on its way, and my son has a place at his new school. Life is going to change irrevocably. I’m scared and tremendously excited!

  22. shebear13 shebear13 says:

    I already knew from studying my chart last week that this morning, Jupiter, my ruling planet was going to be conjunct my natal BML (which is conjunct my father’s Sun) and I was intending to kick start a few important projects that I have had simmering on the back burner. With that aspect happening alongside transiting Mars *and* Psyche* which are both conjunct my natal Pluto, and that all being worked into this fabulous earthy grand trine — that green triangle is glowing off the chart for me — most definitely this is feeling like the start of an auspicious day already, and I’ve been having one after the other of those lately.

    “but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” Ha, great theme song for this beautiful day. So, connecting my engine to some well oiled wheels, off I go, toot toot! (and, btw, I just looked up the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s position at this moment, at 10 degrees Gemini: Mind versus Matter. We can choose to fall downwards and remain unfulfilled or to rise to newer heights and be all that we were meant to be. The choice is ours.)

    Blessings on all the beautiful souls who drop in here. I *love* this community. Now let’s be on our merry way, eh?!

  23. bean-saor says:

    The open road, a little mystery, and constructive action. Well then, here I go!
    Thanks : )

  24. paola paola says:

    ‘The rest of the journey after that is still a bit of a mystery’.

  25. indranibe says:

    That is bloody marvellous – thank you!

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