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Libra and Libra Rising — Sign Description

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Libra This Week (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- Don't worry too much if things seem to be going out of control where a family or household matter is concerned. You're somewhat above the fray, and current developments are unlikely to impact your life negatively. However, you might continue your project of creating some boundaries and a degree of emotional distance from people who struggle to keep their act together. You will feel well guided by having your priorities in order, which at the moment means taking care of money first. At this point in your life, next month's rent, next week's groceries and one fun night out should not even be a consideration. You can do a lot better than that, if you make financial solvency and success top-level priorities. Emotional independence and financial independence are closely related. You have your own feelings. You need your own money, your own schedule and your own room.

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