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Virgo This Week (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- One of the most unusual properties of Virgo is the depth at which you identify with your relationships. You make some of the most valuable discoveries about yourself through investing yourself in others. There are many implications to this. For example, you can hold off on your growth by backing away from intimacy. Conversely, if you become over-invested in a person, you can hand them the keys to your independence. In this respect, you walk a narrow edge, where you must maintain self-awareness at all costs, without becoming self-obsessed. All of this is described in the sign Aries, your 8th solar house. Many planets are now there. The Sun is about to enter, and Chiron -- perhaps the most important planet associated with Virgo -- arrives in a few weeks. Be kind to yourself, and to the people who hold space for so much of your beautiful self-discovery.

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