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Mars is now retrograde in Aquarius
There is some astrology coming: unpredictable, powerful and potentially challenging. It could shake up the social order, encouraging you to break out your individuality amid the tribal environment. Mars retrograde will shuffle your thinking -- your preconceptions and ideas about how things are -- and give you something tangible to consider, something real and immediate. The Sacred Space of Self, Eric's 2018 spring reading, explores these themes in an easy-to-follow, optimistic, motivational way.
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Libra This Week (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- To say the least, you may be starting to experience some broad changes in perspective regarding your career path. This is one of those times at which you are most sensitive to messages from the unseen realms, so pay attention to what comes to you in dreams, as well as in flights of fancy. Yet at the heart of this shift is the basic truth that your job cannot simply be something you do for pay. Ultimately, you need a profession that inspires and encourages you to develop the skills that mean the most to you, to a level of artistry. There are various ways of making that happen, and you're discovering some of them now.

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