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Current Aries Audio Reading (2017-18)

Aries This Week (March 20-April 19) -- You will need to burn chaos for fuel, and you'll get pretty good at it too. Keep your engine cool; don't rev the accelerator. Rather, dip into any disorder, surprise turns of events or the unexpected arrival of people, while holding your center and focusing on the task at hand as best you can (and you can). Trying to maintain perfect order and organization will not work. You might tidy your desk to feel better, or not; though let your mind run a little wild and let your conversations veer off course. Then, the gems will emerge from the swirling mystery that is your life at the moment. If you need to maintain boundaries, I would propose two: focus the quality of your work, and do your utmost to come in on time. If that looks like it might not happen, negotiate with clients or bosses well in advance.

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In the Shadow of the Moon -- 2017 Midyear Reading by Eric Francis

In the Shadow of the Moon, the exciting 2017 Midyear Reading by Eric Francis, has just been published. The video readings for all 12 signs cover the Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21 and well beyond. We'll be increasing the price again very soon, so don't hesitate to order your copy here. You can also now choose your individual signs here.

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