Aquarius New Moon, on the way to Venus stationing direct

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Thursday just before 4:39 pm EST is the Aquarius New Moon: the Sun and Moon in a conjunction. It occurs against the backdrop of Venus stationing the next day; in that context, the Sun and Moon seem to be about harmonizing your conscious and subconscious in a way that allows you to clear a little space for whatever messages Venus is offering.

Simplified chart for the New Moon. Shown (clockwise from upper left) are: Sun and Moon in Aquarius, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, Pallas in Virgo, and Uranus in Aries. View glyph key here.

Simplified chart for the New Moon. Shown (clockwise from upper left) are: Sun and Moon in Aquarius, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, Pallas in Virgo, and Uranus in Aries. View glyph key here.

The trick in doing so, however, may be to avoid getting too stuck or fixated on any one particular way of perceiving yourself.

Consider this very simple improvisational dance exercise: as you dance within your own space, you notice any time you find yourself ‘doing the same thing’ or beginning to ‘fix’ a pattern of movement. As soon as you observe yourself doing so, you change how you are moving.

A movement exercise such as that is not about choreographing steps to be followed, but neither is it about a purely intuitive flow. It is a mix: spontaneous, intuitive movement starts to crystallize in its form, but before it sets completely, its crystallization is recognized, allowing a choice to be made to allow a new impulse to change the course of movement.

The dance exercise is a little arbitrary and extreme for literal application to life, but it gives an illustration of how quickly and unconsciously a pattern can set itself, how consciously one often must make a choice to change, and the necessity to allow some unexpected yet authentic impulse (intuition, synchronicity, gut feeling, desire) guide the next step.

Aquarius is a sign traditionally ruled by Saturn (fixed structures, limitations, responsibility) and more modernly by Uranus (the spontaneous spark of life force that shatters those structures). So it is a very forward-thinking sign that can stick with the great new thing to the point that it becomes ubiquitous.

The good thing is, even the Moon in Aquarius does not load the process up with a lot of emotional weight. That can feel maddening in interpersonal relating when one person operates from their emotions and the other has an Aquarius Moon; but for the purposes of trying new things and breaking the proverbial mold, that detachment is an asset.

Making a sextile to the New Moon is Uranus in Aries, suggesting there is perhaps some extra spark available in the ‘unexpected insights/upheavals’ department for this particular lunar restart button. You’ll have to be open to noticing it and make the effort to follow the impulse, however.

Also challenging any desire to make and set plans for what the New Moon will mean for you is the asteroid Pallas, making a quincunx from Virgo. A quincunx is one sign off from an opposition, and tends to be marked by continual adjustment. Pallas in Virgo is partly about thinking up a precise strategy, but the Sun and Moon (your ego-consciousness and intuition) may keep sidestepping it.

All of this seems to be designed to keep you on your toes and flexible, even in the midst of social conventions to ‘commit’ and conform (Aquarius is also the sign of groups). And the reason for staying on your toes looks like Venus stationing direct in Capricorn.

Since the solstice, Venus has been taking us on a tour inward and backward of past loves, values, resources and states of receptivity. In some cases we’ve been shown what we’ve outgrown or are finally ready to leave behind. In other cases, we’ve been reminded of what we’d forgotten we possessed or embodied, for the purpose of reclaiming it.

The New Moon Thursday is preparing the ground for Venus in our lives, urging us to be fully aware of what Venus is showing us, so that we can choose the next step consciously: repeat, reclaim or release.

Meanwhile, Venus is part of a fascinating five-planet conjunction right now consisting of Narcissus, Pluto, Venus, Psyche and Persephone, all within 2 degrees. Eric will have more to say about this cluster in Capricorn and the Venus station in his Planet Waves FM broadcast; do be sure to give it a listen.

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16 Responses to Aquarius New Moon, on the way to Venus stationing direct

  1. Lunesoleil says:

    About dance what is surprising Amanda at the time of the new moon I started to dance
    I was thinking of Quaoar, which was semi sextile Venus during its retrograde hase which would give explanations… March arrives with sextile Quaoar; If dance there must be that it is a sacred meaning to ward off the evils of the planets…
    to celebrate the sacred dance, listen to videos
    good week and excellent month of February at all :)

  2. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    high-five Stormi! 😉

  3. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    oooH so sweet! this aquarising resonates. thanks you! ♥☮♫

    “The rhythm… The rhythm… The rhythm… is.. our power.. section.
    The freedom we feel in our soul
    We dance to learn those lessons
    As our story continues to unfold
    Our beat, our words, our melodies, our gifts
    From the givers of those gifts
    We’re merely the terminals to which they have passed
    So as you struggle to catch the rhythm with your feet,
    Ask yourself, can you really dance to my beat
    Can you? Can you dance to my beat?”

  4. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    hey Amanda, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I just thought of this oldie. It totally fits! 😉

  5. DivaCarla DivaCarla says:

    I was awake, Amanda, and Chief Niwots Son, and I was probably awakened so I could go and out photograph the Moon and Venus together. However, I was up too late, and made myself go back to sleep. Was Sherlock’s best man speech past midnight worth missing the dawn luminaries? I’ll wake tomorrow, though clouds are predicted. Darn. Venus is doing special work now, as I am learning from a Shamanic Astrologer.

  6. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    6 am is still damn early in my book! but stranger things have happened. 😉 thank you for the additional info.

  7. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Amanda- 6 AM or so if the Eastern sky is clear, although on the coast of Maine you may need to be up a bit earlier. Tomorrow I anticipate the Moon will be “below” Venus, this morning they were even with one another and parallel to the horizon.

  8. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    grateful to know this post is resonating; chief niwot’s son: thank you for that visual! i heard a dj on the radio as i woke up describing that very sight; alas, i do not imagine i am likely to catch it — unless it’s also visible at 1 or 2 am, not just at 5 am!


  9. Salamander says:

    I find Renaissance dance to be particularly fascinating. ^^ So that is a great visualization tool for the new moon and Venus turning direct.
    Venus Rx brought back many people I’ve known over the years, including some deeply cherished friends. I was also able to identify some deep-seated relationship patterns that I wanted to change. When I notice how other people can react similarly, I am particularly inclined to mend my ways as well. XD
    The new moon will be in my 12th house, so I have renewed faith that things will work out, and I’ve been using subliminal videos to shift my subconscious for the better. I feel tired at times, but I do what I can to push forward with what I need to do. I feel like I am reliving the Neptune in Aquarius era a bit with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius right now, but this time I am making sure to rest, to study as much science as possible, and to have a lot of mental discipline.

  10. nilou nilou says:

    Thank you, Amanda.

    I bought a new notebook. Preparing for Aquarius Pholus-1992 QB1-Chariklo-Astraea/Panacea-Saturn(rx) territory (opposite Mars/Photographica). Yes, I shall be practicing my steps, taking notes, and maybe getting my colouring box at the ready.

  11. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Long before the Sun crawled out of bed this morning, the Moon and Venus were dancing with one another above the Eastern horizon. Though in her crescent phase the Moon showed her whole self in shadow, almost as if Venus, in her brightness, was illuminating that part of the moon the Sun was not. Our emotional past is never really hidden away, and the goddess of love brings her light even into the darkest places.

  12. bkoehler says:

    Without you Amanda and P. Sophia, I might have missed the yod-to-boomerang pattern that the New Moon sextile Aquarius + the Pallas-Athene opposite Chiron will be providing. We would still “feel” these energies but not until it boomeranged off of Chiron since the Aquarian, Uranian and Pallas-Athene symbolism relies mostly on conscious thought processes. Admittedly, I’m not a great dancer but I do know there must be feeling involved for it to come about naturally. For most of us, dancing is a joyful expression, even I suppose for the artists who make a living at it. Call me crazy but I’m thinking that just maybe the President will provide the impetus to change up our dance step routine.

    Today Pres. Obama gives his State of the Union address and tomorrow (Wednesday) morning the Sun (consciousness) sextiles Uranus (breakthrough) to change up our thought (Aquarius) pattern about the future. On Thursday, just before the Moon becomes new, she will sextile Uranus giving us an unconscious suggestion regarding the future. Both Sun and Moon will also quincunx Pallas-Athene just before they conjunct each other. Perhaps it was last night, when Chiron and Pallas-Athene were exacting their opposition, that the President finalized his speech strategy and you thought about the dance exercise!

  13. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    “In other cases, we’ve been reminded of what we’d forgotten we possessed or embodied, for the purpose of reclaiming it.”

    Def, yes yes yes. But I also feel like I’m approaching a wall. So many things are easy here. Which begs a unique question: do I find struggle, pain and sexual humiliation satisfying? Is it the intensity of that anger/self immolation transformation attractive? Well, I have a choice don’t I. So many times I found myself ready to call some past lover. Thank god I have a shred of self respect. And I turn to what is present in my life and remember to have fun and not worry so much.

    Thanks Amanda, great read this morning!

  14. Surfdiva says:

    Yes, the dance exercise made the point for me. Thank you.

  15. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Amanda! Your interpretation of all these aspects, including that of the Mars, Eris opposition of yesterday have been spot on. Ceres (conjunct my natal Moon 27+ Libra) and Ascendant in the opposition’s range has been objectively working with other’s projections with a mirroring effect. Transcending projections to self worth (wealth) and moving this power out as a reflection (in balance) positively, has been an energetic theme.

    The New Moon in Aquarius as a movement exercise in setting a crystallization, you laid out so brilliantly, thank you for this. And it’s all coming together this time so effortlessly, finally in detachment to. Pallas (conjunct natal Pluto) is opposite Chiron 11+ degrees Pisces, this may have something to do with our help and success in this too. Then with Venus sd, conjunct Pluto, opposite Jupiter exact in degree..Whew, Thursday and Friday should be auspicious days to stat anew. Well it certainly will be a continuance of these very interesting moments to say the least.

  16. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Amanda: Loving, absolutely LOVING the dance exercise. It is so important to get things through the body as well as through the intellect. Thank you so much for putting us there!

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