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By any standards, 2018 will be a distinctive year astrologically. Get your essential guide to riding the waves of the next 12 months and beyond. Pre-order The Art of Becoming, the 2018 Planet Waves Annual by Eric Francis.

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Current Aries Audio Reading (2017-18)

Aries This Week (March 20-April 19) -- Slow down and figure out what's bugging you. No matter what, the situation is going to burn up energy, so you may as well get some good information about how to resolve it -- and only you can provide that. Even if you sit with an excellent therapist for an hour, you're still going to be the one who comes up with the goods. The role a therapist might play is to guide you away from denial and into affirmation of what you're feeling. Your astrology strongly suggests there's an ancestral angle, meaning that you're addressing something that probably goes back a few generations. This is the perfect week to dip your bucket into that well, with so many planets in Scorpio, and much of North and South America celebrating Days of the Dead. Make amends with your ancestors. Let them take back what's rightfully theirs. Thank them for giving you life.

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