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Your Autumn Reading by Eric Francis:
Empathy-Pathos: A Study in Venus Retrograde
In this reading, I will review Mars retrograde and the recent eclipses, and open up the territory of Venus and its unusual way of resonating and emoting. We'll explore approaches to the masculine and feminine attributes of Venus, as well as the introspective and expressive aspects of Venus through the retrograde process.
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Taurus This Week (April 19-May 20) -- If you want to be free, study jealousy. This is not a matter of overcoming anything but rather understanding yourself, and your relationship to existence. The first thing to do is stop taking for granted that control and competition are a given, whether you're feeling them or subjected to them. The second is to recognize that the matter goes as deep as consciousness itself, and some would say, far deeper. Actual jealousy is the feeling of being in free-fall, when your stomach seems to rise up. If there is control associated with it, it's the kind that quickly morphs into no control. And this is the thing to form a relationship with. In our particular era in history (the Digital Age), the theme of society is control. Everything is expected to run perfectly and predictably. This is a serious problem because it is isolating from the experience of life; to actually live means to change and flow. See if you can find that space, even for a moment, of some thrill in having no control.

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